November 25, 2017

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Why Are Home Gyms So Popular?

There’s nothing worse than squeezing in time in your busy day for a good workout at the gym, only to find the gym so crowded that you cannot get in a good workout.

Tired of being subjected to listening to some guy prattle on and on about a topic you care nothing about because he happens to be using the equipment next to you?

How about the guy who seems to mistake the health club for the local pick-up joint, and relentlessly hits on you every time you show up to work out?

With a home gym, none of those scenarios would be an issue.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, three in every four Americans say exercise is important for good health. Sixty-two percent of people aged 18 to 29 believe that exercise is important. That number increases to 77 percent for those aged 30 to 39 and 81 percent for those in the 50 to 64 age group. However, fitting exercise into a busy schedule can be a challenge for any age group, which makes the option of a home gym even more attractive.

One of the biggest benefits of a home gym is convenience. With the exception of 24-hour fitness facilities, most health clubs have operating hours that may not fit into everyone’s schedules. With a home gym, an individual can exercise anytime it works for them for the length of time that is necessary.

Home gyms are also more cost conscious. While there is an initial investment in home equipment, it is an investment that will last for years. Gym memberships cost an average of $50 a month, which produces a $600 a year repeat cost. With under $2,000, most exercisers can stock their own home gyms with equipment adequate for achieving a decent workout. Unlike in a fitness center, where you have to use whatever equipment is available, in your own home gym, you can choose only the tools you’ll need to achieve your personal fitness goals.

Being able to work out at home also eliminates long drive times to a local facility. The average reported commute time to a health club is reported at 15 minutes one way. That’s 30 minutes round trip that could have been spent exercising.

Spending less time commuting to the gym is not the only time savings you’ll realize with a home gym. Because you won’t find yourself waiting to use equipment in the middle of a busy gym, you will be able to complete a workout sooner at home.

Another reason why home gyms are so popular is that they put the exerciser in charge of their own health, rather than soliciting advice from every Tom, Dick and Harry who passes by you in the gym. There are few things more irritating than the self-proclaimed expert on all things exercise-related, pestering you ad nauseam while trying to get in a good workout. With a home gym, you are in charge of the exercises you want to perform without interference from others.

No matter your reasons for having a home gym, do your research and select only the equipment you want and will use. It is the best way to maximize the money you spend on a home gym.

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