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Most perfume and cologne is purchased at big name department stores. Like all products sold in these stores, a healthy premium is added to all the perfumes sold in order to offset the costs of operating such a large store. Outside of the expensive mark-up you also have to deal with the driving, parking lots, long lines and the lack of help that exists in department stores today. Instead, many savvy shoppers have discovered an alternative to the traditional high priced, inconvenient approach - shopping for perfume online.

Every year, more people are buying their perfume and cologne from online perfume stores. These stores allow you to purchase your favorite perfume or cologne in the convenience of your home and at a discounted price. Depending on the state you reside in, you will probably be able to avoid sales tax. Many stores even offer free shipping, depending on the amount of your total purchase.

When looking for an online perfume store you'll want to consider a few factors before making a purchase. Some of these include:

  • Selection. Does the perfume store offer a wide selection of perfume and cologne?
  • Shipping. Does the perfume store charge a reasonable fee for sending you your purchase?
  • Return Policy. What if you're not satisfied with your perfume or cologne once it arrives? Can you return it for a full refund? has reviewed and ranked the best perfume stores available today. We hope this information helps you make your next perfume purchase!

Disclosure: We pay our reviewers and we are compensated for our reviews. Click here for details.

Perfume Store Reviews

5 stars
Scented Monkey

SCENTED MONKEY Visit Site Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Scented Monkey is THE place to go when searching for online retailers of discounted fragrances. With a wide variety, competitive prices, supportive staff and a very user friendly website, Scented Monkey will keep you coming back for all your fragrance needs.

First off, Scented Monkey offers an excellent selection of perfumes and fragrances. If you know a particular designer fragrance, you can easily find it with their convenient search facility. On the other hand, if you're more concerned with price, Scented Monkey allows you to identify a price range and will show you all the selections that fit your needs.

Scented Monkey offers Free Shipping on all orders over $59.95. This is a fantastic way to further reward customers who want to take advantage of their discount prices. For orders under $59.95, Scented Monkey charges a flat $5.95 shipping charge. You'll also be pleased to know that you can track your order online through the Scented Monkey website. For customers outside the U.S., Scented Monkey also ships internationally.

With the "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Fragrance Terminology" section, you feel as if you're being catered to by getting helpful and thorough information. Scented Monkey also guarantees they will match the price of any competitor to their products.

A unique feature to Scented Monkey is the "Try Before You Buy" option. This application allows customers to choose from a list of 8 samples and try them for just $2.99. This is a great way to try a new scent without wasting money on a large bottle of something they don't enjoy.

As a result of their large selection of products, top quality service, and competitive pricing, Scented Monkey earns our highest ranking.

Visit Site

4 stars
Perfume Emporium


Started in 1999, by two brothers, Perfume Emporium is a dream realized with a mission to satisfy customers with superior customer service and low prices. We feel Perfume Emporium is an excellent choices due to the full service nature of this site.

Perfume Emporium is the only retailer that offers an incentive program in the way of beauty bucks, where they reward repeat customers. With affordable shipping charges and customer incentive programs, Perfume Emporium is a trusted dealer of discounted fragrances.

Savings are significant across the board on the products they offer. Perfume Emporium ships nationally and internationally, which allows a convenience in your shopping. We really liked their fragrance of the month club that allows you to try new scents each month for only $8.00.

Standard shipping charges are $3.95 for 1 item, $4.95 for 2 items, $6.25 for 3 items, $8.00 for 4 to 5 items, $12.00 for 6 or more items. To help customers unfamiliar with the fragrance lingo, Perfume Emporium contains a chart of "Fragrance Abbreviations" to further help and engage their customers in their online shopping experience.

Unique to Perfume Emporium is the ability to request a fragrance. Customers can fill out a short form to request a product they can't find on the website and Perfume Emporium will order it for you.

Overall, customers can shop online with confidence at Perfume Emporium.

Visit Site

3.5 stars
Fragrance Net


Fragrance Net is a publicly traded company that was founded in 1997 and has since built a reputable name for themselves. They only sell 100% genuine products. There are absolutely no knock-offs or imitations contained on their website.

All orders are subject to a $5.95 shipping and handling charge, but shipping is free on all orders totaling $70.00 or more. The navigation found on Fragrance Net is a little cumbersome, but we still found it user friendly.

While customers can't shop by price, they can easily shop by name, using an alphabetized list of all perfumes carried by Fragrance Net. This may prove a little frustrating to those looking for a particular price range to shop in - instead, you have to search each product area to meet your needs.

Overall, Fragrance Net is a straightforward provider of fragrances, skin care items and more. With average price and a middle of the road website design, Fragrance Net gets the job done simply and without annoying gimmicks.

Visit Site

3 stars
Fragrance X


Fragrance X stocks over 8,500 discount fragrances, many of which are discontinued in stores and are difficult to find. Shipping is free on orders over $59.95 or otherwise $5.95 for 4-7 day delivery.

While we appreciated the lengthy list of products we were disenchanted with search options. If you visit this site bring your patience. However, we did like the feature that Fragrance X will send email notification when desired products are in stock.

For those gift shopping, we liked the "Top 5 Women's," "Top 5 Men's", and "Top 5 Skin care" lists to help them narrow down their selection. Fragrance X carries all major fragrance brands, so customers can search through a wide variety of products to find one that matches their needs.

Overall, this site was lacking some of the customer bells and whistles other sites offered.

Visit Site

2 stars
Perfume Land


Claiming to be one of the largest online retailers of discounted fragrances, we had high expectations. Much like politics, its all in how you word it, right? However, we were only marginally impressed with what this site had to offer compared to the companies ranked higher.

This site was not professional and generally difficult to read unless you were wearing your bifocals. Search options were limited and sometimes not functioning well.

Customers of Perfume Land will notice a shipping free of $5.95 on all orders, unless specified at time of order placement.

Overall, the website is somewhat cheesy and crowded, customers have to sift through the information to get what they want. While their more than 10 years in the business is promising, the lack of website flair and poor website navigation will ultimately make customers turn away to find something better. Why shop here when you can get a better price and service somewhere else?

Visit Site

1 star
The Perfume Spot


The Perfume Spot looks like an old slide show, complete with unorganized pieces of information. With so many colors and font choices, customers are most likely to get confused and aggravated when shopping on their website.

Shipping on orders of $79.00 or more will receive free shipping. This is nearly the worst deal on our list alone.

Unfortunately The Perfume Spot does not offer what customers are looking for in terms of an appealing, easy to navigate website that builds confidence and trust.

With crowded information that is unorganized, customers will find difficulty in locating products relevant to them and their preferences. Customers with patience and the ability to ignore outdated graphics will still not find the best price or product.

Overall, we highly suggest another choice when choosing a perfume store.

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