December 14, 2017

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What to do When Your Credit Is Bad

Many consumers assume and hope they are in good financial shape until they go to make a major purchase and are declined. Whether you were aware of your credit issues or were just recently informed, the only way out of a bad credit situation is to take action. Below are some steps to improving your credit score. Remember there's no quick fix available.

Take a Look
Order a credit report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion - the three credit reporting agencies. Take a look at what each report says about you. Closely look over your credit reports and see what errors exist. Common errors include incorrect account information that is not yours, payments reported late in error, aged items that should be removed, missing details and more. Itís free to dispute errors and is your legal right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You can make disputes online, over the phone and via mail. Experts advise following these rules when disputing credit items:

  • Don't dispute several items at once. Only report one dispute per letter, call or online submission. If you attempt several at once the credit agency may automatically assume they are not valid and will disregard.
  • If you are looking for the easiest method of disputing your credit reporting the online route is the fastest but will require you keep good notes.
  • When you do submit your dispute (mail, phone, online) you have to include a copy of the actual credit report item. Highlight which entry you're referring to so that you're effort is not wasted. If a credit agency is confused in any way they will return as such and you have to start the process over.

Get Help
Feeling overwhelmed or know you don't have the time to manage such a detailed project? Several credit repair companies exist today that are relatively affordable, are experts in this field and do a great job of managing the process for you. Many companies can also give you advice to start making smart financial decisions that positively impact your credit score.

Use a Prepaid Credit Card
If you've lost the use of your credit card you can still have the same convenience of a Visa or MasterCard by using a prepaid credit card. Prepaid credit cards are purchased and loaded with the available balance you'll have access to spend. Be sure and identify what fees are accessed with your prepaid card and how future balances may be loaded for your convenience.

In summary, if you have damaged credit the only way out is to take immediate action. Investigate the damage, fight the inaccuracies and get help if needed. A prepaid credit card will help get you through until your credit score improves.

Best Credit Cards to Rebuild Credit

Prepaid cards are another great option for those with poor credit, although they won't help improve your credit like secured cards do because prepaid cards act like a debit card, requiring you to deposit the amount you wish to spend ahead of time.

Published:  Tue, 12 Dec 2017 16:50:00 GMT

What Cards/Payment Types Are Accepted Through Square

Prepaid cards must be registered to be compatible with manual ... Most cards have information on how to register them on the back of the card. Can You Charge Your Own Credit Card with Square Readers who are familiar with the value in credit card sign ...

Published:  Thu, 30 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMT

ECG to review distribution of cards after prepaid troubles

... reviewing the distribution process of its reactivated prepaid vending cards for customers after a server malfunction left hundreds of customer unable to purchase prepaid credit. According to the company, the review will help reduce congestion at its ...

Published:  Sun, 10 Dec 2017 18:44:00 GMT

Using a prepaid Visa card - Cross post - Puerto Vallarta Forum

My Debit/Visa card won't work to hold my hotel, I am using my boss's credit card with him signing an authorization. I don't want his card to be charged, I will be using a prepaid visa card to pay for the hotel but I do understand they require a "real ...

Published:  Wed, 06 Dec 2017 10:58:00 GMT

Protecting your credit card from fraud during holiday shopping

Those include: contacting your bank and checking to see if you can get a specific credit card just for online purchases. You could also use a prepaid debit card at places that you might have some concern. And make sure you monitor your statements even ...

Published:  Mon, 11 Dec 2017 14:38:00 GMT

120 Days in the Life of a Secured Credit Card

A secured card can help. Instead of a loading a prepaid card, a secured card with a national issuer can help establish credit. It is not a free ride, however. You must still pay your bills or this becomes a costly proposition. A quick look at what ca ...

Published:  Fri, 08 Dec 2017 09:12:00 GMT

Guilty pleas entered in Louisa County credit card 'skimming' case

in an effort to mask the purchase of several thousands of dollars of prepaid credit cards. The prepaid cards were then taken back to Miami and sold for approximately 80 percent of face value." At the time of the arrests, the Sheriff's Office said the ...

Published:  Fri, 01 Dec 2017 08:48:00 GMT

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