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      October 19, 2017

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Home Security in Virginia

Virginia MapThere are more than 26,000 burglaries in Virginia in an average year. When residents want to avoid becoming the 1 in 48 people to fall victim to property crime or home invasion, they have a number of steps they can take that will help increase their home security.

In order to accomplish this, residents should decrease the probability that potential criminals will see their homes as a target. Because they prefer homes that will let them in and out without being noticed, intruders tend to avoid Virginia homes that have good exterior lighting (especially fixtures triggered by motion detectors) and without landscaping to serve a hiding place near doors and windows. However, many easily-preventable burglaries occur when Pennsylvania residents leave their doors and windows unlocked.

Also, Virginians' preparation for long-term periods without home occupancy can determine if their residences come to the attention of burglars. While on vacation or otherwise absent, homeowners should make sure to have lights and other commonly-used devices (e.g. radios) on timers in a pattern that copies normal usage: lights go on in the evening and off at night instead of being turned on all the time. Asking a neighbor or friend to collect mail and other deliveries, instead of placing them on hold, gives the impression that someone is still at home. Turning phone ringers lower or off, so that someone on the street can't hear that calls are not being answered, will also fool possible intruders into believing that occupants of the home are still present.

But, the best protection available to Virginians is with an extensive home security system. Most home security packages available in today's market offer around-the-clock monitoring of window and door sensor and all other system components. For Virginia residents who are away from home for extended periods of time - for work or vacation, for example - remote technology included by many home security companies lets them see the details of their system from anywhere that their smartphone or laptop has a connection to the Internet.


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