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Alarm Systems Reviews

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Frontpoint has one of the best alarm systems on the market. Their 100% cellular system is extremely affordable, uses the most up-to-date technology, and provides customers with trustworthy 24-hour nationwide monitoring. Installation is simple to do, and their expert support staff stands at the ready to answer any questions you may have. If you need a security system that offers protection now and for years to come, Frontpoint is our top pick.

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Protect America has one of the best deals in the Alarm System industry with respect to pricing and top-of-the-line technology. Their plans include free equipment and robust monitoring packages, and their customer support is helpful and well-informed. If you're in the market for an alarm system, Protect America is an excellent option to consider.

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ADT is probably the first name that comes to mind when it comes to protecting your home: their reputation as a trustworthy provider of alarm systems is well-established. ADT's monitoring is reliable, though customers will likely spend more for their security package than with other companies. On the whole, ADT is a solid, reputable choice for alarm systems.

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LiveWatch takes a unique approach to alarm systems, aiming to treat each customer like family. Their helpful customer service representatives, outstanding satisfaction guarantee and return policy, and straightforward pricing on equipment and coverage plans demonstrate that they are well on their way to providing excellent value in the alarm systems market. However, we did experience a handful of glitches while using the LiveWatch website, especially when trying to put home automation items into our online cart.

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Vivint is a high-tech leader when it comes to alarm systems, using your connections with today's trendiest electronics (such as Amazon Echo) to control many aspects of your home via smartphone and other internet-connected devices. But, Vivint's costs can be hefty, and we recommend that customers pay attention to the fine print of their "special offers" (especially with the required five-year contract).

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GetSafe is a definite contender when it comes to modern alarm systems. While you should know that their upfront equipment prices will cost you more than other providers of alarm systems, you'll wind up saving money on your monitoring costs - and you'll have no contract to sign. This high-tech alarm system is controlled exclusively through GetSafe's smartphone app or a key fob, eliminating the traditional wall panel and making it a breeze to use for most tech-savvy customers.

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SimpliSafe joins the small number of alarm systems that don't require long-term contracts or other obligations, which is appealing to many of today's customers. You do have to pay for your equipment, but all of SimpliSafe's monthly monitoring packages are affordable at $25 or less. One drawback is the number of reported problems with recurring false alarms (especially in the middle of the night) or slow responses from both SimpliSafe's customer service representatives and the alarm system monitoring service.

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Pennsylvania-based Guardian Protection Services offers an impressive variety of options for the alarm systems they provide. Particularly noteworthy is their central monitoring station, which received a five-diamond rating from the Central Station Alarm Association. Unfortunately, they make customers jump through numerous hoops to get pricing information without speaking to a pushy sales representative, and customer complaints regarding issues with service and billing are cause for some concern.

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AlarmForce's award-winning monitoring services are a key component of their alarm systems, which are reasonably priced. But, unless you are a resident of Canada or certain areas in North Carolina or Ohio, AlarmForce cannot protect your home.

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Alarm Systems

Increasing the security of your home is essential to protect yourself, your belongings, and your family. According to the experts, high unemployment rates and other economic woes in the nation are a factor in rising crime rates. With more than 2 million burglaries each year in the United States alone, and an average loss of over $2,000 per incident, it is well worth the investment to make sure your home is properly protected.

High-quality deadbolts and well-placed lighting on the exterior of your home can reduce the risk of becoming a victim. However, experience shows that skilled burglars can pick a lock, even a deadbolt, in a minute or less. On the other hand, crime data also demonstrates that criminals tend to avoid homes with an alarm system, to improve their chances of not getting caught.

Alarm Systems have a wide variety of features, coverage, and price points. Some Alarm Systems charge hundreds of dollars for installation in addition to their monitoring services, while others offer free equipment and/or installation along with a monthly monitoring contract. The best Alarm Systems provide customers with flexible options with respect to installation and home phone line requirements.

As you consider which Alarm System will best meet your protection needs, it is wise to have a grasp of several common features offered by home security companies. These include:

  • Monitoring Service. Does the company provide live, round-the-clock home monitoring with live representatives who will respond quickly to contact authorities in the event of a burglary or other incident
  • Equipment and Installation Costs. Is there a charge for the initial equipment package, or is it included with the monitoring service How many sensors are included in that package, and how much will it cost to get the number of sensors your home needs Will you be charged separately for installation
  • Guarantee. Are you protected by a satisfaction guarantee and/or a warranty on your Alarm System equipment has reviewed and ranked the best Alarm Systems available today. We hope these reviews help you find the right alarm system to protect yourself, your property, and your loved ones for years to come!

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