July 22, 2017

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What You Should Look For When Hiring a Babysitter

Finding a babysitter for your family can be a difficult process. With so many aspects to contemplate, such as your specific child’s needs, many sitters to choose from, and different venues to find them; it can be natural for a parent to feel overwhelmed while searching for that elusive, perfect sitter. Of course, when trying to find the best babysitter to fit your needs there’s a great deal consider. Will you have a certain age group in mind? Should your sitter be CPR certified? How available do you expect your caregiver to be? How educated? How experienced? And then there’s the no small matter of trying to find a sitter reasonably priced, that can fit your budget. Yes, it is certainly a daunting ordeal. However, there are few things that, as a parent, might be worth paying special attention to when searching for your sitter. Looking for these qualities especially, can help narrow your search and ensure a win-win situation for both you and your caregiver at the end of the day.

The first area of qualifications you’ll want to look for in a babysitter is how responsible they are. This seems rather obvious- undoubtedly you would want a babysitter who can first and foremost take care of your child and keep them safe while you are out. However, the word “responsible” can be very broad and vague; therefore, there are certain traits you will want to look for specifically that would lead you to truly believe that your potential babysitter, is indeed a responsible one. Elements like punctuality, patience, and authoritativeness all help indicate whether yours is a mature caregiver. Also, noticing that your babysitter is trustworthy and comes prepared for the job- both in attire, attitude, and certifications (i.e. Red Cross certified- if that is something you desire) are important qualities that should not be overlooked in your child’s babysitter. The more your caregiver fits these characteristics, the happier and safer you’ll feel when you step out of that home, and leave you child in their care.

The next set of features that you won’t want to overlook is how fun your babysitter is! No one wants to leave their kid in the hands of a boring, uncreative, coach-potato. Clearly the level of activity and playfulness desired in your babysitter will vary depending on your family and the needs you have; but even still, it is important to find a caregiver who will interact with your child, form a relationship with them, incorporate creativity and imagination into their times together, and who will ultimately be sensitive to the temperament and needs of your child. Another good thing to pay attention to, are the reports of the babysitter given by your kid. You’re the parent, so you can’t base your babysitter’s report card totally off their opinion, but it’s important that your child feel a connection with the babysitter, and is happy and comfortable when left in the sitter’s care.

Finally, there are some practical qualities and qualifications that you might find important for your babysitter to possess. Taking note of how much experience your caregiver has, the recommendations they come with, and how negotiable and tenacious they are with your family, are seemingly trivial but critical traits that will speak volumes to your babysitter’s character. Look for a sitter that will meet your expectations in full. If you have certain expectations that your caregiver will do chores around the house, help with homework, have a car to drive errands, and cooking experience for meals, then make these expectations clear- you’ll weed out those underqualified much quicker, and spare both parties’ following headaches.

In the end, it will depend mostly on your family and the needs you all expect to be met. However, there are a few general guidelines to follow when undertaking the search for your caregiver. Responsibility, engagement, and practicality, are all broad but crucial elements to keep in mind. Know your family, know your expectations, and pretty soon, you’ll know your babysitter.

Mother Whose One-Year-Old Allegedly Died In A Hot Car Was "˜Picky' About Babysitters

More information has come to light regarding Dijanelle Fowler, the mother who reportedly left her one-year-old daughter in a hot car resulting in her death. Fowler was with her kid, Skyler, the day when she was on her way to get her hair braided.

Published:  Fri, 21 Jul 2017 12:56:00 GMT

How Date Night Movies Meet Both Men and Women's Needs

When our kids were younger and babysitters were scarce, my husband Ted and my favorite activity quickly became date night movies ... at home. Sometimes we'd order Indian takeout and watch a Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall classic flick. Other times ...

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Grassroots rugby can help restore faith of those disillusioned by what's being offered up at elite level, writes Andrew Slack

Representative rugby coaches would shudder at being referred to as babysitters, and considering some of the poor skill execution we have seen this year one would hope they might be able to improve that area with some of their players. But to a large degree ...

Published:  Sat, 22 Jul 2017 08:18:00 GMT

Police Say Woman Whose 1-Year-Old Died in a Hot Car While She Got Her Hair Done Was 'Picky' About Babysitters

And why a barber at the salon was furious to find out the mother didn't bring her child inside. Georgia police believe the 25-year-old mother whose baby died in a hot car while she got her hair done did not leave her child with a child care provider ...

Published:  Fri, 21 Jul 2017 09:07:00 GMT

Babysitter Sees Strange Note From Mom With Rules For Her Kids, Posts It Online. Goes Viral Overnight

One mom had gone through a lot of babysitters in recent months. And she was desperate to find one who was reliable and good at their job. But because her children were terrors, no one wanted to be with them for any length of time. This time, mom had a plan.

Published:  Tue, 18 Jul 2017 13:11:00 GMT

Read It Before You Watch It: A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting Arrives This Week

It's a hilarious new series about a secret society of babysitters who protect kids from the monsters that really do live under their beds. In A BABYSITTER'S GUIDE TO MONSTER HUNTING, the first in a thrilling and hilarious new series by professional ...

Published:  Mon, 17 Jul 2017 09:30:00 GMT

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