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Acne and Cosmetics

Acne, which is believed to affect approximately 30% of cosmetic wearers, is a discomfort at any age. Whether you are a teenager struggling with oily skin and hormonal changes or an adult who continues to deal with acne on a regular basis, some experts believe that cosmetics may only add to the need for acne relief. If you think that concealing acne with makeup will be a temporary fix to a temporary problem, think again. In fact, you could even be aggravating or even prolonging your battle with acne.

Acne cosmetica, which is a term used to described a condition resulting from wearing cosmetics that promote clogged pores, is a real problem that many individuals are forced to deal with. The type of cosmetics that are most commonly believed to cause acne include makeup, lotions, creams and certain tanning or sunscreen products. As teens, many begin wearing makeup to conceal their acne when, ironically, they may only be promoting the very condition that they are trying to hide. This is not to say that everyone who wears cosmetics will develop acne cosmetica, but the possibility is there and the potential need for acne products increases.

One of the leading reasons for acne breakouts is clogged pores, which can result from everyday living or from the application of certain cosmetic products. The best way to prevent pores from clogging is to maintain a healthy skin care regimen, which includes regular exfoliation and cleansing. If you wear makeup, always remove it before going to bed at night.

It's very important that you remove all traces of makeup before applying any type of acne products or acne relief to the skin. In order for acne products to be effective, they must be able to absorb into the skin without interference. One of the best ways to improve your skin's appearance is by washing your face with lukewarm water and rinsing with cold. Many people believe that hot water works better, but the truth is that it may actually irritate the skin. Instead, warm water will be comforting and cold water will close any open pores and help to prevent clogging.

If you enjoy the flawless look that makeup provides, there's no reason to stop wearing it altogether. Instead of giving up your superstar look, simply search for a product that contains natural ingredients and is free of oils. This approach will not only leave you with healthier skin, but will also lessen your likelihood of developing clogged pores. A carefully selected line of cosmetics, combined with the proper skin care and acne products, will help to keep your skin looking just as flawless underneath your makeup as it does on the surface. Afterall, it's what is underneath that counts.

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