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      October 20, 2017

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Home Security in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania MapIn a recent year, there were more than 52,000 burglaries in Pennsylvania. For residents wanting to better protect themselves against property crime and home invasion, there are many things they can do.

It is important to decrease the likelihood that criminals see a home as a target. Because they prefer homes that are easy to enter and exit undetected, burglars will often avoid Pennsylvania homes that have bright exterior lighting (especially lighting that is triggered by a motion detector) and that do not have landscaping to give them a hiding place near windows and doors. A significant percentage of burglaries occur when Pennsylvania residents leave their doors and windows unlocked, giving intruders the easiest possible route into homes.

Also, residents' preparation for long-term absences can affect whether or not their homes are noticed by potential burglars. To give the impression that a home is occupied, lights and other commonly-used devices (e.g. radios) should be placed on timers that turn off and on in a pattern that simulates normal use. In other words, lights go on in the evening and shut off at bedtime, rather than being on all the time. Having a neighbor collect mail, packages, and newspapers, instead of placing a hold on those deliveries, makes it look like there is still someone at home. Even turning phone ringers down so that someone on the street can't hear that calls are regularly going unanswered can help fool would-be intruders into thinking that a home's occupants are still present.

Nonetheless, the most effective protection available to Pennsylvanians is with a good home security system. Most home security packages currently available on the market offer 24/7 monitoring of window and door sensors, smoke detectors, and all other system components. For Pennsylvania residents who are regularly away from home for extended periods of time - for work or vacation, for example - remote technology included in some home security packages allows them to see the status of their system from anywhere in the world that their smartphone or laptop has an Internet connection.


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