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Bike Nashbar provides a full service bicycle part experience. With the combination of a strong history, solid pricing, and a website committed to the customer, Bike Nashbar receives our highest rating. If you're looking for anything bicycle related, your search should start with Bike Nashbar.

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Performance Bicycle is a strong contender in the bike parts and accessories arena. With an easy to use website, excellent selection and decent pricing they should be near the top of your list.

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Run by bike fanatics we found Jenson USA offered a nice selection of bike parts and accessories. The selection was not as in depth as some of the other companies but provided many quality products. With a solid return policy and knowledgeable staff, Jenson USA is a good choice for your bike parts needs.

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Cambria was near the middle of the road as a result of their website functionality. Search results would provide some unappealing and confusing results. But, if you are looking for an unusual tandem bike or any other specific type, Cambria might be worth your time.

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Modern Bike doesn't offer a sleek, fancy website but does provide hard to find bike parts for those in need. The selection is extremely broad and impressive.

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Bike Parts Express has a nicely designed website but still has some work to do. The selection was not as abundant as it appeared and the return policy was not well laid out.

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Bike Shop Hub offers bike bags, trailers and some youth bike products. The website did not lead us easily to the products available. Without a well functioning website, a friendly return policy or a long list of bike parts - Bike Shop Hub probably won't bring you much success.

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We recommend you shop somewhere else instead of choosing Bike Some Where. The website lacked important details related to policies, customer service and more.

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Bicycle Parts

Whether it's a bicycle tire, gear, break pad, light, mirror, reflector, chain, or more, your chances of finding exactly the right bicycle part in your local store can be very small. Most local bicycle stores are few and far between because they can't make a living off an occasional shopper.

Online bicycle stores are able to service thousands of customers each month with a wide range of bicycle parts and accessories across numerous brand names. Unlike a local bicycle shop, the prices across the internet are lower as a result of reduced overhead costs. You have a great chance of finding the exact bicycle part you're looking for at a price far less than you could in a traditional bicycle store.

A number of online bicycle parts stores exist today to meet the needs of both the novice biker and the more competitive hardcore rider. However, not all bicycle stores are the same.

Before shopping any bike parts stores online, you should consider the following:

  • Selection. Will the inventory of bicycle parts and brand selection meet your needs
  • Customer Service. If you have a question about a bicycle part will a knowledgeable person answer the phone and help you in a timely fashion
  • Prices. Are you paying a fair price for your bicycle parts compared to other competitors
  • Return policy. If you aren't satisfied with your bicycle parts are you able to return for a full refund has reviewed and ranked the best Bicycle Parts stores available today. We hope these reviews help you find the bicycle parts and accessories you need at the best prices anywhere!

What Are The Benefits Of A Home Gym

Exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet are the best ways to not only ward off unwanted pounds, but also to keep yourself healthy.

But in this day and age, with ever-increasing demands on us from the work and home fronts, who has time to actually go to a gym The good news is you don't need a gym to get a good workout in at home.

What are the benefits of a home gym

The biggest benefit of a home gym is convenience. Unless you belong to one of those 24-hour health clubs, most gyms simply are not open during the extended hours most people need in order to squeeze in a workout there. When you have a home gym, you can squeeze in a workout any time of the day. Even if you're the mother of three, with a home gym, you can find time to fit in a workout without worrying about finding childcare first.

A home gym is also less expensive to operate. Aside from the initial investment in the equipment you wish to include in your home gym, there are no monthly membership fees, no initiation fees and no hidden costs. You spend some money up front, but the investment will last for years.

There also is the elimination of the extra time it takes to travel to and from a gym. Unless you are lucky enough to live in an area where the gym is right next door, most people travel an average of 10-15 minutes to reach a health club. That's 30 minutes or more spent just driving to a facility, when that time could have been spent working out at home.

Another benefit of having your own home gym is the elimination of waiting in line to use equipment at the gym. While gyms have a variety of equipment, they often only have one of each kind of weight machine, and maybe a handful of cardio equipment. If you visit the gym during one of its peak hours, you may find yourself standing around waiting to use equipment more often than you are breaking a sweat. With your own equipment at home, waiting in line is no longer an issue.

Another big advantage to a home gym is that you can work out in anything you choose. For most people, going to the gym can be a stressful event. You have to wear the right kind of workout clothes and be presentable. For working professionals, encountering clients or other coworkers at the gym is a reality. So working out in your old ratty sweats you've had since college probably isn't a great idea in a gym. But at home, what you wear isn't an issue.

With a home gym, exercisers also can tailor their workout equipment to what they hope to accomplish. If you prefer cardio, then an investment in a good treadmill or elliptical machine is a good start. If you only wish to tone your muscles, rather than get big and bulky, then some light free weights should do the trick. One of the biggest drawbacks to an expensive gym membership is that much of the equipment that is available is never used by the average exerciser. With the home option, you get to decide what you need and how much to spend on it.

One of the biggest complaints about gym memberships is that gyms often can turn into a social situation, which many exercisers find unappealing. There is nothing worse than having a limited time to work out, and spending it being hit on by random strangers.

So no more excuses about not having time to exercise. With a little research and upfront cost, you can do it from the comfort and convenience of your own home.


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Global Electric Bicycles Industry 2017 Market Research Report

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Felt Bicycles 2018 - First Look

Felt have a long heritage in XC racing, and say their latest Doctrine model is built to reflect the XC courses that riders are faced with on a modern World Cup weekend - quick and brutal uphill ascents, technical and rocky descents, and fast and flowing ...

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Tshwane motorists ditch cars for bicycles today

Tshwane motorists are encouraged to be less dependent on their cars and use public transport on Green mobility Fridays. MOTORISTS in the city of Tshwane are today expected to ditch their vehicles for bicycles as an alternative to private motorised ...

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Cafes and bars could face legal action if pedestrians trip on oBikes dumped on footpaths - as it's revealed cyclists could face a $2,200 littering fine for leaving bicycles in ...

Pedestrians could take legal action against businesses if they trip and injure themselves on a share bicycle dumped in front of the store. Legal experts have warned of the consequences of oBikes for cafes, restaurants and bars following public backlash at ...

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Aces of Trades: Freedom Bicycles offers variety of cycling experiences

Aces of Trades: Freedom Bicycles offers variety of cycling experiences Up for a different bicycle experience Check out Freedom Bicycles in Alexandria. Check out this story on

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Review: Priority Bicycles belt-driven Continuum is a clean, low-hassle commuting machine

If you're looking for a reasonably priced commuter bike that doesn't require regular tuning or maintenance, you might want to check out Priority Bicycles. After riding a Continuum since this spring I can say the bike has served me well, requiring only ...

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Thousands of Bicycles donated to African nation

Bikes for Lesotho has sent 4,500 bicycles to the Kingdom of Lesotho, helping children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS crisis in the small African nation. Wednesday, volunteers from Christopher Burke Engineering teamed up with the organization to prepare another ...

Published:  Wed, 18 Oct 2017 16:38:00 GMT

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