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Best Lice Products

  1. Licenex
  2. Clearlice
  3. Liceadex
  4. Naughty Nits

Over 12 million children suffer from lice infestations each year. And because lice spread so easily, through close body contact or shared personal items such as clothing or hairbrushes, thousands of adults have to contend with this condition as well.

Kill Lice Today with Licenex! While lice infestations can be easy to detect, getting rid of the pests can be a bigger problem. Lice, and their eggs, must be destroyed in order to get rid of an infestation. Solutions purchased from a local store can require repeated products, and often involve picking through the lice-affected areas with a comb, looking for (and removing) each individual louse one by one. Not only is this process time consuming and frustrating, oftentimes it doesn't work; if you miss just one, the lice will continue to spread - and finding their eggs, which hatch 7-10 days later, is almost impossible.

The Lice products we've reviewed make getting rid of these pests far easier. They kill lice on contact - no more need for combing through and picking out the lice and their eggs. And some of the lice products can even be mixed with your laundry, automatically killing any lice that may be hiding within your clothes, pillowcases, or sheets.

There are a number of features to consider when looking for an effective lice product. Some of these include:

  • Effectiveness.  How quickly does the lice product work? Does it require multiple applications, or can you expect immediate relief?
  • Guarantee.  What kind of guarantee backs up the lice product?
  • Cost.  How expensive is the lice product, compared with other products? has reviewed and ranked the best lice products available today. We hope this information helps you find the right lice product for you!

Disclosure: We pay our reviewers and we are compensated for our reviews. Click here for details.

Lice Product Reviews

5 stars

LICENEX Visit Site


$27.97 - One bottle

$45.97 - Two bottles (save $9.97)

$79.97 - Best Value - Four bottles

(save $57.81) Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Licenex is a powerful, all-natural product that eliminates lice and their nits. No more washing with potentially harmful chemical shampoos - Licenex is safe and contains no pesticides. Licenex can even be used as a spray for your furniture, and mixed with your laundry for your clothes and bedding, to give you a whole-house solution.

Licenex is a hypoallergenic, pH balanced advanced formula. You can use it immediately as a shampoo, in order to eliminate any lice infesting the hair. It contains no artificial or synthetic chemicals, so you are exposed to no chemical risk. Although the product is strong in its application, it is gentle on the scalp.

Licenex works to attack lice and their eggs with special biological enzymes, which penetrate and quickly break down their exoskeletons. It then dissolves the "glue" that holds lice onto the hair, so they can be rinsed out. Combined with their nit comb (included with every order), you can easily remove any lice or nits that have found their way onto the scalp.

Licenex does not require an overnight application. We recommend you use the shampoo on repeated days, to be sure you've reached all the lice and their eggs. The product can also be mixed with your laundry in order to remove the lice that may be hiding in clothes and bedding. Furthermore, it can be used as a spray for your carpet and furniture. Because of these reasons, we recommend utilizing the multiple-bottle discount plans - If you buy two bottles, you save $9.97; and if you buy the 4-bottle family pack, you save $57.81. This is a safe way to ensure your house is free from infestation.

Licenex comes with a consumer-friendly 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Since the product works very fast, this is more than enough time for you to see the benefits you need.

Licenex is a strong formula that attacks lice and their eggs immediately, and yet is safe to use every day. With competitive pricing and a money-back guarantee, Licenex earns our highest rating.

Visit Site

4 stars



$75.95 for the entire system

Clearlice effectively helps eliminate lice at every facet of your home and family. This comprehensive system provides shampoo, conditioner, laundry additive, household spray, and a high quality stainless steel comb. Best of all, Clearlice is made without dangerous or toxic pesticides or chemicals. The scientific component that makes Clearlice standout, are the unique, natural ingredients that work to break open the protective shells of lice and their eggs and eliminate the glue that holds the nits to the hair shaft. Once the shells are cracked, the lice and nits die. Unlike the popular lice products sold at local drug stores and super markets, these critters have not become resistant to the ingredients of Clearlice as they are natural based.

Clearlice is made of a proprietary blend of natural botanicals, enzyme complexes, plant extracts, and homeopathic ingredients.

To use Clearlice, you simply shampoo the hair and head thoroughly. Next you'll apply the Clearlice conditioner that soothes irritation from bites and helps the comb glide through the hair without tangles. The comb will insure that any louse or remaining nits are extracted from the scalp and hair. The next step is to clean any washables such as bed lines, pillows, clothes, coats along with the Clearlice additive to kill any lice or nits that may have left the scalp and landed in your home. Spraying and vacuuming down carpet, car seats, and anything you didn't wash is the last step in the process. All steps must be completed in the same day to avoid re-infestation.

Should you not be satisfied with your purchase, Clearlice comes with a 60 day full money back guarantee. Simply return any remaining portion of the bottles to the company for your money back.

Clearlice's peppermint formula is pleasant to the nose and scalp but works to quickly eliminate lice and their eggs no matter where they may linger. We appreciated the comprehensive formula and were willing to pay a little more to make sure our cars, house and laundry were also made lice free. If you're dealing with a lice infestation of any size, Clearlice is worth your consideration.

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3.5 stars



$29.99 - One bottle, lice and nit removal gel

$79.95 - Family Pack

Liceadex, or DermaTech RX/Lice, is sold online by the Q Based Healthcare Company. The product is a safe, non-toxic shampoo sold for the removal and prevention of head lice and nits. The company boasts a 100% success rate with individuals using this product and offers a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.

Q Based Healthcare states that Liceadex will work immediately and on contact. The specialized surfactants and chlorides in the gel base kills lice and eggs. The gel base also allows for easy comb-out of the dead lice, eggs, and debris. An application lasts approximately 20 minutes and is typically around 98% effective. Repeated daily applications are suggested to make sure all the lice and eggs are killed. Liceadex sells for $29.99 for a 16 oz bottle, which can be used by up to 4 people with 2 applications each. Another option is the family pack, which consists of 64 oz of the lice and nit removal gel for $79.95.

Although the Liceadex website is relatively straightforward, it is somewhat confusing and unprofessional in its approach. Information is presented in a long one-page format, so you have to scroll through the entire page. We would have preferred if it was designed with menu-driven categories, so we could quickly find the information we were looking for. Some nice extras include a question and answer section regarding head lice, the different types of lice, lice products, information on pets and lice, and dangerous pesticides found in some products among other topics. There are numerous pictures, which some customers might find very helpful.

Liceadex is an effective product that comes in a variety of options. It is safe and non-toxic, with an informative, if somewhat confusing, website. Liceadex earns high marks in our review.

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3 stars
Naughty Nits



$18.95 - Shampoo

$20.95 - Hair Oil

$16.95 - Spritzer

$62.80 - All three products in one order

Naughty Nits is one of over 100 products sold by Natural Remedies. As the name suggests Natural Remedies sells homeopathic herbal products. The web site is visually confusing, with almost too much information being offered in a variety of colors and different fonts. If you know exactly what product you are looking for, then the website is easier to navigate through. With the variety of products offered, the site is better suited for individuals who embrace alternative medicines.

Naughty Nits offers 3 products in their line. A foam shampoo (50g tube), oil (60ml bottle) and spritzer (100ml bottle). Directions for use are to shampoo the hair and leave on for 5 minutes, then repeat. The oil is used next; it is applied to the wet hair and left on overnight. In the morning, this can be washed out with shampoo. The oil acts to loosen current nits and prevent future re-infestation. The Naughty Nits spritzer is used as a follow up to prevent re-occurrence or prevention of head lice if there is an epidemic in your area.

All three products - the shampoo, the oil and the spritzer - contain lavender and rosemary. One interesting feature of the website is the detailed information available on the history and usefulness of these herbs.

The Naughty Nits products are offered a la carte or as a package deal. The company does offer a 1 year money back guarantee for orders under $200.00. For orders over $200.00 a 25% re-stocking fee is applied. Shipping charges are standard.

While Naughty Nits may be an effective product, and has a comforting return policy, it is considerably more expensive than our top-rated products.

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For Lice Removal and Lice Treatment in Pinecrest Look No Further Than Lice Troopers
With head lice affecting between six and twelve million individuals every year, its no wonder business is booming for professional lice removal services and treatment centers. Lice Troopers now offers its services to families in Pinecrest and surrounding areas.
Publication Date: December 29, 2014

Lice Troopers Brings All Natural Head Lice Treatment to Kendall
Kendall gets ready to welcome the premier, all-natural lice removal service. Lice Troopers is now expanding, with a new lice salon clinic located at 2100 Ponce De Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33146, which will provide a convenient location for families in Kendall and Coral Gables, as well as Sunset, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Pinecrest and South Miami.
Publication Date: December 30, 2014 Launches Guide to Keep Kids Healthy
When children are unwell, their focus in the classroom suffers; nurse education site releases an interactive guide for school nurses and parents to keep kids healthy.
Publication Date: February 25, 2015

With hats and scarves weather, head lice cases increase; make the right choice for lice removal
Winter time is when kids share hats, coats and scarves, giving lice an easy vehicle for spreading throughout classrooms and schools. Lice Troopers all-natural lice removal, now with three local clinics, steps in to handle the increased demand.
Publication Date: January 22, 2015

Coral Gables Florida Gets Ready to Be Lice-Free with Lice Troopers
When head lice hits a home or school, parents and teachers often find themselves in a frenzy to get rid of the lice while keeping it from taking over the house or classroom. Families in Coral Gables and South Florida now have the solution right in their neighborhood.
Publication Date: December 25, 2014

Meadow Lark Agencies Announces Holiday Donation Contribution
Hometown values shine through - company and employee giving reaches new heights
Publication Date: December 25, 2014

Holiday Season Means Increase in Head Lice Cases in New York
With the holiday season coming to a close, New Yorkers might find that their out of town guests left more behind than stray cell phone chargers. The holiday season typically sees an uptick in the number of head lice cases as many people are traveling, sharing sleeping accommodations in tight quarters, swapping personal belongings and generally in closer proximity to one another than at other times of the year.
Publication Date: January 16, 2015

McCall Service Now Offering Pest Control in West Georgia
McCall Service, a Northern Florida based pest control company, has extended their service area into West Georgia.
Publication Date: January 15, 2015

Key Biscayne Welcomes Premier All-Natural Lice Removal Service
January marks the grand opening of the newest Lice Troopers lice treatment center. Located in the Coral Gables area, the child-friendly lice removal salon clinic will provide a convenient location for families living in Key Biscayne as well as Sunset, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Kendall, Pinecrest and South Miami.
Publication Date: December 31, 2014

Do Not Allow Proposed Environmentally Damaging Aquaculture Activities Regulations, says ASF and Broad Coalition to Canadian Prime Minister
The Atlantic Salmon Federation is part of a coalition calling on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to halt the implementation of the proposed Aquaculture Activities Regulations
Publication Date: February 17, 2015

Parents frustrated as selfies continue to contribute to the spread of head lice in Miami according to the largest Lice Removal Service in Miami called Lice Troopers
Selfie photographs continue to contribute to the spread of head lice cases in the Miami-Dade area leaving parents and teachers frustrated. Lice Troopers, a local Miami Lice Service, has conducted a recent study on the spread of lice by Selfies.
Publication Date: February 27, 2015

South Florida Parents Put Pressure on Schools to Perform Lice Screenings to Prevent Spread of Lice According to One Miami Lice Removal Company Called Lice Troopers
With head lice cases on the rise throughout schools in southern Florida, parents call for school-wide screenings to help contain the problem. Lice Troopers has gained a number of schools recently due to pressure from parents on school administrators to conduct school lice screenings.
Publication Date: February 27, 2015

Anxiety over head lice among Miami parents as surge in head lice cases reported by local lice removal company Lice Troopers
Anxiety mounts among parents in southern Florida as Lice Troopers, a local lice removal company, reports a surge in cases of head lice in the area.
Publication Date: February 27, 2015




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