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Canvas prints are a great way to turn an existing photographi into a beautiful work of art. Canvas prints are three dimensional wall hangings - they stand out and really grab your attention. Canvas prints also make wonderful gifts for any occasion that are unique, thoughtful, and fun.

Turn Your Photos into Works of Art Today with Canvas HQ! The best canvas print companies use customer-friendly websites to guide you, step by step, through the creation process. You simply upload your picture, choose your canvas size, select the framing, and include any touch-up services such as adding color or text. That's all you need in order to turn your picture into museum-quality pop art.

However, not all canvas print companies are the same. When choosing a service to turn your pictures into canvas prints, you need to consider a few things. Some of these include:

  • Customization. How customized can you make your canvas print? Does the company have the canvas print size and framing that you're looking for?
  • Prices. How do the canvas print prices compare with other companies? Are there a lot of hidden charges for features or customization?
  • Turn around time. If you're in a hurry, can you receive your canvas prints in time? What is the standard turn around? has reviewed and ranked the best canvas print stores available today. We hope this information helps you create the beautiful, unique canvas print that you're looking for!

Disclosure: We pay our reviewers and we are compensated for our reviews. Click here for details.

Canvas Prints Reviews

5 stars
Canvas HQ

CANVAS HQ Visit Site


Starting from $21.95 Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Canvas HQ has pulled out all the stops to create a wonderful shopping experience that is extremely customer friendly. The canvas prints are made of high quality canvas, UV and water resistant inks, and sturdy framing to last a lifetime.

It's easy to get started at Canvas HQ. You simply upload your picture and begin the process of creating a beautiful work of art from a simple photograph. For those that don't have a scanner you can send your picture to Canvas HQ and they will scan it for you.

Here's the Canvas HQ ordering process:

  1. Select the size of the canvas- choose from 24 different sizes
  2. Choose from 4 different border options
  3. Select your frame depth .75", 1.5", or 2.5"
  4. Select your canvas finish - matte, semi-gloss, and glossy
  5. Choose from 12 different image effects to perfectly accentuate your picture

Once your canvas print order is completed, you receive an email proof to review and change any details as needed. Canvas prints start at $21.95 and are extremely affordable for the quality, customization and speed that Canvas HQ provides. Canvas prints are typically completed in one business day and they offer free shipping for delivery within 5 business days.

An additional nicety includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you aren't happy with your canvas print. Finally, if you want to send a canvas print as a gift, Canvas HQ will deliver it for you with a personalized gift message attached.

Canvas HQ delivers top quality canvas prints at very affordable prices. Their website and ordering process was the most impressive out of all the companies we reviewed. They have a remarkable number of different sizing and personalization options. The free shipping is a nice feature and 100% customer guarantee is unbeatable. Canvas HQ sets the standard for canvas print companies and they earn our highest rating.

Visit Site

4.5 stars
Photo Canvas Land



Starting from $7.95

Photo Canvas Land specializes in canvas art. They offer a nice selection of canvas options at very affordable prices. You can also anticipate an easy creation process on their website and create art work that is said to last 75 years.

To begin the process at Photo Canvas Land you simply upload a photo and get started as follows:

  1. Select the canvas size - choose from 13 different sizes
  2. Choose your canvas wrap - .75", 1.5", or rolled canvas
  3. Identify the canvas edge option. Choose from a mirror image side, white or black

Once you have completed the creation process you may review the results on line. With fewer customization options Photo Canvas Land does not need additional time for you to proof their efforts. The canvas prints are made on acid-free high grade canvas with a protective coating.

The Photo Canvas Land prices are very affordable, especially for gift giving. At a beginning price of $7.95 for rolled canvas and $14.95 for an 8x8 .75" canvas print, Photo Canvas Land provides many affordable options.

Ground shipping is a flat rate of $8.95 no matter the size of your order. Orders leave the warehouse within 5 business days and if a problem occurs with your purchase you may contact the company so that they may make the order right.

If you're looking for an affordable canvas print option, Photo Canvas Land makes quality products at discounted prices. While shipping costs are a little more and the customization options are much more limited, we feel this is a company will meet the needs of those looking for a budget friendly canvas print option.

Visit Site

4.5 stars
Easy Canvas Prints



Starting from $29.99

Easy Canvas Prints provides just that - fast and attractive canvas prints made from the comfort of your home and with little effort. The prices are a little more expensive but the website provides several different customization choices.

Easy Canvas Prints uses high quality prints and cotton based canvas material with a semi gloss finish. To start the process of making your canvas art at Easy Canvas Prints:

  1. Choose from 8 different size options or choose a custom size up to 40" wide and 40" long
  2. Choose between .75 or 1.5" thickness
  3. Upload your photo
  4. Check your image quality and modify if needed
  5. Choose from either a standard wall hanger option or a canvas stand
  6. Select your border option - mirror image, image wrap, or from a rainbow of border colors
  7. You may edit your picture size or adjust as needed
  8. Next choose color finishing - none, black and white or sephia
  9. Retouching is an option for an additional fee

Easy Canvas Land requires at least 3-4 business days to create your print. You may pay a low flat rate of $8.00 to rush your canvas and receive in 4-6 business days. Otherwise, free shipping is an option but will take up to 10-12 days to receive.

Customization options stand out at Easy Canvas Land. For those wanting color options, a nice canvas stand, and are willing to pay a little more, Easy Canvas Prints has in depth customization and an easy website to utilize.

Visit Site

3.5 stars
Canvas On Demand



Starting from $57.00

Canvas on Demand is an easy to use, well organized canvas print website. We had a tough time justifying the price of their products and found the upload process was very finicky.

We felt the order process was a bit backward. We were asked to choose the canvas layout, choose the size, quantity, edging, color, retouching, background changes, and hardware options. The next step was to upload your photo and again go through the customization options.

A simple 8x10 canvas print with standard options is nearly double many of the competitors at $59.00. Shipping is also expensive at $14.95 for ground shipping. Canvas On Demand requires 4-7 days to produce your print. We found their turnaround to be almost double the length of many other companies.

The creation process at Canvas On Demand was a bit cumbersome, the pricing and shipping were expensive and the turn around time took longer than many companies. Despite the celebrity endorsement we weren't that excited about this company.

Visit Site

3 stars
Canvas Press



Starting from $41.00

Canvas Press has a small store front feel with a focus on the end product. We liked the variety of product options at Canvas Press but were a little less excited about the creation process. Choose from canvas, metal, wallpaper and paper prints at Canvas Press.

After uploading your photo, you're asked to choose from several different options all on one page. Canvas Press doesn't guide you through their questions one at a time, as most other companies do, but instead require several decisions at once in a less organized fashion.

After choosing your product type, border type, width and height, you choose your finishing options. You can select between .75", 1.5", 2", float frames, or frames and canvas roll. In an awkward manner you can even crop and zoom in on the image if so desired. Unfortunately, the picture does not mimic your order - you don't really know what the end product will look like until you receive it.

Shipping at Canvas Press starts at $15 for ground shipping and will definitely increase your overall costs compared to those companies higher ranked. Also the a .75" canvas print runs higher at a starting price of $41.00.

Canvas Press offers a nice variety of printing options if you're looking for metal or wallpaper. The creation process is not as smooth as companies ranked higher and the shipping and product costs at Canvas Press are more costly. However, we appreciated the strong customer service and small shop feel that let us know they cared about the end product.

Visit Site

2.5 stars
Canvas People



Starting from $49.99

Canvas People is another canvas print website that allows the customer to create their own canvas art from the convenience of their computer. We struggled with finding picture resolution that this site was willing to accept. The result was a much longer creation process.

After struggling to get a picture uploaded you choose from 7 different canvas sizes. We were confused with the request to choose a frame size as we didn't want a frame - eventually we found the "no frame" option. The next step was to select photo touch-up, and any special effects.

We found the website less professional than some of the other companies when it pushed us to spend more with a bigger size, especially after it said our photo resolution was not worthy of a larger size.

Shipping is free at Canvas People but make sure you have plenty of time on your hands before you order. Your order will not arrive for 10-14 days and no expedited shipping exists.

Canvas People didn't provide the stress free shopping experience we were looking for. Trouble uploading the right photo quality, pushy upgrade options and slow arrival time left us wanting much more.

Visit Site

2 stars

ART Visit Site


Starting from $34.99

Art sells an extensive line of artwork, rugs and dabbles in canvas prints. Immediately we felt that canvas prints was an after thought at Art based on the lack of information and trouble finding the options on the website.

The Art website requires a very specific file format and size to accept your photos. This is another website that requires you upload a photo before you may learn much about their canvas art product. Once the photo is successfully uploaded, you choose between 5 different framing options. We had to choose between 2 different sizes which did not meet our needs. We felt this was a big disappointment. They offered no other customization options.

Shipping starts at $7.99 for ground shipping on any items weighing 1 lb or less. Heavier frames would be very expensive. You can anticipate your canvas prints completed in 3-5 business days.

In summary, the Art canvas prints didn't touch the competition. Information was lacking, customization options were very limited and we couldn't even wrap the canvas as were like best. Shipping is expensive and the website functionality was a hassle when it came to uploading photos. We recommend you shop a much higher ranked canvas print company before you purchase.

Visit Site

1.5 stars
All Posters



Starting from $34.99

All Posters sells posters, framed art and canvas prints. The website lacks forthcoming canvas art information until you're ready to begin the creation process. Also, image upload functionality at All Posters left us frustrated.

When browsing the All Posters website we found almost no information about their canvas art products. We identified that we had to first take the time to upload a photo and go through each step to identify options and pricing. The creation process was very frustrating and required several attempts to upload the same photos we had success with at all of the other websites.

We also struggled to identify how to navigate the site at times. The customization options are in faint black and white and lack appropriate direction. Next you have only 4 different canvas sizes to choose from. The prices are surprisingly more expensive for a company with very few customization options.

The website was also slow to move and we felt most customers would have long left All Posters to find a better option. Shipping is free and the products are created and shipped in approximately 5 business days.

All Posters disappointed us in many ways. We didn't like the lack of information on the website, the delays with uploading photos, the lack of customization and the cost of each canvas print. We essentially couldn't find any good reason to buy your canvas print at All Posters.

Visit Site

Types of Pictures That Make Good Canvas Prints

We've all had a "Kodak" moment. Maybe it was the first time you saw a baby fawn taking its first steps in a field. Maybe it was that fantastic waterfall you encountered at the end of a hike in the wilderness. Or maybe it was just your grandma, sitting on her rocking chair on the front porch of her hundred-year-old home. Whatever the moment, we've all had one where we just knew it would make a memorable photo.

Photos that can only be classified as "Kodak" moments definitely are the kinds that make excellent canvas art.

But what, exactly, is canvas art?

Canvas art is created through a specialized printer which requires special eight to 12 color inkjet printers containing UV-resistant ink. You want to use UV-resistant ink because if the canvas will be hung on a wall, it most likely will at some point be exposed to sunlight, which can cause it to fade. UV-resistant ink helps to slow the fading process. The printer is designed to accommodate canvas, which is heavier than most of the kinds of paper we use in our home and office printers.

A high-resolution photo or digital image is then taken, scanned into a computer, and printed onto the canvas with the special printer.

Once you understand the process, it is much easier to choose photos or digital images which would lend themselves to the creation of a good canvas piece.

The first step in choosing a picture that would make a good canvas print is to make sure the image being used is of a high resolution. Most new cameras are capable of 8 to 12 megapixel images, with more expensive digital SLR cameras able to produce even higher resolutions. The general rule of thumb is if the image isn't at least 350 dpi (dots per inch), it will not reproduce well onto canvas. If you are unsure whether your photo or digital image is of good enough quality for printing onto canvas, consider consulting a professional photographer or canvas art business before placing an order. They should be able to review the image or print photo and tell you if it will reproduce well.

If the quality of the photo is acceptable, you also may want to ask the printing company if they are able to edit or "brush up" the photo for you. Issues like red eye, smears and even dust on the lens of the camera can transfer to your canvas art. These are all things that with the right photo-editing equipment such as Photoshop can be altered to create a better-looking image.

Among some of the images which have found their way onto canvas include:

  • Family portraits
  • Portraits of pets
  • Skyline photos, particularly at sunset or sunrise
  • Landscape photos
  • Waterfalls, lakes or the ocean
  • Wildlife

The list of what can be transferred to canvas is endless and truly depends on the taste of the individual who is ordering the piece.




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Turn Your Photos Into Works of Art Today With Canvas HQ!

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