July 22, 2017

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Dental Insurance Pros and Cons

There was a time when a good, comprehensive healthcare package offered through an employer included not only healthcare coverage, but also dental coverage. Times are changing, and more employers are eliminating dental coverage as part of an effort to reduce healthcare costs.

At the same time, the cost for annual dental care is on the rise, with a routine dental visit Ė which includes an examination and cleaning Ė costing anywhere from $100 to $200, depending on location. Add in x-rays, fillings for cavities and the occasional (and dreaded) root canal, and an individual can leave a dentistís office owing well over $500 for services rendered.

Thankfully, there is the option of dental insurance. Most plans, which cost anywhere from $7 to $50 a month, cover preventative oral healthcare procedures, as well as providing partial reimbursement for other dental procedures such as cavity fillings and diagnostic services.

How do you know if dental insurance is right for you?

First consider how much you spend on dental care annually. If you are spending more than $1,500 to provide dental services to yourself and your family, then it may be time to consider dental insurance. If you have ongoing dental issues, such as receding gum lines, then dental insurance is probably a good deal to help offset any future costs.

Letís discuss in full detail the pros and cons of having dental insurance.

First, letís talk about the pros of having dental insurance.

  • Preventative Care Coverage. Most dental plans that are worth their salt will cover at least two annual exams and cleaning per year. For most people, that is all the care they require beyond the occasional cavity filling. If you are one of those people who have a generally healthy mouth, you will want to calculate the cost of paying for out-of-pocket care annually, versus the monthly or yearly premium for your dental insurance plan. Some plans only provide coverage at 80 or 90 percent, even once a deductible has been met. Other plans have co-pays in addition to premiums. Add up all of those costs to determine if you would save any money with dental insurance or if it is best to keep paying on your own as services are needed.
  • Children. If you have children in your household who are not insured through you or your spouseís employer, dental insurance can be a lifesaver. Children are more prone to cavities and other dental issues as they continue to shed their baby teeth and make way for the permanent set. Most dental plans which cover children will provide two to three exams and cleanings per year, as well as cover the cost of dental sealants, which are designed to help prevent tooth decay. Children also are more prone to the kinds of accidents which can damage their teeth, making them prime candidates for dental insurance.

Now letís discuss some of the cons of dental insurance.

  • Pre-existing condition coverage. Like healthcare insurance, most dental plans do not cover pre-existing dental conditions. So if you have a cavity now, and decide to purchase dental insurance to help cover the costs of fixing it, you will be out of luck. Most dental insurers require an individual to receive a full dental check up prior to being insured. Any dental issues noted at the time of that exam will be considered exclusionary from the dental insurance plan. This is perhaps the biggest disadvantage to any dental insurance plan.
  • Cosmetic procedures. You will be hard-pressed to find a dental insurance plan which covers what are considered to be cosmetic procedures. These include dentures, orthodontics and teeth-whitening procedures. If any of these items are part of your routine dental care, then dental insurance will not cover the cost and likely will be a waste of your money.

Free dental care event for those without insurance

The Greater Killeen Free Clinic and its community partners hosted "Day of Smiles,"Ě a communitywide dental day, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, July 21, 2017, for those 18 and older who do not have dental insurance. The event was at Killeen Dental Health ...

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Dental Benefits Are Often Misunderstood, Underused

One in 4 employees who have dental insurance say they haven't been to the dentist in the past 12 months for regular checkups and routine cleanings due to cost, a new study shows. This indicates that employees may lack adequate understanding about their ...

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Non-profit offers day of free dental services in Grand Rapids

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AG reviewing Delta Dental spin off

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New Aspen Dental Office Opening In Festus Makes Access To Care Easier In Missouri

and acceptance of most dental insurance. Together, Aspen Dental practices cared for more than 1.5 million patients in 2016. To learn more about how Aspen Dental practices make it simply easier for patients to get the care they need, visit

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The Surprising Cost of Dental Implants, and the "Upselling"Ě Chain

Maybe they figure you won't notice the Salami Technique on your wallet"¶ The first step was that CAT scan I'd already done - $250 and dental insurance doesn't cover it. The second step is the extraction, covered by insurance. Now you might think $ ...

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Becoming a dental professional: 24 hours at Anaheim meeting

She has two years' experience in dental reception and dental insurance verification. We met through the dental hygiene program at Oxnard College. With so many similarities, we quickly became great friends. Our CDA/CDHA journey began with a three-hour car ...

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Greenwood Family Dentistry offers Discount Dental Plan

The Discount Dental Plan from Greenwood Family Dentistry is the perfect alternative to dental insurance and offers families a fantastic discount on dental care that keeps patients smiling. For one low fee of $240-regularly $400-the Discount Dental Plan ...

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Americans cross the border for affordable dental care

Medicare has never included routine dental coverage. "I'm on Medicare, and I can't afford dental insurance,"Ě retiree Jennifer Ure told Stanton, her voice choked with emotion. "I just can't afford to pay."Ě Other patients, however, seemingly ...

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