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Prepaid Credit Cards
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Prepaid credit cards give you the flexibility of a credit card without the hassle of credit checks, contracts and expensive interest charges. You can use your prepaid credit card to buy anything you would typically pay for with a Visa or MasterCard, such as online purchases, dining out, bill payments, shopping, and more. Prepaid credit cards even make great gifts as they don't tie someone to just one store or a specific gift.

Getting a prepaid credit card is easy. You simply purchase the size of the card you'd like, along with an upfront activation fee. You should be aware that many prepaid cards eventually decline in value after several months of non-use, so you'll want to use your prepaid credit card once you get it.

When shopping for a prepaid credit card, there are several factors you hsould consider. Some of these include:

  • Denomination. Some prepaid credit cards come in predetermined amounts, while others let you choose exactly how much you want to spend. Choose a card that fits your needs and keep shopping if you don't initially find it.
  • Fees and penalties. Most prepaid credit cards charge an initial activation fee. Since these fees can vary widely from card to card, you should be aware of them before signing up. Yoiu should also find out if the card has an expiration date, and what charges might occur if the card is not used within a certain period of time.
  • Type. Prepaid cards come in MasterCard, Visa, American Express and more. Make sure that the prepaid credit card type will work with your spending plans. has reviewed and ranked the best prepaid credit cards available today. We hope these reviews help you find the prepaid credit card that best fits your gift giving or personal use needs!

Disclosure: We pay our reviewers for their reviews. We are not compensated by companies for their reviews, but we are compensated for links and advertisements on our website. Click here for details.

Prepaid Credit Card Reviews

5 stars
AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card

AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

The AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card, issued by The Bancorp Bank, is a checking account alternative that comes with a 100% approval rate. Cardmembers aren't subjected to credit checks, overdraft fees bounced checks or a minimum balance. Membership allows fast and easy access to your money. The AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card allows you to fully benefit from purchase rewards. You'll be eligible to receive special offers from merchandise that can be used for cash back. Plus, a referral program rewards members and their friends who sign up for an AccountNow® Prepaid Visa® Card. Apply now!! Read More... Visit Site

5 stars
Wired Plastic® Visa® Prepaid  Card

Wired Plastic® Visa® Prepaid Card

The Wired Plastic® Visa® Prepaid Card issued by Bancorp Bank is a widely accepted prepaid Visa card that gives you flexibility when spending. Now you can make debit and credit transactions, check your balance and withdraw cash at ATMs across the country. As a genuine Visa prepaid card holder, you are entitled to convenience and assistance with friendly customer services agents that are waiting to answer your important questions. As a valued customer you can pay your bill online or over the phone to simplify your payment process. Direct deposit is free and there are 100,000 loading locations to access when you are on the go. For added security you get FREE alerts via text or email, plus you earn points every time you use your card. You can redeem your points to pay your wireless phone bill or purchase other wireless products – just for using your card! Choose an excellent card with flexibility and convenience – apply now! Read More... Visit Site

4 stars
Vision Silver(SM) Prepaid MasterCard®

Vision Silver(SM) Prepaid MasterCard®

The Vision Silver℠ Prepaid MasterCard® , issued by Metabank, is a prepaid debit card that is quick and easy to use every day. You are guaranteed approval, and no credit check is conducted. Enjoy free direct deposit of your paycheck or government check, along with no overdraft fees or required minimum balance to maintain your account. Your debit card is accepted worldwide, providing you free unlimited purchase transactions anywhere you go. You can also receive online monthly statements for your convenience. Sign up today! Read More... Visit Site

4 stars
Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card

Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card

The Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card is a prepaid Visa debit card that will change the way you pay for purchases and more. Absolutely no embarrassing credit check is required – just complete the online form. This is NOT a credit card or a checking account: not only will you be free from interest charges and overdraft fees, you'll also enjoy free direct deposit! This card is the best way to receive paychecks, government benefits and even tax As a Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card holder, you'll also enjoy FREE roadside assistance and a FREE savings account earning an excellent 5.65% APY. You'll receive 1% cash back on gasoline purchases – a feature virtually unheard of from prepaid debit cards. There is no charge for signature-authorized or pin-authorized purchases, either! Apply for the Vision Premier® Prepaid Visa® Card today, and set yourself free from banks, interest charges, and overdraft fees!! Read More... Visit Site

4 stars
AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®

AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®

The AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard® , issued by Metabank, is a prepaid card that is a great alternative to a checking account. You are guaranteed approval when you apply, and there is no credit check verification. Sign up without having to pay an activation fee and enjoy earning cash back on everyday purchases. You can also make free direct deposits and receive a $25 bonus with the AccountNow® Prepaid MasterCard®. Activating your account and using your prepaid card is as simple and easy as you would like it to be. Get your very own today!! Read More... Visit Site

4 stars
BuyRIGHT Pre-Paid MasterCard®

BuyRIGHT Pre-Paid MasterCard®

The BuyRIGHT Pre-Paid MasterCard® is a prepaid debit card issued by MetaBank that allows cardholders to choose their card design at no extra cost. Account holders also are able to redeem rewards for iTunes, RedBox, Cash Starbucks and more offers. Membership also includes a special reload offer where members can receive a credit of the Green Dot MoneyPak the first time used. Free Direct Deposit, Online bill pay also comes standard. This prepaid card comes with no credit check, no bounced check fees or overdraft fees, while providing the ability to make travel reservations which include renting cars and reserving hotels while additionally shopping safely and having access to the top notch customer service. Read More... Visit Site

3 stars
Western Union® MoneyWise™ Prepaid MasterCard®

Western Union® MoneyWise™ Prepaid MasterCard®

The Western Union® MoneyWise™ Prepaid MasterCard® by Western Union is a fee-friendly prepaid card designed to meet both your expectations and financial needs. Start off with free activation once your card is approved. Deposit money into your account four different ways, including but not limited to: by way of direct deposit and at Western Union locations. The card comes with many complimentary features including FREE: $10 with your first qualifying direct deposit. This is an exclusive offer with Western Union.The amount you have available to spend are the funds you deposit on your card. The Mastercard Zero Liability policy will protect you against any fraudulent or unauthorized charges should they ever appear on your account. Apply now!! Read More... Visit Site

3 stars
mPower™ Visa® Prepaid Card

mPower™ Visa® Prepaid Card

The mPower™ Visa® Prepaid Card is a prepaid card that will provide you quick and easy access to your money. You will have the freedom to pay your bills anytime and also use your card for other charges, such as booking travel or day-to-day purchases. You can even shop from home! You will not be required to maintain a minimum balance. More so, you can rely on lost card protection should you need a new card in the event that yours gets lost. Get the mPower™ Visa® Prepaid Card and see how well it will serve you!! Read More... Visit Site

2 stars
AccountNow Gold Visa® Prepaid Card

AccountNow Gold Visa® Prepaid Card

The AccountNow Gold Visa® Prepaid Card, issued by The Bancorp Bank, is a prepaid card that is an excellent checking alternative. You only have to pay an average participation fee, which can be waived. Cardholders enjoy no late or overdraft fees and no minimum balance. Plus, when you sign up for free direct deposit, you'll receive a $25 bonus! Overall, this is a good option if you want a card with the convenience of a bank account and the privilege of a gold card. Read More... Visit Site

Advantages of Prepaid Credit Cards

If your credit is imperfect, you have a teenager or young adult that needs access to a Visa or MasterCard or you want to better control your spending a prepaid credit card is a great option. Credit cards not only make for convenient shopping but are also mandatory in many scenarios where a Visa or MasterCard must be made available. For example, shopping online, renting a car, or making reservations all require a credit card and asking someone else to help you out, each and every time, can be embarrassing.

Here are some advantages of a prepaid card:

No Interest
Many prepaid credit cards exist today that look and feel just like a credit or debit card. Withdraw cash at ATM's, upload a payment via the phone, establish direct deposit, speak to a customer service representative and more. But very importantly, there's not interest charges. Fees due exist and must be looked at closely but you'll never be charged interest for using your preloaded credit card.

No Credit Check
If you've had some financial challenges in the recent past or simply don't want another credit check to be reported to the credit agencies - a prepaid card is the place to go. With the balances being prepaid, no line of credit being issued, there's no need for any prepaid credit card company to ask for your social security number or inquire about past credit issues.

No Overspending
Whether you need help sticking to a budget or you're child does, a prepaid card is the card for you. Prepaid cards only have the balance available that you load on the card at the onset. There's no spending more than you should on an impulse buy or running over your credit limit with a prepaid card. Many people use these cards in place of debit and credit cards to stick strictly to their budget. Parents often send prepaid cards to their college students to help them out financially but without the risk of a credit cards and irresponsible spending.

No Contracts
You aren't bound to a prepaid card via a contract. You simply load the card and spend as you so choose. You may reload the card as needed and continue to use in the future.

Gift Giving
If you aren't sure what your friend or family member wants or needs next Christmas or birthday a prepaid card is a great option. Loading the prepaid card with your gift contribution allows them to buy exactly whatever they want. No returning gifts with a prepaid card.

In summary, a prepaid card offers several perks over a traditional credit card. Many appreciate the budgeting aspect while others enjoy no contracts or accrued interest. Either way, prepaid cards offer a lot of flexibility no matter what you need the card for.
 Introduces PayPal as a New Payment Method for Monthly Plans to India brings good news to its customers who call India on a regular basis: now Monthly Plans can be purchased using PayPal, in addition to credit or debit cards.
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American Consumer Credit Counseling Celebrates 529 Day by Offering Five Useful Tips on How to Save for College
529 savings plans, budgeting and limiting credit card debt are a few smart ways to save for college in honor of 529 College Savings Day.
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Tom Coletta Joins Axiom Bank as Commercial Relationship Manager
Michael Farrell, President of Axiom Bank, announced that Tom Coletta has joined the bank as a Commercial Relationship Manager.
Publication Date: May 12, 2015

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In response to the growth of tourism in Asian cities highlighted by CNN in an article published June 3rd, foreign currency specialist Thomas Exchange Global advises travellers on how to make the most of their money by finding the best exchange rates for Asian currencies
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EPS Financial, a low-cost leader in the payment services industry, has released the EPS Payroll Card platform designed for small-to-medium sized business payroll providers. With this program you will reduce payroll costs, increase processing efficiency and build employee loyalty all at the same time.
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Acculynks Municipal Payments Solution Division to Attend Annual GMA Convention
Acculynks PayGOV is looking to Showcase Its Unique Debit Solution at the Georgia Municipal Association on June 26th-June 29th
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Electronic Payments Places Itself among The Nilson Reports Top Merchant Acquirers in the U.S. for the Third Consecutive Year
Electronic Payments, national leader in payment technologies and services, announced that it has been named to The Nilson Reports 2014 list of Top Merchant Acquirers in the U.S. for its third consecutive year.
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International cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange platform 247exchange, managed by InterMoney Exchange, and its partner MoneyPolo payment system proudly announce the brand new method of buying and selling Bitcoin instantly via money transfers.
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