March 30, 2017

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Rheumatoid Arthritis, or RA, is a chronic disease, typically characterized by inflammation of the joints and eventually, loss of function and disability. This inflammatory arthritis typically onsets between the ages of 20 and 50, and currently affects over 1.3 million Americans - with 75% being women. This chronic, long-term disease may or may not go into remission. While some people do experience a period of remission, it may only last for weeks or months - which makes arthritis very uncertain and difficult to overcome.

Unlike the arthritis that many notice in older age, Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disorder where the body tissues are mistakenly attacked by its own immune system. Currently, the cause of RA is unknown, although there are several theories. Researchers have seen some genetic trends in families.

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Arthritis Relief Reviews

5 stars
Exomine RH

EXOMINE Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Exomine RH is specifically targeted to rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. The Exomine RH website is both informative and professional. The arthritis relief claims are backed by thorough explanations and research, making this supplement an excellent choice for dealing with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.
Read More... Visit

4.5 stars


The combination Exomine's ingredients provide an effective formula for arthritis relief as reported by users both on the company's website and objective reviewers. The price is very competitive and is backed by a money-back guarantee. Read More... Visit

4 stars
Healing Natural Oils


Healing Natural Oils provides arthritis sufferers a topical product, applied three times daily, to help reduce the symptoms of stiffness and painful joints. Healing Natural Oils has a long list of happy customers and is a great way to naturally help the effects of arthritis pain.
Read More... Visit

4 stars
Forces of Nature


Forces of Nature offers two natural arthritis formulas which are good choices to assist with Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis. The natural ingredients have proven effective at relieving the pain associated with arthritis. You simply apply this product directly to the painful location for fast relief.
Read More... Visit

3.5 stars
Not Just Joints


The website provides detailed explanations of each ingredient as well as medical information concerning different types of arthritis. This along with positive user reviews makes Not Just Joints a good choice for arthritis relief.
Read More... Visit

3.5 stars


Eazol has a relatively short but effective list of ingredients. The product does an effective job of relieving joint pain with an all-natural formula. However the website is less informative than the top rated sites in providing standard information and medical explanations.
Read More... Visit

3 stars


Rhumatol's ingredients almost exclusively focus on strengthening the immune system rather than dealing with arthritic symptoms. While this is a valuable component in handling rheumatoid arthritis, patients benefit from an approach that addresses both pain and inflammation management as well as boosting the immune system. Read More... Visit

2 stars
Joint Ease Plus


JointEase Plus has a less comprehensive ingredient list than the top rated arthritis relief supplements. Supplements containing a more thorough list of ingredients will be more effective when handling the wide range of symptoms and causes of arthritis.
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1 star
Joint Power RX


The Joint Power Rx website gives sparse medical information compared to other products on our list. This gives the website a "copy-cat" feel by appearing to look to making a fast buck without having a thorough understanding or desire to help arthritis sufferers. This combined with a very questionable return policy make it a product to avoid.
Read More... Visit

1 star


Provailen is an all-natural arthritis product that is said to focus on the immune system, and muscle growth and strength to relieve pain and promote a healthier well-being. However, Provailen misses the mark in professionalism and customer policies. Expensive pricing and a ridiculous return policy stood out at this company. Read More... Visit

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Also, exposure to environmental factors may play a role in acquiring arthritis, along with hormonal changes. Researchers have indicated that a number of factors can increase the risk for people to develop this disease, such as smoking, blood transfusions, and obesity.

While there is no cure, many people have found success in relieving their arthritis symptoms with the use of new medicines and exercise. Early aggressive programs for RA can minimize joint damage and disability. However, many people have experienced negative side effects with prescription arthritis medications. These drugs are aggressive but dangerous, and can lead to heart problems, stroke, and gastrointestinal bleeding. As a result, many people have turned to natural arthritis products that don't carry such life threatening side effects.

There are a variety of features you want to look at when comparing different arthritis products. Some of these include:

  • Effectiveness. What arthritis symptoms will the product relieve?
  • Cost. How expensive is the arthritis product, relative to other products?
  • Refund Policy. Does the company back-up the effectiveness of their arthritis product with a satisfaction guarantee? has reviewed and ranked the best Arthritis products available today. We hope these reviews help you start relieving your arthritis symptoms right away!

You've Just Been Diagnosed With Rheumatoid Arthritis. What Do You Need to Know?

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Arthritis can lead to joint replacement

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Early arthritis symptoms you should know

Having arthritis pain can be quite a nuisance. It hampers our day, making the most mundane takes difficult and subjecting us to unnecessary agony. But the pain associated with arthritis isn't the only symptom people have to endure. "In a lot of cases ...

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Arthritis: It's not an old age disease

There is a misconception among people that Arthritis is an old age disease and effects only elderly people. Arthritis is commonly seen in older adults but it can also develop in children, teens and younger adults. There are more than 100 different types of ...

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Macrophages take rheumatoid arthritis up a "Notch"

Notch signaling in bone marrow-derived inflammatory macrophages is central to synovial inflammation seen in rheumatoid arthritis, representing a promising future therapeutic target. Inflammation and inflammatory cells are known to play a central role in ...

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10 Strains Help Alleviate Pain for Patients with Arthritis

It's all about pain. Arthritis comes in many forms and affects many parts of your body. It is an auto-immune condition marked by pain, stiffness, inflammation, and stiffness. Just ask the 53 million adults and 300,000 children suffering from one or more ...

Published:  Wed, 29 Mar 2017 09:06:00 GMT

Want To Know More About Arthritis? Read These Tips (7)

Unfortunately, arthritis is a condition that is familiar to people of all ages, races and backgrounds. However, there are many things about arthritis that people do not know, things that could make living with arthritis manageable. What you are going to ...

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Knee replacement doesn't always pay, researchers say

"This study suggests we should reconsider doing this procedure on people who have more mild pain, and less severe knee arthritis and loss of function," said Daniel Riddle. He's a professor of physical therapy and orthopaedic surgery at Virginia ...

Published:  Wed, 29 Mar 2017 13:04:00 GMT

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