October 20, 2017

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The Benefits of Contact Lenses

People use contact lenses (as an alternative to eyeglasses) for many reasons. Most of the time it is to correct a vision defect, like myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness) astigmatism (incorrect focusing), or presbyopia (poor focusing, often due to age). There are even some tinted lenses to improve color blindness. Discuss with your eye-care professional whether you are a candidate for contact lenses and for which type.

Advantages that contact lenses have over eyeglasses include:

  • Contact lenses are worn directly on the eye instead of some distance away, providing more natural vision. And they don't break or shatter if a ball or something else impacts the face.
  • Contact lenses provide better peripheral vision than eyeglasses. This can be critical while playing sports or driving.
  • Contact lenses help avoid dealing with obstructions to viewing, such as eyeglass lens frames or reflections from eyeglass lenses.
  • Contact lenses put no weight on the ears like eyeglasses. And they don't slip down the nose.
  • Contact lenses don't fog up because of cold weather, or when bending over a hot dish, like eyeglasses can.
  • Some people think they simply look better without eyeglasses. There are contact lenses that can change or enhance the color of your eye, and even costume lenses for a radical change in appearance. Itís important to remember that a prescription from an eye-care professional is required to purchase any type of contact lens.

Different types of contact lenses offer different benefits.

  • Rigid gas permeable lenses (sometimes simply called GP lenses) can help treat some cases of myopia, where the rigid lens actually helps reshape the eyeball. GP lenses also usually provide the sharpest, clearest improvement in vision.
  • Continuous wear lenses can be worn for periods of up to 30 days, night and day, without having to be removed or replaced.
  • Daily disposable lenses provide the most convenience. ing daily disposable lenses can fit a busy lifestyle and save time in the day, since there is no time spent cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, or storing the lenses. This makes daily disposable lenses a cleaner, safer, and healthier solution for some people. Comfort is another benefit of daily disposable lenses. In some cases, daily disposable lenses can also be used as a bandage for patients who have damage to the cornea.

Contact lenses can also provide benefits to teens or younger children. Wearing contact lenses instead of glasses can improve how young people feel about their appearance. Contact lenses can also help them participate in physical or social activities they might otherwise avoid.

Novelty contact lenses 'can cause sight loss'

Eye experts are warning of the risks of wearing novelty contact lenses at Halloween, saying they can cause nasty infections and scratches to the eyes. Cosmetic contact lenses are often sold in joke and fancy-dress shops and on websites, but they come ...

Published:  Thu, 19 Oct 2017 16:58:00 GMT

Why Halloween Contact Lenses Are Not A Good Idea

With Halloween approaching, United Kingdom eye experts issued warnings about the risks of improperly wearing novelty contact lenses, reporting they can cause eye scratches and infections. The Association of Optometrists, an organization representing over ...

Published:  Thu, 19 Oct 2017 09:24:31 GMT

Halloween partygoers warned of dangers of 'spooky' contact lenses

Halloween partygoers - including children and teenagers - are being warned by UK medical experts of the dangers of "spooky" or coloured contact lenses. The gimmicky cosmetic lenses should only be sold by a registered optician or doctor who is ...

Published:  Wed, 18 Oct 2017 16:01:00 GMT

Halloween revellers warned spooky contact lenses could leave them blind

Partygoers are being warned against wearing spooky contact lenses this Halloween after a woman from south Wales was taken to hospital with a serious eye infection. Eye specialists say there has been a rise in illegal coloured contact lenses being sold ...

Published:  Thu, 19 Oct 2017 18:49:00 GMT

Halloween contact lenses could cause blindness

We're guessing by now you've seen coloured contact lenses in every Halloween shop you've stumbled upon. And while they might be pretty to look at and would probably take your witch outfit to the next level, it turns out some of novelty ones could ...

Published:  Thu, 19 Oct 2017 17:56:00 GMT

Clinical Study success for novel contact lens device to improve glaucoma treatment

A novel contact lens device developed by University of Liverpool engineers to improve the treatment of glaucoma has been found to reliably track pressure changes in the eye and be wearable by people who took part in its first clinical study. The contact ...

Published:  Thu, 19 Oct 2017 07:42:00 GMT

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