October 22, 2017

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Shopping For Luggage Online

When you shop for luggage online, you may be able to find a greater variety and more competitive pricing than you could otherwise find in your local store. In addition to promotional offers, which may include free or discounted shipping and coupons, online luggage stores frequently offer closeouts, clearances and standard sale prices designed to clear out inventory and make room for new arrivals. Depending on where you shop, you may be able to read customer reviews and ratings on certain products.

When shopping for luggage online, the first thing to consider is size. You will need to know what size of luggage you prefer and then narrow your online search to fit that specific criteria. If you are looking for a few coordinating pieces opposed to an entire luggage set, you will likely find online shopping to be very beneficial. In addition, if you plan to travel by air or rail, you will need to know the size restrictions imposed on luggage prior to making a purchase.

Once you have narrowed the search to your favorite luggage pieces, take the time to look at the features of each. Do you prefer retractable handles, wheels or shoulder straps? The type of luggage that you ultimately purchase will largely be determined by your answers to these questions. If you are looking for quality, you may want to consider purchasing luggage designed by some of America’s most popular manufacturers, including Samsonite, American Tourister, Atlantic and others. When you purchase a name brand item with a warranty backed by a longstanding company, you know that you are getting a quality product. Therefore, make sure that a warranty is part of your search for luggage online.

When you are ready to place an order, make sure that you have entered any promotional codes that may be currently offered by the retailer. Take a look at the company’s return policy and research their record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, independent reviews produced by others may provide valuable insight into a company’s service and product quality.

Upon the arrival of your order, be sure to check any/all zippers, straps and handles for sturdiness and functionality. Most luggage featuring shoulder straps will also feature padding for comfortable wear, while pieces featuring a pull bar will often contain a locking mechanism to keep the bar upright for convenient transport. In addition, you will want to retain all paperwork relating to a warranty, if applicable, along with your purchase receipt.

As a final thought to purchasing luggage online, or anywhere else, take into account the manufacturer and the price. As is often the case, you get what you pay for and the same is true when it comes to luggage. Quality has a price and it isn’t often cheap, which means that purchasing from a reputable manufacturer will help to ensure a better value for your dollar. When a company has been in the luggage business for many years, it says something about their ability to manufacture a quality product. When it comes to traveling, quality luggage can either make or break your trip.

Can you pack laptops in your luggage Your questions answered on the government's proposed laptop ban

A traveler takes her laptop out of her bag for scanning at JFK airport in New York City on May 17, 2017. Joe Penney/Reuters The Trump administration banned laptops in the cabins of some planes because of security risks. Now, the Federal Aviation ...

Published:  Sat, 21 Oct 2017 16:51:00 GMT

Laptop Flipflop: Now U.S. Tries To Ban Laptops In Checked, Not Carry-On, Luggage

Seven months after America banned laptops from the passenger cabins of flights from the Arab World - forcing travelers to check them into cargo holds - the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants global airlines to ban the very practice its ...

Published:  Sat, 21 Oct 2017 22:28:00 GMT

U.S. urges banning laptops in checked luggage, citing fire concerns

The United States government is urging the FAA to ban laptops and other electronic devices from being stowed in checked luggage on all flights. The lithium ion batteries in the devices have been shown to explode if exposed to certain consumer goods.

Published:  Fri, 20 Oct 2017 17:54:05 GMT

Cameras About to Be Banned from Checked Luggage on Planes

Travelling on planes is about to get a whole lot less convenient for photographers. Citing the risk of explosion and catastrophic fire, the United States government is advising airlines around the world to ban cameras, laptops, and other electronic devices ...

Published:  Fri, 20 Oct 2017 19:21:00 GMT

FAA urges ban on laptops in luggage

WASHINGTON - The U.S. government is urging the world airline community to ban large, personal electronic devices like laptops from checked luggage because of the potential for a catastrophic fire. The Federal Aviation Administration said in a paper filed ...

Published:  Sat, 21 Oct 2017 19:55:00 GMT

FAA proposes that electronics is banned from checked luggage on all international flights

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently proposed that the laptop ban should expand to all international flights. This time, it won't refer to the laptops, cameras and other devices in the carry-on, but in the checked luggage. Reportedly ...

Published:  Fri, 20 Oct 2017 14:16:00 GMT

FAA pushes new proposal to ban laptops in checked luggage

ROMULUS, Mich. - A new proposal would ban laptops from checked luggage. Fears that laptop batteries could overheat and start fires in cargo areas are prompting the proposal. An FAA test center video showed how an aerosol can could explode if a laptop heats ...

Published:  Fri, 20 Oct 2017 21:51:00 GMT

Daily Deal: Finally, You Can Afford This TUMI Luggage

Airports are usually terrible. They're full of long lines, delayed trips, screaming babies, awful chairs, you name it. But the one thing that makes all of it way more bearable: some kickass luggage. TUMI is one of the best luggage brands out there.

Published:  Sat, 21 Oct 2017 03:49:00 GMT

FAA calls for worldwide ban of laptops and small electronics in checked luggage

Authorities find that an overheated lithium-ion battery packed with an aerosol spray could trigger an explosion and potentially take down a plane.

Published:  Fri, 20 Oct 2017 19:28:00 GMT

You'll Never Have to Worry About Lost Luggage Again Thanks to This Item Tracker

There's a strong case against checking in your luggage: it can get damaged, it's inconvenient, and worst of all, it can get lost. But if you're a perpetual overpacker or your travels require more than a carry-on, you can't always avoid checking in.

Published:  Sat, 21 Oct 2017 01:20:00 GMT

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