December 18, 2017

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Get Your Trophy With Decade Awards Today! Trophies and awards are a wonderful way to allow an individual to be recognized for their hard work and remember it for years to come. Whether it's little league baseball or a corporate event, trophies are always appreciated.

Trophies and awards come in a seemingly endless variety of styles, shapes, materials, and price ranges. The best trophy stores on the internet provide interactive websites, allowing you to customize, or even create from scratch, the perfect trophy or award. Shopping online means you can quickly compare prices and trophy options before making a final decision.

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Trophies Reviews

5 stars
Decade Awards



From $3 to $300 Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award Decade Awards started doing business in 2009 from their headquarters in Spokane, Washington. They sells a very large variety of trophies and other award merchandise as well as several other categories that include bobbleheads, display cases and personalized gifts.

In addition to selling sports trophies, they also sell an array of trophies for the business and corporate customer. In this area you'll find a large array of promotional products that will put a smile on many a marketing person's face. There's another category, corporate awards, for rewarding employee performance and recognition. These corporate awards come in all of the common materials such as glass, crystal and acrylic.

An additional product line you'll find that we didn't see on many competing sites is photoballs. This is the process of taking a digital picture and printing it on a sports ball. These are especially popular with children's sports teams. You can have a team or individual photo imprinted on a baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, soccer ball and even a hockey puck.

The Decade Awards website is laid out very nicely with the category tabs on the left side of their home page, followed by the various sports categories. Across the top are tabs for help, customer service, their return policy and FAQ's.

Speaking of the return policy, you can return any non-personalized product within 30 days of receipt. You pay the return shipping unless the return is the result of their error. For personalized products, you can only return those if they make an error. This is commonsense and pretty standard. Shipping costs vary by the size and weight of your order - however, they offer free ground shipping for all orders over $200 that are shipped within the continental United States. Overnight shipping is available for an extra charge.

The Decade Awards customer service in available via a toll free phone number or e-mail. Calls are answered 9:00am to 4:30pm pacific time, Monday through Friday. You can leave a voice mail message on evenings and weekends, and they'll return your call the next business day.

Decade Awards offers a great assortment of top quality trophies in all price ranges. Their trophies meet the needs of the sports person, the business person, and just your plain old gift shopper. Their strong selection and customer service at Decade Awards pushed them to the top of our reviews. They earn our highest rating.

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4.5 stars



From $1 to $400

If you want to congratulate someone with a trophy or some other specialized item, Awardsco is a fantastic place to shop. Whether you have a specific trophy in mind, or want to browse the options and see what's out there, Awardsco delivers.

When you visit Awardsco's website, you'll notice one thing right away: you have an extensive variety of trophies and awards to choose from. Fortunately, they organize their website in an easy-to-use way, so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Awardsco groups their trophies into a variety of categories. Some of these include Sports Awards, Corporate Awards, Academic Awards, All Occasion Awards, Certificate Plaques and Frames, Coach Awards, Pinewood Derby Trophies, Chess Awards, Eagle Awards, Military Awards, Personalized Gifts and more.

Within the trophy categories, you can further drill down your search with trophy themes. In the Sports Awards category, for example, you can choose from the following options:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Dance
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Track
  • Wrestling
  • Volleyball
  • And more

We were also impressed with the return policy at Awardsco. Once your trophy arrives, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, Awardsco backs up their products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. You can return your trophy for a replacement or get your money back.

If you come across any questions or concerns before placing your order, you can email Awardsco or call them via their toll-free number. We found their representatives knowledgeable and helpful, without being pushy. Our email inquiries were answered within the hour.

Awardsco has a fantastic customer satisfaction guarantee, competitive pricing, extremely large variety of trophies, and friendly customer service.

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4.5 stars
Same Day Awards



Starting from $1

Same Day Awards is a custom trophy and awards manufacturer who promise 24 hour turn around and next day delivery of their product. Same Day Awards has a large inventory of trophies and awards that seem to focus more in the area of corporate awards, although they do also have more traditional sports related trophies as well.

The Same Day Awards website is a little busy, but it's easy enough to find everything necessary to order their various products. At the top of the page they have highlighted their 24 hour delivery guarantee, as well as their 15 minute call back guarantee which means the customer will receive a call from a customer service representative within 15 minutes of submitting the online application. Additionally in this section they advertise that included in every order is $75 worth of free add-ons such as free logo engraving, free proof and set up, a free gift box and a free consultation with their customer service representatives. We like the fact that Same Day Awards is aggressive with their customer service and that all customers get to consult with a live person regarding their order to work out any details before the awards are manufactured and shipped.

As far as selection goes, Same Day Awards offers several categories of trophies and awards. They have economy and premier corporate plaques, engraved clocks and other desk items, crystal, glass and acrylic plaques, cup style trophies, traditional sports trophies, and then some unique gifts like wine in a box, a golf ball set, etc. It's not the largest selection we have seen so depending on what each customer is looking for they may or may not find it in the Same Day Awards inventory.

The service appears to be as good as advertised. On the website there is a link to online shopping rating company Shopper Approved, where Same Day Awards has earned a 5 star excellence award. On the Shopper Approved site we found many satisfied customers supporting Same Day Awards claim to be among the fastest award services out there. Many clients report calling other award companies who could not meet their tight deadlines, and then having success with Same Day Awards next day delivery service. Other customers note the quality of the awards themselves, and the attentive customer service they received.

Same Day Awards guarantees are also excellent. They have three guarantees which, if they fail to meet, the customer will receive their money back. The first is the on-time delivery guarantee. Speed of service is Same Day Award's bread and butter, so they need to meet their 24 hour delivery promise. The second is a ‘spell right’ guarantee, so if anything on any of the awards is misspelled, the customer gets their money back. The third is payment on approval. This feature allows the customer to withhold payment until the awards are delivered, so they can review and approve their order before making payment.

With a decent selection, guaranteed fast service and an excellent guarantee policy, we recommend Same Day Awards to anyone looking for quality trophies or awards with a quick turnaround.

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4 stars
Classic Awards



From $18 to $1,920

Classic Awards sells a large variety of high-end trophies, plaques and other associated awards for the corporate market. Rather than offer award hardware for specific sports, this site is aim at the business and corporate client. You can choose between trophies made of crystal, glass or acrylic. Their web site is very clear and easy to navigate. The site is sorted by plaques, cups, gifts items and classics. The perpetual taps displays a large number of awards such as plaques where monthly or annual names can be added such as an Employee of the Month.

Nearly all of their products are high quality and very nice. In business since 1958, Classic Awards, based in Niles, Illinois, is aimed more towards the corporate award and gifts market versus sports. It makes sense that they have golf as their one sports specialty line since that sport is so closely tied to business and sales activities. Their emphasis is to provide the corporate customer with an upscale, exclusive and innovative product line. To that end, they appear to have succeeded very well.

Engraving is very affordably priced at $.01 per letter. Their return policy requires you call and get prior approval and all returns must have a return authorization number. You must pay the return shipping charge and there is a 15% restocking fee for returns on all orders that were filled correctly. Customer service is available via either e-mail or a toll-free number. Payment can be made using any of the four major credit cards, VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

If you're looking for awards to give employees for high performance or recognition you would be hard pressed to find a company that offers a larger selection of high quality and unique gifts then Classic Awards. Their quality and customer service is top notch. However, if you are a parent, coach or league commissioner looking for sports trophies, you'll want to shop at another highly ranked trophy store.

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4 stars
Blue Ribbon Awards



From $3.50 to $350

Blue Ribbon Awards definitely knows how to put together a website that benefits the customer. When navigating the site, you first choose the category of interest. Then you can choose from several different types of awards. Whether you want to design the trophy, or you want to choose from materials such as Crystal Awards, Glass Awards, True Gold Awards, Resin Trophies, and more, this site gives you trophies that are the top of the line.

Although you may not find as large of a selection as the other websites we reviewed, Blue Ribbon Awards offers customers trophies and awards that are truly unlike any other trophies out there.

While looking through Blue Ribbons Awards, if you don't find the exact trophy that you would like, you can take the option of building your own unique trophy. Here you have the ability to change the color, size and figure to put together the perfect trophy that matches what you're looking for.

If you have questions while browsing their website, you can contact them through email, a toll free phone number, or a local phone number. You'll find representatives that will help you through your questions or concerns quickly and efficiently.

Blue Ribbon Awards has a smaller selection of trophies than the other websites we reviewed. However the trophies they do offer are attractive, professional, and top quality.

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3.5 stars
Dinn Bros Trophies



From $1.50 to $150

At Dinn Bros Trophies, you can expect to find a lot of trophy options. You'll find trophy categories such as; Sports Awards, Dance Awards, Academic Awards, Corporate Awards, Custom Awards, Religious Awards, Fire/Police/EMS Awards, Agriculture Awards, Holiday Awards, and more.

Under each of these categories is a large selection of choices when it comes to picking your specific trophy. Whether you want the classic trophy style, a plaque, medals, pins, ribbons, cups and trays, acrylics or desk sets, Dinn Bros Trophies knows how to offer their customers variety.

If you look through all of the options and find yourself less than satisfied, you can try building your own trophy. By choosing this option, you're able to choose your award type, add a figure or emblem, add a color, and personalize it. While this is a great attribute, we were disappointed in the options we had to create something original. They have limited color options and emblem choices when building a personalized trophy.

If you have any questions while shopping, you have the option of Live Chat or calling a representative to answer your questions. If you have a question about how much your order will cost, for example, you can simply connect to their "Request a Quote" link, fill out the listed information, and you'll receive an estimate on how much your order will cost.

After you place your order and the items come in, if you find yourself less than satisfied, you can simply return the trophy for a full refund or exchange it for something you feel may please you more. Dinn Bros Trophies works very hard to make their customers happy, and in our opinion, they have done a great job in accomplishing this goal.

Dinn Bros Trophies is a quality company with affordable prices. They could be a valuable place to find your next trophy.

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3.5 stars
Crown Awards



From $1.50 to $150

At Crown Awards, you will find a number of trophy categories for you to choose from, such as Sports, Academics, Corporate, and Religion. However, they also offer a variety of trophy categories that you may not find at other stores. Some of these include:

  • Beauty Pageant
  • Boating
  • Cooking
  • Curling
  • Cycling / BMX
  • Drama
  • Fencing
  • Paintball
  • Piano
  • Rowing
  • Sales

Within these categories you have a wide array of selections to chose the type of award you are looking for. Whether it's a trophy, a classic plaque, a crystal plaque, an enterprise acrylic, platinum crystals, ribbons, trophy cups, even dog tags, you'll be able to choose exactly what you want at Crown Awards.

We were very impressed with the amount of extra options customers are offered at this website. Here you'll find numerous links that help you skip the browsing and reach your specific needs right away. You'll also find links that help you calculate your trophy delivery, a freight estimator, and testimonials from previous customers that found what they needed at Crown Awards.

If you can't find what you're looking for, they also let you make the specific award that you want. You can choose every tiny detail that goes into making your perfect award.

If you find yourself with questions while looking through the site, Crown Awards gives you the opportunity to email the specific department that can address your issue. They also give you several different phone numbers to call, so you can speak to a representative and get your questions answered.

Crown Awards also offers a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, you can send it back for a return or exchange of your choice to find something that will satisfy you.

If you have a unique trophy need, this may be the site for you. Prices are competitive and the customer support team is very helpful. Crown Awards is a good option when looking for an trophy.

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3 stars
Trophy Central



From $1.50 to $3,700

Trophy Central provides quality trophies, like some of the higher ranked providers, but for a higher price. The functionality of the website is easy enough for customers but some of the information is not always forthcoming.

At Trophy Central, they're proud of the prestige that comes with their trophies. Although you will pay more, the quality of their trophies is top-notch. When searching through their awards, you will find selections such as Quick Ship Trophies, Cup and Bowl trophies, Unique Style Trophies, School Trophies, Corporate Awards, Crystal Awards, and Resin Trophies.

In these categories you are not going to find the same trophies that you always see at tournaments and such. These trophies are very expensive, yet very special. This website is for a customer who wants to put a lot of money into something very unique. Don't expect to come here and leave with just a typical award. At Trophy Central, they provide a load of other promotional options, such as custom computer bags, coffee mugs, school promotional items, apparel, calendars, clocks, pens and more.

Customer service is available through several different phone numbers, depending on what your concern or question may be. Alternatively, you can send them an email with your questions or comments. If you find yourself less than satisfied after receiving your order, Trophy Central commends themselves on a great return policy. Unfortunately, we couldn't vouch for this due to the fact that we did not find a written return policy anywhere on their website. This is an oversight that they really need to correct.

Trophy Central offers top quality trophies at top flight prices. We were impressed with the uniqueness of the awards they have, but disappointed in their lack of a clear refund policy.

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2.5 stars
Quick Trophy



From $1.50 to $100

Quick Trophy has put together a website that is specifically designed for coaches, sports teams, school awards, and even corporate awards. They pride themselves on processing your order and delivering your trophy as quickly as possible.

To facilitate your shopping, Quick Trophy offers a "Quick Order Trophy Wizard". Its purpose is to make the process of finding your award as fast and easy as possible. First, you select the sport you need the award for. Here, you have choices such as Academic, Ballet, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Figure Skating, Fishing, Football, Gymnastics, and over 50 other sports.

Next, you select the style of trophy that you want. Quick Trophy offers categories like, Acrylic, Marble, Metal, Resin, and more. Last, you choose the budget that you want to stay in when purchasing your order. This budget is anywhere from $10 and under, to $30 and up. Not a very big budget, which is a good thing when ordering large numbers of trophies.

Quick Trophy also gives their customers the option to visit other links, such as promotional and advertising, corporate gifts, and personalized plaques. As you visit the website, if you feel as though you're still not satisfied with what you see, you can contact their customer service by email or by telephone.

Once your trophy arrives, if you're not pleased with what you've received, Quick Trophy will take the order back and either exchange it or give you a full refund as long as it is within 30 days.

Altogether, Quick Trophy is not at the level that the other websites are. They do not have the selection or the professionalism that the others have to offer. However, they do a good job of providing a quick and easy way to find and order their trophies.

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Continued from above

However, as with any purchase it's important to consider several factors before you place your order. Some of these include:

  • Selection.  Does the trophy store offer a wide range of materials and designs to meet your specific needs? Can the trophies be customized if needed?
  • Price.  Some trophy companies cater to a tight budget, while others pride themselves on craftsmanship and uniqueness. How do the costs of the trophy store compare to your budget and their competition?
  • Return Policy.  If you buy a trophy and it arrives broken or doesn't look like the picture online, can you return it for a full refund? Is the trophy company interested in satisfying their customers from start to finish? has reviewed and ranked the best trophy stores available today. We hope these reviews help you find the trophy you're looking for!

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