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When is it a good time to refinance your mortgage? If your existing mortgage rate is higher than the current rate for your credit score and mortgage type, you need to explore it. Would you like to lower your mortgage payment to make your house more affordable? Are you considering updates to a kitchen or a bathroom, and want to get some extra cash to afford them?

Refinance Now with Lendingtree! Before you stop off at the local bank to discuss home refinancing you should consider comparing refinance options online. Just visiting your local bank won't give you your best rate, which means you'll pay more. Refinancing your home through an online mortgage refinance company lets you quickly find the best rate given your credit worthiness, loan size and type.

The best refinance companies allow several banks to compete for your loan, in order to provide you the lowest mortgage payment. They save you the hassle of calling several banks and lending institutions, and completing multiple refinance applications.

But not all online mortgage refinance brokers are the same. Before you start your search you should consider the following:

  • Application process.  What is the process of gathering the information needed to begin the mortgage search?
  • Number of Lenders.  How many banks and lenders does the company work with to find you the best rate? The larger the number, the more likely you'll receive the best rate.
  • Timeliness.  Are you going to have to wait for a call to discuss all of the necessary details, or will the online application expedite the process and provide you the details you're looking for? has reviewed and ranked the best online mortgage refinance providers available today. We hope these reviews help you as you decide to refinance your mortgage!

Disclosure: We pay our reviewers and we are compensated for our reviews. Click here for details.

Mortgage Refinance Reviews

5 stars
Lending Tree

LENDING Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

In business since 1996, Lending Tree has built a superior website that streamline the refinance process. The number of lender relationships, the helpful tools, the professionalism and additional services all make Lending Tree stand ahead of their competition. Read More... Visit

4 stars
Quicken Loans


Quicken Loans has a history of closing loans fast. Many loans close between 2-4 weeks, and are much quicker than the majority of lenders. We would have liked to have seen more information provided online, but we appreciate the solid reputation and excellent customer service at Quicken Loans. Read More... Visit

3 stars
The Easy Loan Site


The Easy Loan Site is designed to match prospective clients with various mortgage refinance lenders. The process of searching for potential is straightforward but the website lacks all the bells and whistles that the higher ranked companies provide. Read More... Visit

3 stars
Loan App


In business since 1992, Loan App matches customers with up to 4 lenders to help meet their personal refinance needs. The Loan App website was missing important information about the company, the refinance process, the lender network and any associated fees. Read More... Visit

2 stars
Rate Marketplace


Rate Marketplace promises to match loan refinance companies with borrowers. However, what we found was that they simply sent us on to other mortgage referral companies. We felt this was both frustrating and a waste of our time. For those seeking assistance finding a competitive refinance loan, we recommend you choose a higher rated company on our list. Read More... Visit

1.5 stars
Mortgage Search 123


Mortgage Search 123 lacked the necessary credentials and information we were looking for to become comfortable with providing them any of our personal information. We also didn't like that their only focus was on saving homes from foreclosure. Read More... Visit

1 star
Lower My Bills


Lower My Bills left us disappointed with the results their website provided. After taking the time to complete personal information regarding our mortgage, employment history and more we received four links to more websites where we had to start the inquiry process all over. Lower My Bills left us in the dark and wondering what they did with our personal information. Read More... Visit

Tips on Refinancing Your Mortgage

Record low interest rates are pushing people to consider refinancing their home mortgages. There are several reasons to consider refinancing your home.

  • Lower your interest rate. With decreasing interest rates, you can lower your monthly payment and the amount you pay in interest over time on the amount of your mortgage. Once you refinance, it's easy to want to refinance every time the interest rates drop. However, by doing so, in the long run you will end up paying more in closing costs. Consider only financing when you can save 2 percent or more in interest.
  • Get a different type of loan. Your current mortgage may no longer be suitable or financially viable. For instance, if you currently have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), you may want to switch to a Fixed Rate Mortgage to lock in low interest rates.
  • Rid yourself of a balloon payment. If your current mortgage requires payment of a large balloon payment at the end of a specified period of time, you may want to refinance and negotiate a different type of loan so that you're no longer required to pay a balloon payment.
  • Consolidate debt. With record low interest rates, now is an excellent time to refinance your mortgage and consolidate some of your other debt into a home loan with a lower interest. Other types of debt such as car loans, credit card bills and school tuitions, typically have higher interest rates than home mortgages. These, as well as other types of debt, can be rolled into your home mortgage allowing you to take advantage of the lower interest rates than what these loans have.
  • Cash in on home equity. You may want to refinance in order to get cash out of your home equity for large expenditures such as a child's college tuition, home remodeling projects or a new car purchase.

Homeowners may face many challenges in the refinancing process. Low credit scores and depreciating property values can keep you from getting the refinancing you desire.

Also, there are times when it is best not to refinance. For example, if you anticipate moving or selling your house before you experience significant savings from refinancing then it might not be the best time to refinance. On the same note, if you've paid into a 30-year mortgage for 15 years or more, and you're considering refinancing into another 30-year mortgage, refinancing may not be the right answer as this option may end up costing you more in the end.

Refinancing your mortgage can save you money. Be sure it's the right option for you by researching terms and interest rates online before you sign on the dotted line.
's Analysis Finds Internet Leads Drove Over $57 Billion in Loan Volume in First 9 Months of 2014
More than ever before, lenders are leveraging data and sales processes to convert online mortgage shoppers in to new customers, according to a new lead survey.
Publication Date: March 03, 2015

Terrace Capital Announces the Origination of a Multifamily Loan on a Class C Apartment Complex in Texas
Terrace Capital, a full servicereal estate investment bank, announces the origination of a $5MM commercial mortgage on a class C multifamily complex located in central Texas. The refinance preempted an impending foreclosure by the special servicer, currently servicing the loan.
Publication Date: February 26, 2015

CA Mortgage Rates Travel Slightly Higher Ahead Of GDP Report
Blue Home Loans, Inc. comments on the recent activity in mortgage rates reported by Mortgage News Daily and offers some insight and advice for California homeowners and new home buyers.
Publication Date: February 27, 2015

The Home Loan Arranger Responds to Article that Helps Borrowers Understand When it Makes Sense to Refinance a Mortgage
Mr. Jason M. Ruedy, who is also known as The Home Loan Arranger, offers his response to a article that provides information to borrowers on how to determine when it's a good time to refinance a mortgage. The article states that good credit and a good income are indicators that now might be a good time to refinance.
Publication Date: February 26, 2015

HECM Los Angeles Reverse Mortgage Lenders Receive New Seniors Through Webpage Built By FHA Expert Kevin Leonard
The HECM reverse mortgage accounts for most Los Angeles reverse mortgages that are being funded by mortgage lenders. FHA specialist Kevin Leonard completes new page outlining information regarding loan limits and new regulations for these popular senior home loans.
Publication Date: February 27, 2015

Mortgage Rates Improve For 2nd Day Resulting In A Meaningful Threat To Februarys Negative Trend
Blue Home Loans, Inc. comments on the recent activity in mortgage rates reported by Mortgage News Daily and offers some insight and advice for California homeowners and new home buyers.
Publication Date: February 26, 2015

Online Mortgage Brokers in the US Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld Has Been Updated
In the five years to 2020, aggregate improvements in the housing market and an increasing share of services conducted online are anticipated to benefit the industry immensely. For these reasons, industry research firm IBISWorld has updated a report on the Online Mortgage Brokers industry in its growing industry report collection.
Publication Date: February 26, 2015

Housing Market In San Diego Starts To Cool Down According To The Latest Statistics
Real estate and mortgage professional Kevin Leonard discuses San Diego real estate trends for the first few months of 2015. The group works with consumers providing VA, FHA and Jumbo home loans in San Diego County for home purchases and refinances.
Publication Date: March 02, 2015

Murrieta Real Estate Office Hires New Mortgage Professional To Assist With VA And FHA Home Loans
Kevin Leonard just added a new team member to his staff of real estate and mortgage professionals in his Murrieta office. The newest member of the group will be helping clients with VA IRRRLs and FHA streamlines.
Publication Date: March 04, 2015

Wednesday Housing Data Is Mixed
Peoples Home Equity comments on two housing data announcements released today, February 25th.
Publication Date: February 25, 2015

Another Week of Weak Mortgage Applications
Peoples Home Equity comments on the latest release of weekly mortgage applications.
Publication Date: March 04, 2015

Four Points Regarding 2015 Housing Outlook
Peoples Home Equity shares and comments on a recent article from titled 2015 Economic Outlook.
Publication Date: March 03, 2015




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