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      October 19, 2017

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Home Security in Mississippi

Mississippi MapHome security systems are increasing in popularity in Mississippi, as the state experiences a property crime rate higher than the national median. Mississippi residents face a 1 in 37 chance of becoming a victim of burglary, home invasion, or other property crime, and home security companies can easily help customers in the state to protect their homes, belongings, and most importantly, their loved ones.

A good home security system will have 24-hour monitoring of all sensors: windows, doors, and even smoke and fire detectors. Some packages even include remote technology, where customers can use their tablet, smartphone, or laptop to check on the status of their home; arm or disarm the system; turn lights on and off; and even lock and unlock doors. Mississippi residents who find themselves traveling for work or vacation have gotten a greater sense of security as they have been able to see for themselves, at any time they wish, that all is well back at home.

Renters too are improving their home security with wireless systems; with their ease of installation and flexible configuration, these systems allow renters to protect themselves even when such features are not provided by a landlord prior to occupancy.

Additionally, experts in home security encourage all homeowners and renters to take basic steps to decrease the likelihood of their residences being a target of burglars or other criminals. Exterior lights should be bright and left on at night or activated by a motion sensor, so that anyone approaching the house is easily seen. Of course, windows and doors should be closed and locked every time the residence is unoccupied. When leaving on vacation, mail, newspapers, and other items should not be allowed to accumulate; often a neighbor can be enlisted to collect these things at the end of each day, so that any would-be burglars see that deliveries are still being made regularly to the residence.

Mississippi residents have many ways to improve their peace and safety, with home security companies at the ready to help clients choose systems that will best meet their needs, and simple steps that can be taken by just about anyone.


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