September 21, 2017

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Find Your Next Job at Monster Today! In the past, searching for a new job was a long and tedious process. Scrutinizing newspaper listings, examining trade publications, even calling a company's HR department were all steps that a serious job hunter needed to take.

Not any more. As millions of people have already found, the internet provides a way for employers and job hunters to find each other in cyberspace. After the job seeker posts their resume online, they can search available job openings and apply immediately. Alternatively, employers constantly run scans of resumes online and actively solicit potential new hires.

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Job Search Reviews

5 stars
Monster Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Monster is the largest and perhaps most widely known job search site, due to their huge national advertising campaigns. Their website is extremely easy to use and offers a huge number of job listings, plus a wide range of job search activities.
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4.5 stars
Resume Rabbit


As opposed to a job search service, Resume Rabbit actually submits your resume to over 70 job search services such as Monster and Career Builder. An incredible timesaver, Resume Rabbit takes all the tedious, mundane efforts of posting your resume and does it for you with one simple form.
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4 stars
The Ladders


The Ladders is the most comprehensive executive level job search site available. They post over 25,000 jobs every month of only $100K+ jobs. This premium job search site is professional and easy to navigate. It is so comprehensive and user friendly, there is no need to search for another executive level site. Read More... Visit

4 stars
Snag a Job


For those seeking a part-time or hourly job, Snag A Job is a wonderful option. The database of flexible jobs in various industries means you'll potentially find the right one. Also, helpful Apps, job and resume advice and easy search functionality make this a popular website. We liked Snag A Job's approach and efficient process for applying for one of their many jobs.
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3.5 stars
Career Builder


Career Builder allows you to search and post your resume to millions of jobs for free. Career Builder does a good job providing valuable information without the overwhelming commercialization.
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3.5 stars


Nexxt is a rebrand of the job listing site Beyond. Job-hunters can access over a million listings at no charge, and Nexxt offers "micro-sites" focused on particular career fields, geographic locations, or diversity profiles to make the search as efficient as possible. Nexxt is a decent choice for your job search, though they don't have any "wow" features that set it apart from other well-rated services we reviewed. Read More... Visit

3 stars
Resume Zapper


Resume Zapper is not a job search site. Instead, they provide a service that instantly sends your resume to thousands of recruiters. With industry targeting, geographical preferences, and confidentiality options, this is a useful service for the serious job hunter.
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2 stars


Job is a decent job search engine. They provide a wide range of jobs to prospective hunters, but some options keep them out of the top tier of services.
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And you don't have to limit yourself to only one job search engine. By posting your resume onto more than one service, you increase your odds of finding a job. In fact, one of our top-ranked products automatically sends your resume to over 70 job search engines for you.

In looking at the different job search websites, there are a few factors you'll want to consider. Some of these include:

  • Audience.  Would a general job search program work for you? Or are your needs more specific, such as executive jobs, freelance work, or part-time positions?
  • Job Listings.  The greater the number of prospective employers, the greater your chances of landing a great job.
  • Features.  Is confidentiality important to you? What about career advice and resume writing tips?

Don't forget - finding a job opening is one thing, but submitting a professional resume is another. To help you in that effort, check out our reviews of Resume Builders - and be sure to get your resume noticed. has reviewed and ranked the best job search sites available today. We hope this information helps you find your next dream job right away!

The Importance of a Good Resume in a Job Search

The importance of a good resume in a job search is crucial. The average interviewer will spend less than 30 seconds looking at a resume to decide whether or not to invite the candidate in for an interview. Some interviewers have to look at hundreds of resumes for one specific position. They do not have a lot of time to spend on the resume process. They need to decide quickly, whom to bring in for the interviewing process. Remember the sole purpose of a resume is to get invited for an interview. Therefore, a resume is often described as a teaser. It should be just interesting enough, that the interviewer wants to get to know you more.

There are some basic dos and doníts in writing a resume. A resume should include only relevant information to the job position. It should not include personal information such as hobbies or previous salaries. It should also be a page in length. If you must, two pages maximum. Though, it should be noted that some individuals will immediately put a resume that is over one page in length in the reject pile and often times the interviewer will have already made up their mind while reading the first page anyhow.

A good resume needs to be specific and have a job objective. An example of a weak objective would be "Applying for a manager position". An example of a specific objective would be "Applying for senior tax consulting manager at NAME OF COMPANY". Interviewers also love to see hard facts and data in a resume. Include such details as supervised 5 people or increased profits by 20%.

Another important point in writing a good resume is to keep contact information professional. Often timeís individuals will set up a new e-mail address for the specific purpose of job hunting. Remember to keep you e-mail address simple. An interviewer might not take you seriously if your e-mail is lovefishing@Ö or motherofsix@Ö. Never give your current work telephone number as a point of contact. First, it is unprofessional and second, if they should call you donít want to be busy doing something else that you canít talk. Usually interviewers do not have a lot of time or patience in trying to track you down.

Lastly, a good resume is well organized and attractive looking. A good resume will have a neutral colored quality paper and matching professional envelope. It is well spaced, with clear objectives and bullet points. Fortunately, there are hundreds of books and web sites a person can look for in examples of a good resume. An individual can also have a professional business proofread the resume or go to the career center at your local college. Many times these career centers will include free resume services and guidance.

A good resume is a wonderful tool that can open the way for the interview. Just remember to keep it relevant, professional and simple.


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