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Sell Your Gold has a strong history of paying cash for gold with over $5 million paid out to their customers. They've been recognized by NBC's Today show for their high payouts, and they further support that with a price match guarantee. If you want a quick payment for your gold or jewelry with a reliable company that you can trust, Sell Your Gold should be your first stop. They've earned our highest rating.

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Gold Fellow brought us comfort in their methods of handling our jewelry. The processing turnaround is quick yet we felt in control with the Goldview system and several points of communication.

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Express Gold Cash provides good customer service and pays well for the gold they buy. Their process is easy to understand and straightforward. With thousands of satisfied customers, you should find Express Gold Cash a great company to work with.

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Gold-Cash has a solid reputation and a good website. It was unfortunate that the had some questionable information on their website and didn't provide a grace period for clients to change their minds.

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Cash For Gold USA has a less favorable BBB rating than those companies higher ranked. If you are looking to sell your gold we recommend you choose a much higher rated company with happier customers.

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Cash 4 Gold misses the mark. We found a number BBB complaints, and a lack of helpful tools. We would choose a higher ranked cash for your gold selling needs.

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Cash for Gold

Cash for gold companies provide a great opportunity for just about anyone to make money with their unwanted gold and jewelry. Simply enough, you send in your old, broken or outdated jewelry and receive cash in return.

All companies vary in their process and policies when selling your gold. Those that offer the best communication and most transparent information let you feel in charge and be comfortable with your transaction. They also tend to pay more for the gold they buy from you. Those with fewer steps may result in more rejected offers and extra time spent selling your jewelry.

When choosing a cash for gold company, you need to be sure and consider a number of important aspects. Some of these include:

  • Insurance.  Will your gold items arrive fully insured and protected, should something occur in transit
  • BBB Rating.  What is the Better Business Bureau rating of the company A cash for gold company with a low rating or numerous complaints should be well avoided.
  • Guarantee.  Should you not be satisfied with the cash value that you're offered, can you return the payment How long do you have to do so has reviewed and ranked the best cash for gold companies available today. We hope this information helps you sell your gold items today!

The Gold Selling Process

With gold prices at an all-time high many people are selling broken, outdated and unwanted gold jewelry, coins, dental work and dinnerware for a nice profit. For those that are considering selling their expensive valuables understanding the process is key to feeling comfortable and in control during the process.

Where to Sell
You have many options when it comes to selling your gold. A local pawn shop will typically buy gold with the intent to resell. Most of the time the pawn shop will not give you the best value as they have an overabundance of jewelry for sale. Another option your local jewelry shop. Most jewelers will buy gold with the intent to sell to another broker, in the chain, for a profit. Occasionally they may resell your nice jewelry but it depends on each item. Jewelry stores have a store front, expensive employees and inventory to maintain, so their price may not always be the most competitive. Another option is a company that specializes in gold buying. Most of these companies offer their services via the internet. We've found that dealing with online companies often provides the highest payout as well as the best convenience.

Sending Your Valuables
If you decide to go with an online gold buying company most of the quality companies will provide their customers an insured, express delivery envelope that you will place your items in. Typically you are asked to itemize each gold piece to identify and track for your benefit and theirs once the package is received. An insured envelope gives you the comfort that should your package get lost or stolen you will be reimbursed.

Receipt and Analysis
Once your package is received the company will begin analyzing the value of your gold. The analysis will determine the weight and karat value of each item to help calculate how much they will be willing to pay you. Companies with a higher level of customer service will often email you to notify you they have received the contents of the delivery and what stage they are in. Once they have a quoted value for you they will either notify you via phone, email or online access. Some companies won't provide as much communication and will simply send a check for the value.

Your Decision
Should you decline their offer to buy your gold you will often notify that company again via phone, email or online access depending on who you are dealing with. Some companies require you return their check to get your valuables back. If you decline the offer you will receive your gold valuables in an insured envelope with no cost to you.

The overall gold selling process typically only takes a few days from start to finish. Some companies offer options to wire the funds to your bank account direct - if you find yourself in a hurry. Choose a customer friendly company that has a good reputation as well as frequent communication.


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Looking to become financially independent after a divorce, Jyotsna Naik, 27, from suburban Mumbai, wanted to set up a beauty parlour. But her entrepreneurial journey faltered at the very first hurdle because she could not get a bank loan at all. Most ...

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N. Whitehall man who paid arsonist to torch rival cash-for-gold business gets state prison

After hiring a man to set fire to a rival cash-for-gold business, Stefan A. Skweir admitted to police that he contemplated buying a newspaper ad stating "we're burning down the competition." Although the ad never ran, Lehigh County Judge Robert L.

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RPF seizes Rs 30 lakh cash, gold at Nagpur railway station

NAGPUR: Railway Protection Force (RPF), Central railways, seized unaccounted Rs 30 lakh cash at Nagpur platform from Mumbai-bound Duranto on Thursday busting a hawala channel. In another simultaneous action, another man was nabbed from Nagpur - bound ...

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Pablo Escobar buried gold and wads of cash from $50billion drug fortune in secret locations - then shot men who did it to keep locations secret

The drug boss made a staggering £45million every day and bought huge country estates, planes, and priceless dinosaur fossils for his children to climb on but what he didn't spend he buried and the hunt is on to find it.

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Gold Cash Gold

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