June 24, 2017

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Top Consumer Reviews Articles provides unique articles that you won't find anywhere else on the internet. These articles are designed to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

How to Save on Contact Lenses

The first consideration when thinking about how to save on contact lenses is the type. It is important to discuss with your doctor which lens type is best for your condition.

  • Rigid gas permeable (GP) lenses might be the least costly lens option. These lenses have the advantage of providing possibly the best vision correction capability. At the same time, the substance they are made from allows oxygen to pass through the lens and get to the cornea.
  • Daily disposables might cost twice as much, but can be the most convenient. Put them on in the morning, take them out at night, and dispose of them.
  • Flexible silicone hydrogels generally cost somewhere in between.

Many lens types are designed to last a specific period of time, such as two weeks or a month before replacement.

Since 2004, the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act has given the consumer many of the same benefits enjoyed by users of standard glasses. This act allows you to choose where to shop for your lenses. With some exceptions, you do not have to purchase your lenses from the same doctor who writes the prescription. The act gives you the right to take a copy of your own contact lens prescription and fill the prescription at the business of your choice, including online discount sites.

Read your prescription and understand it. Even if a prescription is for a specific brand of contact lens, many manufacturers sell identical lenses under multiple brand names. Ask your doctor when you receive your prescription if he or she knows of additional brands supplying an identical lens.

It pays to shop around. Compare prices between multiple sources, including:

  • The eye-care specialist you receive your prescription from
  • Specialty shops, like LensCrafters and PearleVision
  • Large retailers, like Sears, J. C. Penney, Wal-Mart, and Target
  • Wholesale membership clubs, like Costco, Sam's, and BJ's
  • Online sources

On average, the wholesale clubs offer the lowest prices. If you don't have access to one of these, online sources average only slightly higher and are the most convenient to shop. Independent eye-care professionals and specialty chain stores generally have the highest prices.

Review your insurance coverage. The total cost of purchasing contact lenses includes the cost of the eye examination by a doctor who writes the prescription, as well as the cost of buying the contact lenses that the doctor prescribes. Most vision plans include a yearly exam and discounted prices on lenses.

Contact Lenses Global Market 2017 Share, Trend, Segmentation and Forecast to 2021

The market is expected to expand at 4.3% CAGR over the period between 2016 and 2021. Contact Lenses (CLs) are light weight corrective, cosmetic or therapeutic devices that are usually placed directly onto the cornea of the eye. Contact lenses have many ...

Published:  Fri, 23 Jun 2017 00:43:00 GMT

Global Corrective Contact Lenses Market 2017-2021 - Rise of Alternatives and Substitutes & Technological Product Innovations - Research and Markets

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Corrective Contact Lenses Market 2017-2021" report to their offering. The report forecasts that the global corrective contact lenses market to grow at a CAGR of 7.22% during the period 2017-2021.

Published:  Wed, 21 Jun 2017 14:37:00 GMT

Corrective Contact Lenses Market 2017 Growth Factors Details by Emerging Trends, Investment Analysis, Regional Overview and Future Estimations To 2021

Global Corrective Contact Lenses Market report includes a detailed analysis of the key segments to provide insights on the Corrective Contact Lenses Market dynamics till 2021, which would enable the stakeholders to capitalize on prevailing market ...

Published:  Mon, 19 Jun 2017 22:34:00 GMT

Do not make these mistake while using contact lenses!

Contacts lens are supposed to make life easier. They are generally more convenient than eyeglasses, but all know that convenience comes with a cost: The fact that it is almost too easy to make common contact lens mistakes that could be hurting your eyes.

Published:  Tue, 20 Jun 2017 09:32:00 GMT

Global Corrective Contact Lenses Market 2017 Latest Report Available Online at

Contact lenses are thin lenses placed directly on the surface of the eye to correct vision or for therapeutic purposes. They are also worn for cosmetic reasons, particularly to change eye color. Contact lenses can be rigid, soft, or hybrid in nature ...

Published:  Fri, 23 Jun 2017 03:29:00 GMT

These Smart Contact Lenses Can Detect Diabetes And Glaucoma

These days, there is a lot of banter about wearable electronics. These devices can enhance our lives in an unobtrusive manner, if implemented correctly. Wearable electronics can encompass devices from smartwatches to smart contact lenses. One of the most ...

Published:  Thu, 22 Jun 2017 10:03:00 GMT

The Types Of Contact Lenses

Even though they are great for your eyes, all contact lenses aren't equal. Although your doctor will help you select the best pair for your eyes, you should always know a little bit about the contacts that are available to choose from. All contact lenses ...

Published:  Wed, 21 Jun 2017 06:17:00 GMT

Director of contact lenses named at Kentucky College of Optometry

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (June 22, 2017) - Donald J. Egan, O.D., FAAO, professor at the University of Pikeville-Kentucky College of Optometry (KYCO), has been appointed the director of contact lenses. The curriculum has been developed to include a full cornea ...

Published:  Thu, 22 Jun 2017 11:03:00 GMT

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