July 30, 2015
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Fruit Clubs
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Delicious, high quality fruit is not readily available in most grocery stores in the United States. That's just one reason why a fruit club membership is a great gift idea for anyone that enjoys the great taste of fruit. Receiving delicious, fresh fruit that is juicy and sweet, month after month, is an excellent way to send your love or appreciation.

Get Your Fruit Club with Golden State Fruit Today! But where do you find wonderful fruit to send as a gift each month? Several online companies exist that specialize in fruit deliveries and monthly gift orders that are sent on time and as promised. Many of these companies use only the freshest fruit and some even deliver straight from the orchard.

When looking for the best fruit club provider, you need to consider a number of important factors before making your decision. These include:

  • Club Flexibility. Will you be able to choose the fruit club length and frequency that meets your needs and fits into your budget?
  • Cost. How does the fruit club cost compare with other fruit clubs? How much fruit is included in each delivery?
  • Shipping. What shipping charges are included if any with each fruit club you consider? has reviewed and ranked the best Fruit Clubs available today. We hope these reviews help you find the best fruit club for your gift giving needs!

Disclosure: We pay our reviewers for their reviews. We are not compensated by companies for their reviews, but we are compensated for links and advertisements on our website. Click here for details.


Fruit Club Reviews

5 stars
Golden State Fruit



From $22.95 to $349.95 Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Golden State Fruit started business over 50 years ago with the mission to deliver fresh California grown fruit to their customers. If fresh, delicious fruit is what you're looking for, Golden State Fruit is an excellent choice.

Golden State Fruit provides fruit from their own orchards in California as well as fruit from other locally grown orchards. Their fruit club memberships come in three different tiers.

Fruit Club Options:

Golden State DeLite

  • 2 to 3 lbs of fruit each month
  • Select the delivery date
  • Choose between 2 fruits each month
  • Select 1 to 12 months duration

Golden State Premium

  • 2 to 4.5 lbs of fruit each month
  • Choose between 3 fruits each month
  • Select the delivery date
  • Select 1 to 12 months duration

Golden State Organic Fruit and Snacks

  • 2 to 5 lbs of fruit and snacks each month
  • Choose between a fruit or fruit and snack combination each month
  • Select the delivery date
  • Select 1 to 12 months duration

Shipping is free at Golden State Fruit. A one month membership starts as low as $22.95, or you can select up to 12 months of deliveries. The more months you select at Golden State Fruit, the cheaper the per-month cost is. All fruit deliveries and products are guaranteed.

Golden State Fruit hits the mark with three wonderful fruit club options to meet anyone's needs and budget. You can choose the duration and frequency you need with any of the club memberships. You'll find an excellent value and delicious fruit at Golden State Fruit. They earn our highest rating.

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4.5 stars
The Fruit Company



From $69.95 to $434.95

The Fruit Company started business in 1942 to supply Oregon grown fruit all over the US. Given their years in business and dedication to a quality product, The Fruit Company are experts and their selection of quality, delicious fruit is impressive.

We were excited that the fruit experts would be handling our club purchase. They offer 4 different club memberships to meet the needs of any fruit lover. Most fruit is picked directly from their orchards in Oregon and shipped fast and fresh to your doorstep.

Fruit Club Options:


  • 2.4 - 6.2 lbs of fruit each month based on the club you choose
  • Predetermined list of fruits including local favorites such as apples, oranges, pineapple and more
  • Select 3, 6 or 12 month duration


  • 2.5 - 5 lbs of fruit each month based on the size of the club you choose
  • Predetermined list of exotic fruits including baby pineapple, feijoas, kumquats, passion fruit and more
  • Select 3, 6 or 12 month duration


  • 2.4 - 6.3 lbs of fruit each month based on the size of the club you choose
  • Predetermined list of certified organic fruits each month including oranges, apples, mangos, pears and more
  • Select 3, 6 or 12 month duration


  • 2.4 - 6.5 lbs of fruit each month based on the club you choose
  • Predetermined list of fruits including local favorites such as apples, apricots, cherries, peaches and more
  • Select 3, 6 or 12 month duration
  • Delivered in a beautiful basket

This family-owned business stands behind their product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and no hassle refund policy. If, for any reason, you (or your gift recipient) are not completely satisfied with your gift, they'll replace it, exchange it, or offer a full refund or credit within 30 days of delivery date.

The Fruit Company is a strong contender when it comes to fruit clubs despite the slightly higher prices. With several different fruit club options, free shipping, a long history of quality products and service as well as a strong return policy consider The Fruit Company for your next fruit club purchase.

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4.5 stars
Clubs of America



From $35.95 to $406.40

Clubs of America provides monthly deliveries of wonderful fruits, cigars, wines, pizza, coffees and more each month. In business since 1994 Clubs of America has fine tuned and perfected the monthly delivery business. They spend an extensive number of hours selecting the most tasty, high quality fruit they can find for their deliveries. Clubs of America provides a 5 pound delivery of fruit each month with the most flexible delivery options available.

As a fruit club member you'll receive 2 different fruits around the 3rd or 4th week of each month. Selections are based on what is the ripest fruit available that month. Some of the prior deliveries have included Fuji Persimmons, Royal Tangelos, Comice Pomegranates, nectarines and more. Members can also count on a club newsletter called "Fruit Expeditions"to learn more about the fruit delivered.

We loved that Clubs of America allows you to choose between 1 and 12 months delivery and further at monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly,as you best see fit. Clubs of America also allows for monthly payments for your fruit club which is a great way to spread out the cost of the purchase.

Clubs of America provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products. Along with the most flexible club memberships, a payment plan option and an outstanding record of quality products delivered on time, Clubs of America is a great choice for your next fruit club purchase.

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4 stars
Amazing Clubs



From $101.85 to $383.40

Amazing Clubs has specialized in monthly gift giving since 2003. Choose from their long list of products including wine, coffee, dessert, dinner, fruit and more to meet any gift giving opportunity you may have. They have a history of consistently delivering good quality products on time and as expected.

Amazing Clubs spend significant time selecting their products each month and that includes the fruit they use in their month clubs. Most deliveries include 2 different varieties of fruit weighing 5 pounds. Their varieties of fruits delivered are based on what is in season and the most delicious. Some of those may include mangos, apples, pears, plums, papayas and more.

Beyond the freshest fruit Amazing Clubs provides free shopping and membership flexibility that caters to anyone's needs. Amazing Clubs offers one of the most flexible selection of gift frequency of any clubs reviewed. You may choose a duration of 3, 6, or 12 months. Furthermore, you can select whether you want the fruit to be delivered monthly or every other month. Membership costs are affordable given the consistent weight of the fruit and the free shipping.

Amazing Clubs also has a strong sense of customer service and has geared the company to making happy, repeat customers no matter the product you purchase. If you are wanting to send high quality, delicious desserts to a family member, friend or business contact, Amazing Clubs is a strong choice to consider.

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3.5 stars
Clubs Galore



From $110 to $425

Clubs Galore provides several options for all of your gift giving needs. The offer coffee, cookie, cheese, chocolate, fruit, beer, cake and many more club options. The fruit club provides a 5 pound delivery of fresh fruit each month from an Oregon orchard.

At Clubs Galore you can choose from a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month fruit club option. A nice feature at Clubs Galore is that each month includes 2 different fruits in each delivery which made the company stand out from those ranked lower. Another nice aspect of choose Clubs Galore is the option to send your fruit gift every month, every other month or every 3rd month. This allows the gift giver to be more in control of how long they want the gift to last.

The fruit selections are not based on what's available and are not predetermined to best understand what will be delivered. However, you can anticipate standard fair such as peaches, pineapple, cherries, blueberries and more.

The highlight of Clubs Galore includes the large 5 pound delivery of fruit each month that include 2 different fruit selections. The flexibility of choosing month, every other or quarterly deliveries of fruit. While the fruit selections are not known in advance, for some that may mean an exciting venture. Last thought, we were confused as to where the fruit consistently comes from as they state their own Oregon orchard but we wondered if they really grew pineapples and other fruit in non tropical environments.

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3.5 stars
Harry and David

HARRY & DAVID Visit Site


From $69.95 to $399.95

Harry & David is a popular website geared toward sending food as gifts. You'll see bakery items, prepared food, snacks, fruit and much more for sale on their website. Harry & David offers 6 different fruit clubs to meet your needs.

Your fruit club choices at Harry & David include a Signature, Light Size, Medley, Custom, Presidential, and Organic options. Most clubs deliver between 2 and 7 pounds of fresh fruit each month. While we checked out each different fruit club option we found that the Custom option was not available during the several days we researched Harry & David. The Signature, Light Size, Medley and Organic all include a predetermined schedule of fruit deliveries ranging across the board of apples, peaches, papayas, grapefruit and many more dependant on which club you choose.

Shipping is free at Harry & David and you may choose from a 3,6,9 or 12 month option. The price of the each club ran about middle of the road in comparison to other companies. We were a little concerned with the negatives reviews we read about Harry & David's fruit club. We found some reports of late deliveries and numerous fruit substitutions without notice.

Overall, Harry & David has been providing quality edible products for several years. Their club options were extensive, the frequency was less flexible. If you like the Harry & David name you might consider using them for your next fruit club membership.

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3 stars
Pro Flowers



From $84.99 to $399.97

Pro Flowers is well known across the nation due to a number of TV advertisements - especially during major holidays. You may not know that ProFlowers offers flowers, fruit, chocolate, baskets and more. Their monthly club memberships exists for both flowers and fruit.

The fruit club options are pretty straightforward at ProFlowers. The fruit is provided by Cherry Moon Farms, a California based company that sells to several other companies for distribution. Choose from a 3, 6 or 12 month club membership. The selection of fruit is predetermined with samples including Bosc Pears, Pixie Tangerines, Snow White Peaches and many more. The selection offers nice diversity and 2-3 pounds of fresh fruit each month. Shipping is free unless you want to choose what days the fruit arrives.

A nice feature with the fruit clubs at Pro Flowers is that they offer premium fruit options as well as organic fruit for a higher price. However, based on an average charge, Pro Flowers fruit club runs a little more costly than several companies ranked higher. The monthly delivery is quite a bit smaller per weight. On the upside, shipping is included if you go with their standard delivery schedule.

Pro Flowers fruit club will appeal to those that want an organic option and/or like the solid variety of fruit available throughout the year and don't mind paying more for their fruit. But, we would have liked to have seen more flexibility with their club options to better meet everyone's budgets.

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3 stars
Hale Groves



From $59.98 to $299.98

Hale Groves are located in the heart of Vero Beach, Florida also known as the Indian River citrus belt. The company started in 1946 by Steve Hale Jr and mainly specializes in citrus fruits such as tangelos, grape fruit, tangerines, clemintines and several varieties of oranges.

Hale Groves offers three different fruit club options. You may choose from there All Season club which includes 1.5-7.5 lbs of fruit delivered each month from a predetermined menu of one fruit. Fruit deliveries include oranges, honeybells, strawberries, peaches and more. The second fruit club is called the Citrus Lovers club which consists of grape fruits and oranges. The final fruit club option is called the Tropical Fruit club where fruit is delivered from a predetermined menu. Selections include tangelos, oranges, mangos, pineapple and more.

Each club has it's own frequency and duration rules. The All Season and Tropical Fruit are pretty straightforward with an 3, 6, 9 or 12 month option. Whereas the Citrus Lovers comes in a 3,4,5 or 8 month membership with a confusing selection of grapefruit or oranges. It was confusing because elsewhere the plan description included a preset list of fruit deliveries.

Unfortunately Hale Groves charges for shipping which raises the prices over the competition. They also have limited options when it comes to flexibility and when you want fruit delivered over many of the clubs.

Despite the confusing check out process with some of clubs we liked the shipping charges and limited club options even less. For those in search of an affordable fruit club membership we recommend you shop higher on our list of reviewed companies.

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