January 21, 2018

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Best Mail Scanning Services

Are you struggling with effectively managing your personal or professional mail? Whether you are living abroad or RV'ing across the country, or work in a company with large mail volume but little staff to handle it, mail management can be a constant battle.

The latest trend in mail services allows anyone to manage their mail through the internet. But what does that mean? First, you tell the US Post Office to deliver your mail to a service provider (using a Form 1583). Next, you notify mail senders of your new address. Finally, from a PC connected to the internet, you can read your mail online, print it if needed, shred it, recycle it, or forward the actual mail to any physical address.

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Mail Scanning Reviews

5 stars
Earth Class Mail

EARTH CLASS Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Earth Class Mail offers top notch mail scanning services to meet anyone's needs. They have a wide range of services to assist those traveling across the US or foreign countries or even large companies looking to modernize their mail sorting efforts. Earth Class Mail sets the industry standard with a comprehensive, well priced product.
Read More... Visit

3 stars
My U.S. Postbox


My US Postbox provides a variety of mail services. The online system allows a straightforward approach to taking action on each piece of incoming mail. We thought the website could have been better organized and forth coming with information. Read More... Visit

2.5 stars
Mail Link Plus


Mail Link Plus specializes more as a mail forwarding service rather than mail scanning. They charge $1.00 per page, which is by far the highest cost of any provider.
Read More... Visit

1 star
USA 2 Me


USA 2 Me is behind the times compared to the other providers. Mail scanning is available but we couldn't figure out how to request it. No related fees were provided and we couldn't get anyone to answer the phone with our questions. Read More... Visit

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There are a number of companies that provide mail scanning services, and the range of what they provide and their focus can vary greatly. Some service providers offer flat rate fees for scanning, and others charge per page. It's important to fully understand what each provider charges. Changing companies and addresses can be a time consuming effort - you want to get it right the first time!

Some of the important aspects to consider before making a decision include:

  • Fees. Is their a flat rate fee, and what does that include.
  • Scope of Services. Do you need checks automatically deposited and mail forwarded on a pre-set basis?
  • Customer service. Is anyone going to be around to assist if you have a mail emergency? has reviewed and ranked the best Mail Scanning services available today. We hope this information helps you find the right mail scanning provider that meets your needs!

'This is definitely fictional': Coronation Street viewers slam unrealistic storyline that sees pregnant Eva Price get a scan within hours of begging her GP - without any ...

In Wednesday night's double bill she begged her GP for an urgent pregnancy scan, without explaining why. And despite their being no medical reason for it, she was given one just hours later. Viewers were quick to criticise the fact that she'd got a scan so ...

Published:  Thu, 18 Jan 2018 03:55:00 GMT

FreshAddress Launches Free Email List Cleaning Tool

NEWTON, Mass., Jan. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- FreshAddress, Inc. the leader in email marketing database services, announces the release of Free List Check, a health scan for your email addresses. Free List Check is a new email hygiene tool that lets ...

Published:  Thu, 18 Jan 2018 07:37:00 GMT

Global Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope Market Review and Forecast 2017

The report firstly introduced the Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope basics: definitions, classifications, applications and market overview; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures, raw materials and so on. Then it analyzed the world's ...

Published:  Thu, 11 Jan 2018 00:50:00 GMT

Welcome to the machine-Yahoo mail scanning exposes another US spy tool

Imagine a futuristic society in which robots are deployed to everybody's house, fulfilling a mission to scan the inside of each and every residence. Does that mental image look far-off and futuristic Well, this week's Yahoo e-mail surveillance ...

Published:  Thu, 06 Oct 2016 14:00:00 GMT

Google Warns: We Are Scanning Your Email

On Tuesday Google updated its privacy policies to make it absolutely clear that it is scanning your email. It added these sentences: Our automated systems analyze your content (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as ...

Published:  Tue, 15 Apr 2014 15:53:40 GMT

Yahoo asks government to explain email scanning order

Yahoo secretly scanned its users emails at the behest of a U.S. government agency - and now it wants the government to explain why. In a letter to James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, Yahoo carefully avoids admitting that it scanned ...

Published:  Wed, 19 Oct 2016 13:39:36 GMT

Google fights for right to read your private emails

... argued in a California court Thursday that the company needs to systematically read every email sent through its mail system. Scanning email is simply part of the business. "[Email] providers like Google must scan the emails sent to and from their ...

Published:  Thu, 05 Sep 2013 08:30:12 GMT

Email Privacy: Google Will No Longer Scan Gmail Content For Targeted Advertising

Google will no longer scan the contents of emails received by Gmail users in order to gather information for targeted advertising, Bloomberg reported. The decision to end the controversial practice comes not from Google's advertising team, but rather ...

Published:  Fri, 23 Jun 2017 08:51:16 GMT

Google seeks to dismiss email-scanning lawsuit

Internet privacy issues seem to be the big thing in the courts these days. Less than two weeks after Facebook reached a $20 million settlement in the long-running "sponsored stories" lawsuit, Google is facing similar charges over an email-scanning bot ...

Published:  Sun, 08 Sep 2013 08:45:17 GMT

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