February 24, 2017
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Although over 34 million Americans suffer from symptoms of eczema every day, scientists still don't know what causes it. Many experts think eczema occurs through an inherited tendency for the disease, and then is "triggered" by stress or other external factors.

Relieve Your Eczema With Skin-E-Care Today! Eczema usually causes the affected skin area to become very dry, itchy, red, and swollen. Sometimes the skin becomes cracked, crusty, scaly, and can even start to bleed. Always, the condition is irritating, frustrating, and embarrassing.

When looking at different eczema products, you want to consider a few factors. Some of these include:

  • Effectiveness. There are many claims on the market for eczema relief. Does the eczema product work as advertised?
  • Best Eczema Relief
  • Safety. Is the eczema product safe? Can it be used with children and infants? Are the product's contents listed?
  • Cost. Product costs can vary widely. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. Is the eczema product worth the money? has reviewed and ranked the best eczema products available today. We hope this information helps you find relief from the eczema that you're suffering from!


Eczema Product Reviews

5 stars
Skin E Dip

SKIN E DIP Visit Site


$44.00 Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award The company Skin-e-Care offers products for several different skin problems. The product offered for eczema is called Skin-e-Dip. It is a topical cream that is applied twice a day. Skin-e-Dip eases the itching and burning of eczema immediately upon contact to provide relief.

Ongoing use of Skin-e-Dip virtually eliminates flaking, scaling, and cracked skin. In addition to providing immediate comfort, the skin becomes smooth and supple, regaining its elasticity. The built-in moisturizing elements leave skin with a vibrant, healthy appearance.

Skin-e-Dip does not contain Lanolin, Cortisone, Preservatives, Tar, Steroids, or Antibiotics that can be harmful or cause allergic reactions. It is safe to use with children, even in the most sensitive of areas.

Skin-e-Dip comes in 4 different sizes: a 1 oz for $16.00, a 4 oz for $24.00, two 2 oz for $28.00 and an 8 oz for $42.00. The first two ingredients listed are Benzoin and Ethyl Alcohol. Shipping costs and times are pretty standard. Skin-e-Dip can also be purchased in pharmacies in the US and Canada, although you should expect to pay more than you would online.

We were very pleased to discover that Skin-e-Dip comes with a very generous return policy. If you're not completely satisfied with the product for any reason, you can return it within 30 days for a 100% money-back refund. This is the kind of customer service that sets quality companies apart.

We found the Skin-e-Care website to be very easy to use, with good solid information on their product and the effects of eczema. With a very effective product, an acknowledged 10-year history of success, and a very satisfied customer base, Skin-e-Dip earns our highest ranking.

Visit Site

4 stars
Healing Natural Oils



$29.95 - 11 ml

$69.95 - 33 ml

Healing Natural Oils is a California based homeopathic solution company that has been in business since 2001. They promise to provide solutions to many common ailments with products that use only the finest natural ingredients. Healing Natural Oils manufactures all of their products within the United States, and promises never to use any pesticides, herbicides or synthetic chemicals. They also do not engage in any animal testing, and none of their products contain any animal products so they are ethical about their manufacturing process.

Healing Natural Oils offers natural products that treat a host of various ailments. From insomnia, to acne to varicose veins, Healing Natural Oils has a huge selection of products for lots of common problems. This review will focus on their treatment for eczema.

The active ingredients in the Healing Natural Oils eczema treatment are Anacardium orientale and Iris versicolor. The formula is applied directly to the areas of the skin that are affected by the eczema and lightly rubbed in. The formula works quickly to relieve the symptoms of eczema such as dryness and itchiness, but may take a little longer to reduce the visible appearance of the eczema. With extended use the product will soothe the skin, reduce dryness, and help reduce future outbreaks of eczema. The length of time the product takes to work will vary based on each individual and also on the severity of the eczema being treated.

Customer reports are very positive with nearly all user reviews claiming significant relief from the dry, itchy effects of eczema. Uses of the Natural Healing Oils eczema formula report success treating stubborn patches of eczema on their arms, legs and face, and several users report success using this product to treat their children. The eczema formula is gentle enough for young skin.

Healing Natural Oils extends a 90-day money back guarantee to all customers for any of their products. If consumer is not happy with the results they receive after using a Healing Natural Oils product they can return any unused portion of the product with the original receipt to receive a full refund. Additionally, the Better Business Bureau awarded Healing Natural Oils with their highest ranking; an A+. This is always a nice thing to see when you are reviewing the reputation of a company and should lend itself to high consumer confidence.

Our only concern was the cost. The $69.95 for a 1.12 fluid ounce bottle is quite a bit more expensive that some of the other eczema treatments we have reviewed. However Healing Natural Oils has an excellent reputation, positive user reviews and a great money back guarantee, so we can recommend trying the Healing Natural Oils eczema solution for anyone suffering with eczema.

Visit Site

3.5 stars
Zenmed Dermcare




Zenmed offers several different products for a variety of skin disorders. The Zenmed DermCare system is used for the relief of eczema. This system consists of an all-natural lotion and cleanser. The two main ingredients are de-ionized water and sweet almond oil. These products can safely be used on adults and children.

This site is fairly easy to use. An individual can request a catalog of all Zenmed products, view their account, and use their virtual cart for shopping. The site offers a great deal of information on the different types and causes of eczema. There is also a testimonial page, with many happy customers.

The Zenmed DermCare system offers a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 60 days. The customer has a choice of ordering the system, which consists of the lotion and cleanser for $44.95 or ordering the products separately. The cleanser sells for $19.95 and the lotion for $29.95. Most orders arrive in 3-5 business days.

Visit Site

3 stars
Biogetica Eczema Formulas



From $39 to $75

The Biogetica Company offers a variety of products for many different ailments. This site has everything from weight loss to dental problems.

Biogetica offers five different products for the relief of eczema:

  • Dry Eczema Essentials Kit ($75). Targeted for eczema that causes persistent itching and flaking. The ingredients have natural antimicrobial, immunity enhancing, and antioxidant properties. They teach your immune system to stop being hypersensitive, and quickly relieve the symptoms of thickening and itching of the skin.
  • Wet Eczema Essentials Kit ($75). Focused on eczema where there is a lot of oozing along with itching. This formula quickly dries up the fluid oozing of skin lesions, and stops the itching.
  • Freedom From Dry Eczema Kit ($55). Handles cases of eczema that does not have discharge. The ingredients relieve the symptoms of dry eczema, remove any silvery scales on your skin, and address the different causes of eczema.
  • Freedom From Wet Eczema Kit ($55). Focuses on "wet" eczema, where there is oozing and itching. This formula stops the oozing of fluid immediately, and halts the itching and burning of your skin.
  • Skin Liquescence ($39). Provides relief from mild wet or dry eczema symptoms.

The Biogetica Company offers a 120-day money back customer satisfaction guarantee. They also offer a lowest price guarantee within 30 days of purchase - refunding 100% of the difference.

The site is very easy to navigate and even though there is a great deal of information on many ailments, we were able to easily find information on eczema. The site has a lot of extras including flash presentations on healing.

Biogetica's main goal is for the customer to become "one with the universe and connect to their higher spirit". A great deal of the web site is devoted to the "universe" and our place within it. This site would appeal to a customer who appreciates all-natural homeopathic products.

Visit Site

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Ways To Keep Eczema From Making Life Miserable

The skin condition itself can feel quite miserable due to the redness and inflame your skin. Read on and find out the help you need to know. When buying sunscreen, focus on those that are PABA-free. This ingredient can cause problems for eczema sufferers.

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Instagram star proudly displays her eczema to make a point about social media

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Eczema May Leave Some Flu Shots Less Effective, Study Finds

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DIY Eczema Relief Cream

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