August 30, 2016
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DUI Lawyers
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Unfortunately, many people are charged with a DUI or DWI every day. If you've recently been charged with a DUI or a similar offense, you may be struggling to find a lawyer that you feel comfortable with.

Whether the charges were filed near your home or thousands of miles away, locating a DUI lawyer that is professional and capable can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are online services can help direct you to good, quality DUI legal assistance. This means you can find the appropriate legal counsel quickly and efficiently to make sure you're properly represented before your court dates approach.

But not all lawyer locator services are the same. When looking for DUI assistance, you'll want to look for a service with the following characteristics:

  • Database. How large and abundant is their list of DUI lawyers and other specialists? You'll want a company that maintains current lists of qualified attorneys from across the US to help with your legal matters.
  • Best DUI Lawyers
  • Website functionality. How easy is it to maneuver their website? Is their DUI lawyer service professional and informative?
  • Process. What is the process of locating a DUI lawyer? Do you enter information about your case online, talk to a customer service representative, or wait for someone to call you back? has reviewed and ranked the best DUI Lawyer services. We hope these reviews help you find the quality legal assistance you need!


DUI Lawyer Reviews

5 stars
Attorneys Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

If you're looking for DUI legal assistance, Attorneys is a great website to use. You can quickly find DUI lawyers from across the country with the right expertise to assist with your particular case. Their easy to use website and large database of attorneys make them our hands-down #1 choice.
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3.5 stars
Lawyer's Guide


The Lawyers Guide website doesn't have a professional feel, but the website is very easy to use. They list experienced DUI lawyers from multiple cities across the US.
Read More... Visit

2 stars
Legal Match


Legal Match misses the mark by requiring too much private information and requires you wait longer than other companies for your matches. We recommend you choose a higher ranked company for your next DUI lawyer.
Read More... Visit

Snapshot Report On Online Reputation Of Civil Rights Lawyer Now Available

August 01, 2016 - Snapshot Report On Online Reputation Of DUI Lawyers Now Available July 25, 2016 - Marketing Company Introduces Bankruptcy Lawyer Snapshot Report On Online Reputation July 08, 2016 - Marketing Company Introduces Landscape Contracting ...

Published:  Thu, 18 Aug 2016 01:00:00 GMT

CIALIS NO PRESCRIPTION - Buy Cialis Cheap Canada

Buy Cialis Cheap Canada. Los Angeles DUI Lawyers Kraut Law Group Home Home Attorneys Michael E.Marlene- I had the same problem down in Florida but was able to get the grass under control after some work. Kind, warm, and genuinely interested, he recognized ...

Published:  Wed, 17 Aug 2016 08:50:00 GMT

DUI Lawyers

How do you choose the best DUI Lawyers? What are the key questions you need to ask a lawyer when you have a drunk driving accident or incident? When you're looking to be represented by a lawyer to represent you for a driving under the influence (DUI ...

Published:  Wed, 25 Feb 2015 07:17:01 GMT

Dui lawyers attornys

1. DUI Lawyers || DUI Attorneys

  • What is DUI - Lawyer?
  • Need Of DUI Lawyers?
  • DUI Defense Strategies?
2. What is DUI - Lawyers? DUI Is acronym of the word Driving Under Influence and is the act of ...

Published:  Sun, 10 Jul 2011 17:00:00 GMT

Phoenix DUI Lawyers at Corso Law Group Warn of Increased DUI Arrests During Fourth of July Weekend

Phoenix DUI Lawyers at Corso Law Group expect increased DUI patrols and alcohol-related accidents over the Fourth of July weekend. Phoenix residents can expect increased DUI patrols and alcohol-related accidents over the Fourth of July weekend according to ...

Published:  Mon, 04 Jul 2016 08:29:41 GMT

DUI lawyers and attorneys in Phoenix represent you at DUI arrests!

Drinking and driving is a serious offence anywhere in the world and with Arizona it's the strictest of crimes recognized. Drinking and driving brings the life of many innocents into jeopardy and in many nations there are no serious rules to catch the ...

Published:  Thu, 21 Jul 2016 17:00:00 GMT

DUI Lawyers See Google Local "Pack"Ě Search Results Return in March 2015

If you are a DUI lawyer or attorney looking to rank better in Google search reach out to me at as I have several monthly packages that can help you gain clients through Google search traffic. Well, there haven't been many algorithm ...

Published:  Sun, 22 Mar 2015 17:00:00 GMT

Phoenix DUI Lawyers at Corso Law Group Warn of Increased DUI Arrests During Fourth of July Weekend

Phoenix residents can expect increased DUI patrols and alcohol-related accidents over the Fourth of July weekend according to the Phoenix DUI lawyers at Corso Law Group. During Fourth of July weekend in Arizona last year, more than 1,800 officers made a ...

Published:  Sun, 03 Jul 2016 17:00:00 GMT

DUI Lawyers Now Proudly Serving Montgomery County, PA

The Dram DUI Lawyers are now proudly serving those who have been arrested for drunk driving in Montgomery County, PA. July 26, 2016 /MM-prReach/ - Being arrested for driving under the influence is no small thing and can have serious consequences.

Published:  Tue, 26 Jul 2016 04:58:00 GMT




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