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      October 22, 2017

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Home Security in Ohio

Ohio MapWhat are the best strategies for residents of Ohio to use in order to prevent property crime where they live? The first line of defense for many people is a good home security system.

There is a wide range of affordable packages offered by reputable home security companies in Ohio. A good system will provide 24-hour monitoring of all installed components: window and door sensors, alarms, smoke detectors, and so on. Remote-controllable home security systems are rapidly gaining in popularity, especially among those who are frequently away from home for school, work, or on vacation. Customers have reported feeling a greater sense of peace of mind as they use their smartphone, tablet, or laptop to see for themselves that all is well at home; they also appreciate the convenience of being able to close a garage door that was left open by mistake, lock a front door, or even turn a thermostat to a different setting.

For Ohioans who rent their places of residence, wireless home security systems give them the security of protecting themselves and their loved ones without having to rely on the property owner to approve or provide such services.

The other way for residents of Ohio to protect themselves is by using good common sense to make simple changes to their homes and their routines. Prices on good quality home safes have decreased in recent years and give residents a place to store documents, valuables, and cash out of the reach of intruders, nosy guests, and children. Such safes should be permanently affixed to shelving or floors to prevent removal, and the best location is anywhere but the master bedroom and closet. Furthermore, it may seem obvious, but many of the 91,433 Ohioans who were victims of burglary in a recent year gave criminals an easy way into their homes by neglecting to close and lock doors and windows before leaving.

A reputable home security company can help most Ohioans protect their homes with an electronic system and customized recommendations for improving the safety and security of their loved ones and belongings.


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Heroin spares no one, not even the wife of an Ohio sheriff

Just weeks earlier, Gretchen had returned home to Madeira ... More than a decade later, as Ohio grapples with one of the deadliest drug epidemics in American history, the state's criminal justice system has undergone a similar transformation.

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