October 26, 2016
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Student Loan Consolidation
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Whether you have federal student loans (such as Stafford, PLUS, or Federal Perkins loans) or private student loans, there are a number of student loan consolidation services that can help you consolidate your loans into one single debt. This can result in lower interest rates, and, in some cases, dramatically reduced monthly loan payments. Many consolidation services offer fixed interest rates for the life of the loan, which can lock in your savings for years to come. This is good since consolidation loans typically have longer terms than other loans - usually anywhere from 10 to 30 years.

A recent study by the National Center for Education Statistics shows that half of all recent college graduates have an average student loan debt of $10,000. For some students, this amount is much higher. Additionally, many students receive loans from a number of sources.

There are many advantages to consolidating all of these loans into a single debt. With interest rates at record lows, you will most likely receive a better rate by consolidating your loans now than when you first got your loans. The second advantage is reducing the number of creditors you have, which makes it easier to keep track of monthly loan payments. Additionally, consolidating your student loans into a single debt simplifies the repayment process, making it less likely that you will default on your loan payments.

There are a number of services available to help you in this process. Some only offer federal student loan consolidation, while others enable you to consolidate both federal and private student loans. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the student loan consolidation service you choose meets your student loan consolidation needs. Additionally, while some websites provide instant, online loan quotes, other websites do not. You will want to make sure that the service you select provides you with the information you need to make consolidation decisions.

There are a variety of issues to consider when looking for a student loan consolidation plan. Some of these include:

  • Information. Does the website provide adequate information to help you make student loan consolidation decisions?
  • Quality of Service. Does the website provide consolidation solutions that meet your needs?
  • Professionalism. Is the website professional and credible? Does the consolidation service have a strong reputation in the industry? has reviewed the best student loan consolidation programs available today. We hope this information helps you select the student loan consolidation program that's right for you!


Student Loan Consolidation Reviews

5 stars
National Debt Relief

NATIONAL DEBT Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

National Debt Relief is a leading provider of financial solutions, and they have an impressive range of options for both private and federal student loans. This company comes with a strong reputation, maintains a strong "A" rating from the Better Business Bureau, and offers a 100% money back guarantee with their plans. If you're in the market to consolidate and better manage your student loans, National Debt Relief should be your first choice. Read More... Visit

4.5 stars
Student Loan Consolidator


Student Loan Consolidator offers both federal and private student loan consolidation. They also offer special options, such as interest-rate reductions and interest-only payments. Additionally, they provide a toll-free number that enables you to contact loan counselors with any questions you might have. Read More... Visit

4 stars


LendKey is an online provider of student loan consolidation services with strong customer reviews. Their ability to connect students with community banks and credit unions for both federal and private school loans makes them a good choice for most consumers, though occasional issues with the website may prove frustrating. Read More... Visit

4 stars
Chase Loan Consolidation


Chase is a leading financial services institution and one you can trust when it comes to federal student loan consolidation. Their online application is quick and easy, and you can find out whether you are eligible for their services within moments. Chase has a professional website that is easy to navigate and use. However, Chase does not quite offer the same level of service as our higher-rated selection.
Read More... Visit

3.5 stars
Wells Fargo Student Loan Consolidation


Wells Fargo offers competitive loan consolidation for those who are consolidating only private student loans. They do not offer consolidation of Federal loans, which dropped them a bit in our ranking. Read More... Visit

3 stars
Federal Loan Consolidation


Federal Loan Consolidation offers the consolidation of Federal Education Loans. The website is robust with information, but at times difficult to understand and lacks the professionalism that most people have come to expect.
Read More... Visit

Warren slams Ayotte, Trump over student loans

Speaking at a rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in Manchester, N.H., Oct. 24, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-N.H.) said voters know where Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stand on the issue.

Published:  Mon, 24 Oct 2016 12:43:00 GMT

Editorial: How student loans depress economic growth

The North Star wasn't always the North Star. The earth wobbles on its axis. Five thousand years ago, when the Egyptians were building the pyramids, the pole pointed toward Thuban, an inconspicuous star in the constellation Draco. Sometime around the year ...

Published:  Mon, 24 Oct 2016 18:19:00 GMT

I Have Never Made a Payment on My Student Loans and I Just Got a Settlement Offer - Jason

I went to ITT Tech back in 2004 but never completed the course as I became disabled before completing the course. I have never made a payment on the loans and have good credit even with the defaulted loans listed on my credit. I have now been receiving ...

Published:  Mon, 24 Oct 2016 17:06:00 GMT

Some students scammed by private colleges will have debt cancelled

The Department of Education has announced for the first time that some students will have their debts cancelled after the Government was able to recover money from training providers rorting student loans. The news came at the very end of today's Senate ...

Published:  Mon, 24 Oct 2016 20:42:00 GMT

Money Talk: How to Go From 😱 to 😎

But you have options, including grants and scholarships, which = 🆓 money, and student loans, which = money you have to pay back.💸 In order to be eligible for any of that, you have to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.

Published:  Mon, 24 Oct 2016 17:14:00 GMT

Is the U.S. Profiting from Student Loans?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton don't agree on much, but they do agree on one thing: the government should not be profiting from student loan debt. Both candidates offer predictable responses to the issue. Clinton promises to use interest rate cuts to ...

Published:  Thu, 20 Oct 2016 13:41:00 GMT

Student loans can be a $170,000 drag on your retirement savings

The financial fallout of student loans can last into retirement. People with student loans participate in employer-sponsored retirement plans at a lower rate than those without debt, according to a new survey by human resources consulting firm Aon Hewitt.

Published:  Wed, 19 Oct 2016 07:45:00 GMT




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