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Rewards Programs Credit Cards
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Imagine pulling out your rewards program credit card at the grocery store and restaurants, and receiving points that turn into a dream destination vacation. The purpose of a rewards program credit card is to earn points that can be redeemed for a number of different benefits.

Many people have found that this is a great way to afford concert tickets, lavish vacations, and electronics that they couldn't otherwise fit into their budget. In addition, reward program credit cards have become increasingly more flexible over time. In fact, many reward program credit cards compete with each other for your business, and as a result provide flexible reward points that are easy to work with.

When looking for a rewards program credit card, there are a number of factors you should consider. Some of these include:

  • Annual fees. Many rewards program credit cards charge no annual fees.
  • Interest rates. You need to consider what the annual APR is with any rewards program credit card that you consider. If you plan paying off your credit card every month, then the interest rate is less important.
  • Penalties. Rewards program credit cards make money when your payment is late or when you go over the credit limit. You need to understand any penalties that exist. has reviewed and ranked the best rewards program credit cards available today. We hope these reviews help you start earning valuable benefits right away!

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Rewards Programs Credit Card Reviews

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USAA Active Military MasterCard® Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

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USAA Cash Rewards® Visa®

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USAA Rewards™ Visa®

USAA Rewards™ Visa®

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USAA Rewards™ American Express® Card

USAA Rewards™ American Express® Card

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Choosing the Best Credit Card Rewards Program

For consumers that use a credit card for a lot of purchases, choosing the right credit card rewards program is very important.

Typically, credit card reward programs fall into one of three categories:

  1. Credit cards that reward users for everyday purchases (cash back rewards, airline miles, store gift cards and or other items)
  2. Credit cards with sign-up bonuses
  3. Credit cards that include benefits when you use them (for example, a 5% discount every time you shop at a specific store, free checked bags, and so on)

The first thing you should consider is what is your reward goal? Would cash back be the best? Are you planning on using a rewards program to travel? Knowing what you want out of a card is a good place to start.

It is important to continually evaluate your current credit card and your current spending habits. As your life circumstances fluctuate and credit card offers change, you may find there is different credit card rewards program that fits your lifestyle better than your current card. Though it is not advisable to switch credit cards frequently, taking a good look every few years at your spending habits and comparing your credit card rewards program to others is recommended. For example, a frequent flyer rewards program would benefit a traveler, but if their life circumstances change and they are not traveling frequently, they may find a card better suited for them. Another example would be if your income changes and you need a card with a lower interest rate or a card with a different type of rewards program. A general rewards card (cash back, gift cards etc.) is best for someone that does not travel often. If you like to travel, taking advantage with a card that offers airline miles can be a great option.

It's also advisable to limit yourself on the amount of credit rewards cards you use. Once you find a card that suits you best, fully take advantage of the rewards it offers. Most research shows that credit cards with reward programs increase spending. If you have too many cards you may be tempted to spend more than you can afford, making your rewards less than the interest you are spending. Interest rates are usually higher with credit cards that feature rewards program. Do not be scared off by higher interest rates or annual fees, as these can often come with better rewards. However, take the time to read the fine print and compare the reward programs of these cards. For those that are disciplined and pay the credit card off in full each month, they do not need to worry about the interest rates and there is little to no extra cost to receive their rewards.

Research how your rewards are redeemed before signing up for a credit card rewards program. No one should have to go to great lengths to redeem their rewards nor find out that rewards earned have expired. A best credit card rewards program should cost you the least amount of money, while offering the largest amount of benefits.




Points President Christopher Barnard Named One of 100 Most Influential Leaders in FinTech
Barnard joins the ranks of leaders from Google, Apple, Amazon, Alipay, Paypal and Visa in the HotTopics FinTech100.
Publication Date: August 18, 2015

Upcoming Webinar Explores How Credit Unions Can Build More Competitive Credit Card Programs
Callahan & Associates, in partnership with TRK Advisors Inc., will review the history of credit card loyalty programs and the value expected by card holders in todays competitive marketplace at the next 2015 Credit Card Management School webinar. Sponsored by CO-OP Financial Services, the webinar will take place on Thursday, June 4, at 2 p.m. ET.
Publication Date: June 04, 2015

Digital Dining Announces New Mobile Payment Capability Powered by MyCheck
Fully Integrated DDpay App for Full Service and Quick Service Restaurants Enables Payment, Online Ordering and Loyalty for Enhanced Merchant Operations and a Wow Guest ExperienceDemonstration Available at the National Restaurant Show Booth 3001
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CSI globalVCard and Jonas Construction Software Partner to Bring Leading Electronic Payment Solution to the Construction Industry
Jonas Construction Softwares 1,300 customers will benefit from the ability to pay suppliers through globalVCards highly secure electronic payment system, helping them to reduce costs and earn new revenue.
Publication Date: June 23, 2015

High School Students Design Texas Trust Debit Cards for DeSoto and Cedar Hill High Schools
Students' artwork to be featured on Texas Trust Credit Union Spirit Debit Reward Cards
Publication Date: June 18, 2015

Qualified Intermediary Capital Advisors New Referral Broker Rebate Program Rewards Clients up to $500 on Their Next 1031 Exchange
Qualified Intermediary Capital Advisors has launched a new Referral Broker Rebate Program that rewards clients up to $500, when they use one of the companys preferred realtors to find and purchase their next 1031 Exchange.
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National Debt Relief Shares the Best Expenses To Put on a Credit Card
National Debt Relief recently shared, in an article published July 27, 2015, some tips to know the best expenses to put on a card. The article titled What You Should And Shouldnt Put On Your Credit Cards aims to help consumers pick out the costs which they can pay using their cards to be able to take advantage of the various rewards programs of lenders.
Publication Date: August 03, 2015

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Wallaby Financial taps Peak Hosting's technical operations staff to pass PCI certification on first attempt.
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A record number of 3.2 million frequent travelers from around the globe voted in this years Freddie Awards.
Publication Date: April 30, 2015

Cedar Hill ISD Honors Texas Trust Credit Union with Community Partner Award
Cedar Hill ISD has received more than $200,000 from Texas Trust Credit Union in the past few years.
Publication Date: June 01, 2015 Announces 2015 Travel Rewards Credit Card Analysis
New study reveals an in-depth overview of the best travel rewards credit cards for consumers
Publication Date: May 21, 2015

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CSI globalVCard and ReactorNet Integration Enhances EPRO Procure-to-Pay Platform
The addition of CSIs globalVCard electronic payment system provides ReactorNet customers with a complete end-to-end solution that automates the entire procure-to-pay process
Publication Date: July 28, 2015

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