October 22, 2016
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Fruit Baskets
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Are you having a tough time finding a gift that will surprise and delight your relatives or customers? Tired of sending the same old chocolates or candy, and worried your gift won't be appreciated to it's fullest? Fruit Baskets are a great way to send your warm wishes in a fun, healthy, beautiful package.

Get Your Fruit Basket at The Fruit Company Today! With the advent of the internet, there are a number of fruit basket companies you can order from. The best ones use only the freshest fruit, and carefully ship their fruit baskets to ensure they are delivered in top condition.

The best tasting and looking fruit must be of the freshest quality. Fruit that changes hands several times over has the tendency to lose its freshness and thus show up on a doorstep at a more mature state. Therefore you want a company that ships their product straight from the orchard as quickly as possible.

When looking for the best fruit basket provider you should consider a number of factors before making your decision. These factors include:

  • Where does the fruit come from. Is the origination of the fruit known? Will you be sending the freshest fruit straight from the orchard or after it has changed hands several times?
  • Best Fruit Baskets
  • Selection. Will you have a number of choices that vary in size and price to find exactly what you're looking for?
  • Cost. How do the fruit baskets compare from one shop to another for the money? has reviewed and ranked the best Fruit Basket companies available today. We hope these reviews help you find the best fruit basket for your gift giving needs!


Fruit Basket Reviews

5 stars
The Fruit Company

THE FRUIT Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

If you are looking for a beautiful fruit basket with wonderful quality fruit sent direct from the orchard, then The Fruit Company should be your only stop. We were impressed with both the selection and beauty of the fruit baskets as well as the commitment to customer service. The Fruit Company stands out above the rest. Read More... Visit

4 stars
Golden State Fruit


The Golden State Fruit company provides fruit baskets with fruit grown in California. The selection is less bountiful but the quality is nice. The fruit baskets are average to above average in beauty. The Golden State Fruit company stands behind their product. Read More... Visit

3.5 stars
Gift Tree


While fruit is not their expertise, gift baskets are at Gift Tree. Anticipate a large variety of gift basket options and approximately 22 fruit baskets to review. Like flower delivery, fruit baskets are made at a local shop dependant on the destination of your delivery. The origin of the fruit selected for the fruit baskets is unknown.
Read More... Visit

3.5 stars
Gift Baskets


Gift Baskets provides just that, a number of different gift baskets - some of which involve fruit. They offer approximately 30 different fruit baskets for you to consider and they are made by outside providers. The return policy is ambiguous with vague promises leaving the shopper unsure of what may result in their purchase. Read More... Visit

3 stars
Edible Gifts Plus


Edible Gifts Plus offers several different edible treats such as fun giant fortune cookies, brownies, cookie bouquets, message candy, fruit baskets and more. However, the selection of fruit baskets is limited with only 20 to select from. Our initial impression of those baskets was "homemade" - and not always in a good way.
Read More... Visit

3 stars
Gourmet Gift Baskets


Gourmet Gift Baskets is a busy site that offers a number of various gift baskets with some creative and attractive options. However, the fruit basket selection is limited and no guarantee of freshness or willingness to work with the customer if not satisfied. Read More... Visit

3 stars
Stew Leonard's Gift Baskets


Stew Leonard's Gift Baskets is a small shop with small selection. Fruit comes from family orchards which puts the customer at ease but finding an attractive fruit basket is a challenge at this site. Read More... Visit

2.5 stars
All About Gifts and Baskets


Fruit seems to be an after thought at All About Gifts and Baskets. Many of the offerings have a Christmas theme and are less attractive. If you are looking for a beautiful, high quality fruit basket, we suggest you shop elsewhere. Read More... Visit

2 stars
Design It Yourself Gifts and Baskets


Design it Yourself Gift and Baskets doesn't put much effort in fruit baskets. They provide a handful of unattractive fruit baskets - none of which you can design yourself. Too little emphasis on quality fruit and attractive fruit baskets at this site. Read More... Visit

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Get Your Fruit Basket Today at The Fruit Company!

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