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Reading Glasses Better Business Bureau Reliability Seal

Get Your Next Pair of Reading Glasses at AC Lens Today! For the majority of us, reading glasses become a necessity the older we get. This is a natural result of hardening eye muscles that make it more difficult to read, thread a needle, pull a splinter, and more. Reading glasses are a simple way to assist with seeing objects up close.

Much like eyeglasses, shopping for reading glasses online is a great way to save money and find a style that best reflects your personality. Whether you're looking for a professional look, flashy and fun, or something in between, you'll find it among the thousands of reading glasses choices available.

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Reading Glasses Reviews

5 stars
AC Lens

AC LENS Visit Site


From $5.95 to $79.99 Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award AC Lens is a complete eyewear and eye care website offering reading glasses, contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and other eye care accessories. In business for over 15 years, AC Lens provides shoppers a long history of selling quality reading glasses. This is evident in their "Excellent" rating by Stella Service, a popular business rating service, and A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.

The AC Lens reading glasses web page is easy to navigate and has a nice appearance. Browsing through the inventory of reading glasses we found their promise of a large selection to be true. AC Lens has over a hundred different types of reading glasses from eyewear makers such as Foster Grant, Peepers, Cafe Readers and Evolutioneyes. They have metal frames and plastic frames, round, square, oval or rectangular lens shapes, folding frames, rimless frames, sun readers for outside, and even reading glasses with LED lights built in.

You can filter by any of those criteria to quickly narrow down the selection to find the reading glasses that best suit you. The prices ranged from $5.95 for a basic pair of readers to $79.99 for the most expensive polarized sun readers. The process of selecting a pair of reading glasses and going to checkout is simple and straightforward.

There is a toll free customer service number at the top of the page if you need assistance with your order, or if you have any kind of question. We looked a little further into the claim of free shipping and found AC Lens is as good as their word. They offer free ground shipping for all reading glasses orders, no matter how small the order. They also have a free return policy where you can return anything you purchase from AC Lens, at cost to them, as long as you have the original packaging and the items you are returning are not damaged.

With great selection, free shipping, competitive pricing, a strong website, and a customer friendly return policy, AC Lens sets the standard among reading glasses companies. They earn our highest rating.

Visit Site

4.5 stars
39 Dollar Glasses



From $39 to $120

39 Dollar Glasses has been in the online prescription eyewear business for over twelve years and provide customers a large selection of eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses. Their well designed website and customer friendly policies stood out during our review.

Navigating the website for a pair of reading glasses is simple. Shoppers may choose from 450 different pair of glasses and have them built with the prescription they require for either their short or long distance sight needs - including single vision reading glasses. They also make line and no-line bifocals at an affordable price. To narrow the search, shoppers may choose by gender, frame material, frame color, shape, lens type and more. We liked that each pair of glasses sold at 39 Dollar Glasses comes with the exact measurements to help the customers get the perfect pair of reading glasses, from the start. This website allows customers to print an actual pair of the glasses to cut out and try on their face as a double check for fit and look. While this may not be as important for reading glasses - many appreciate knowing exactly the size they'll be getting before they arrive.

With each eyewear product available, the customer may select from typically 2 or more frame colors. 39 Dollar Glasses is also a full service eyewear website and will update your prescription using your existing frames. Each order comes with light/thin prescription lenses, UV protection, scratch coating, a cleaning cloth, and a hard case.

Many glasses start at around $39.00, hence the name, and go up from there for bifocals and progressive lens. This is more than some of the other reading glasses sold online but customers are receiving a little more than a small pair of readers that sit on the end of your nose.

Shipping is affordable at 39 Dollar Glasses and starts at $4.95, for USPS First Class Delivery, 3-7 business days on average. For those in a hurry, 39 Dollar Glasses also offers USPS Priority Mail, UPS 2nd Day and UPS Next Day. If you spend over $100 standard shipping is free and the more expedited delivery options are cheaper.

For those unsatisfied with their purchase, they can anticipate a full refund on their original order or an option to exchange for another pair. This process must be completed within 10 days and is limited to certain lenses.

Overall, 39 Dollar Glasses charges a little more for their reading glasses but customers will find attractive and quality made reading glasses with their exact prescription. Also, for those that want to only maintain one pair of glasses, the cost of bifocals is definitely worth looking into.

Visit Site

4 stars
Eye Save

EYE SAVE Visit Site


From $9.99 to $100

Eye Save has been in the business since 1988 and provides a busy looking website that offers a nice selection of sunglasses, reading glasses and other eye wear accessories. The bulk of the landing page is just a list of the best-selling reading glasses from their inventory. Then on the right is a menu bar that allows you to refine your search by gender, price, brand or style.

Once you get past the look of the main page, the process of refining your search actually works quite nicely. The site continues to refine your search with each option so you can search by brand and then refine that to only that brand in a certain price range, and further still to the style of glasses within that brand and price range. You can quickly narrow down the selection to find exactly what you're looking for. In addition you have the choice of sorting their inventory by lens power. This is an option we haven't seen on other reading glasses retail sites, surprisingly. This allows the customer to purchase reading glasses closest to their actual prescription, rather than just getting general magnifiers. If this is important to you, Eye Save is a great option.

The selection is a strength of Eye Save. There are dozens of popular brand names to choose from such as Fendi, Calvin Klien, Kate Spade, Scojo and Michael Kors. There are several hundred choices of reading glasses from rimless frames to sports glasses to folding frames to glasses with LED lights built in. When it comes to raw inventory, Eye Save has among the largest selection we have seen. The price range is fairly broad as well. Though the cheapest option we saw was $9.99, higher than some other bargain price readers we saw at other sites, there were many designer options under $100 and plenty of middle range options as well.

The shipping and return policy is decent at Eye Save. You will pay $5.95 for shipping, unless you order more than $99.00 of merchandise and then the shipping is free. This could be an issue for someone who wants to order just one inexpensive pair of glasses. However, the return policy allows you to return any undamaged items within 30 days for a full refund, and Eye Save will pay for the return shipping. Other than a completely free shipping option, this is a good policy compared with many other similar sites. If questions arise, the customer service option is buried on a contact page, but did offer a toll free telephone number as well as an e-mail option.

At the time of review, Eye Save had an excellent A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Despite a busy website, their long history in business and a huge selection of famous designer brand name reading glasses gave Eye Save a strong ranking in our analysis.

Visit Site

3.5 stars
Global Eyelgasses



From $30 to $170

Global Eyeglasses is a retailer of custom made and fit reading glasses that claims to be focused on saving the customer money but we didn't find that to be true. This company has been in business since 2011 and has had 16 Better Business Bureau complaints in that short time.

The first thing that set Global Eyeglasses apart from other online reading glasses retailers we reviewed was the focus on the custom aspect of their product. Customers have the option of taking a standard 1.5 magnification lens for free, or upgrade to a higher strength lens for an up charge. But your opportunity to custom build your reading glasses does not end there! Once you select a frame option from the Global Eyeglasses considerable inventory, you are brought to a page where you can actually enter your RX prescription, papillary distance, and then choose from various thin or ultra-thin lenses, scratch resistant coating, and tints or polarization. There is even a clever frame size finder and face size analyzer that gives the customer an option to upload a photo of them and then project the image of various glasses on to their picture so they can see what they would look like in each pair. This is pretty clever and unique for a reading glasses retailer.

On the other hand, this custom building can get fairly expensive. Thinner lenses are $19.95 added to the cost of the glasses, ultra-thin lenses are $79.95 more, and each coating or tint will cost you more as you go. If you're just looking for a quick bedside reader, Global Eyeglasses may be too expensive.

The selection is huge; we counted over 300 different items from brands like Freedom, Madden and HideLens. Missing were the more popular designer brands, so if name recognition is important to you, Global Eyeglasses may not have what you are looking for. However the styles varied greatly with all kinds of frame shapes and materials, and prices ranging from $9.99 - $99.99.

There is a toll free customer service option with standard 9-5 M-F operating hours for assistance with orders or other questions. Global Eyeglasses offers shipping for $5.95 or free shipping for orders over $99. This is pretty standard and competitive with other online reading glasses retailers. Global Eyeglasses accepts returns for any reason within 30 days, but you have to pay for the return shipping.

Global Eyeglasses provides customers the nice option to customize the product they are buying. However, the price of customized reading glasses was more expensive than many be willing to spend. We also had some concerns with the tenure of the company and the higher number of customer complaints in that short time period.

Visit Site

3 stars
Vision Concepts




Vision Concepts is an online reading glasses retailer that specializes in four specific types of reading glasses technology as its niche. They promise that each of their glasses will correct two sets of vision problems at once and reduce eye strain.

The main page of the Vision Concepts website is unlike any other we have reviewed. The main page is a large picture that rotates between the four basic types of glasses that are offered. Computer Eyed Eyewear are advertised as computer reading glasses, iVisionWear are billed as digital protective eyewear, Gamers Edge are listed as high performance gaming glasses, and Go Green Readers are your eco-friendly option. That is it; these are your options at Vision Concepts. We quickly recognized that the niche here is reading glasses that are also designed to protect your eyes. If you're looking for brand name glasses, you won't find them here.

Each of the 4 main products claims to address a specific problem other than magnifying your reading power. The Computer Eyed product is a bifocal lens designed to allow you to focus close and mid-range, perfect for working on a computer. They also have an anti-glare lens to protect your eyes from fatigue and strain from staring at the computer. Within this category you can find a dozen different styles of glasses. iVisionWear also offers an anti-glare coating, but also offers UV ray filtration and a lens enhancement that further reduces eye strain. There are 4 styles of iVisionWear. Gamers Edge also offers 4 different styles, and promises the same eye strain protection for video game enthusiasts. Finally, there are 8 different styles of Go Green Readers, which are made from recyclable materials.

No matter what product or style you choose, you will pay $39.99 for one pair. It's hard to compare this to other reading glasses retailers since these are not designer brands nor ultra-cheap bedside readers. There are some testimonials on the website that are all positive. Customers report less eye strain and even a sharpening of the images on the screen in the case of the Gamers Edge product. We would have liked to see some links to outside reviews but from what we read on their site, the products seem to do what they claim to do regarding eye strain reduction.

Shipping is free anywhere in the United States for any order, which is excellent and beats or meets any other reading glasses retailer we reviewed. The return policy is fair in that you can return any item in its original packaging for any reason within 30 days and get a full refund. The customer service link brought us to a page with an option to e-mail or call, however the number was not toll free and we would have liked to see a free telephone option.

Vision Concepts offers a very distinct niche in the reading glasses market, and that is reading glasses that also promise to reduce eye strain from working on a computer. At $39.99 the price is reasonable and the free shipping earns high marks. If you're looking for brand name eyewear you want to go elsewhere, but if you're looking for reading glasses that also reduce eye strain we can recommend you consider Vision Concepts.

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2.5 stars
Boomer Eyewear



From $4.95 to $275

Boomer Eyewear is a website that specializes in reading glasses and accessories. We identified that this company is still working out the kinks of starting a new website and wasn't quite ready for shoppers.

Boomer's website provides an awkward shopping experience. At first, we thought they only offered a small selection of expensive reading sunglasses. However, once we typed in "reading" at the top of the page we found 521 options. But, the results were unimpressive as many products have no pictures available and we couldn't narrow our search - making us frustrated.

From what we could see, we found discount readers as low as $4.95 and brands with adaptive lenses for up to $275.00. Designer brands such as Cinzia, Scojo New York, TUMI and Max Studio were plentiful and ranged from $40-$90. It struck us that the selection at Boomer Eyewear is top heavy, meaning there is a much greater selection of higher end, more expensive reading glasses than we found at other similar sites.

There are a few other things we didn't like about Boomer Eyewear. There is no customer service option listed on the main page. We had to dig down to a contact page, and then all you get is an e-mail and a local phone number. So if you need to call Boomer Eyewear for any reason, you'll have to pay for the call. Then there is the shipping and return policy. No matter how small your order, you have to pay $5.99 for standard shipping. If you're looking to purchase a single pair of discount reading glasses, this could double the cost of your purchase. Also, even though you can return unused products for any reason, you have to pay for the return shipping as well.

Until Boomer Eyewear can get their website better organized and professional, we suggest shoppers choose a higher ranked company for their reading glasses.

Visit Site

Continued from above

There's a long list of retailers that sell reading glasses online. However, these retailers and the reading glasses they sell can vary greatly in a number of ways. Before making your next reading glasses purchase, consider the following:

  • Selection. Does the store offer a large selection of reading glasses that will meet your specific needs?
  • Price. How do the company's prices compare to that of the competition?
  • Customer Service. Does the store provide customer friendly policies? Can you call with questions and what's the return policy? has reviewed and ranked the best Reading Glasses stores available today. We hope these reviews help you find your next pair of reading glasses right away!

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Kate Spade Women's Gene Brown / Inside Stripe Rectangular Reading Glasses

**Delivery date is approximate and not guaranteed. Estimates include processing and shipping times, and are only available in US (excluding APO/FPO and PO Box addresses). Final shipping costs are available at checkout.

Published:  Sat, 22 Apr 2017 08:50:00 GMT

This app wants to make reading glasses a thing of the past

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