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      January 27, 2020

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Relieve Your Allergies With Claritin Today! Which over-the-counter products deliver the best Allergy Relief? If you're one of the millions of Americans who struggle with itchy eyes and nose, sneezing, congestion and runny nose, or even hives and rashes associated with allergies, chances are you've tried many different products to tackle those symptoms.

Allergies come from a wide range of causes, ranging from seasonal triggers like pollen from trees and flowering plants, to environmental allergens like pet dander or dust mites. When your body detects those particles in your system and responds defensively with histamines, you experience all of the unwanted symptoms of an allergic reaction.

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Best Reviews


Allergy Product Reviews

5 stars
Claritin Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Claritin has been used for many years to effectively control symptoms from more than 200 known allergens, ranging from seasonal pollens to indoor pet dander. The medication uses loratadine and comes in a wide variety of formats: tablet, liquid, dissolvable strips and more. You'll spend less than 50 cents per day to get 24-hour relief from your symptoms, and Claritin comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. There's a reason that Claritin is the best-known product for Allergy Relief, and it also earns our top ranking.

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4.5 stars


Can you tolerate a nasal spray if it means getting superior Allergy Relief? If so, Flonase could be your favorite secret weapon in the battle against your allergies. Targeting six key allergic substances within the body, this product is often much more effective than traditional medications that focus strictly on histamines. For many users, Flonase works where most other Allergy Relief products have failed, and it's just as affordable. Backed by a 45-day satisfaction guarantee and with free shipping for most customers who order online, Flonase is a solid option for people who don't mind a slightly messier approach to controlling allergic symptoms.

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4.5 stars


Allegra is one of several Allergy Relief products that used to be available only with a prescription. Its active ingredient is fexofenadine HCl, an antihistamine with a long track record for helping reduce symptoms like runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing. Allegra is one of the most affordable products on the market: you can get a 70-day supply for about $25.

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4.5 stars


Xyzal promises genuine 24-hour relief from your allergy symptoms - and, for the vast majority of people who try the tablet, it delivers. Especially for those who have tried some of the more commonly-taken Allergy Relief medications on the market, this product offers control of the sneezing, sniffling, and congestion within the first hour of taking the tablet. Users should be aware that drowsiness is often associated with use of Xyzal, and dosage/timing may need to be adjusted accordingly. If you need an affordable alternative to the usual over-the-counter recommendations for allergy relief, Xyzal should be on your list of products to try.

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4 stars


AllergiClear-S is one of several all-natural products for Allergy Relief offered by Native Remedies. Together with the companion supplement SOS HistaDrops, this treatment earns our highest recommendation within the herbal/homeopathic industry for effective control of allergy symptoms. While it's one of the more expensive products in our review (especially when used simultaneously with another Native Remedies supplement), the company offers plenty of ways to save money on each purchase. Best of all, you'll get a 365-day satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that you risk nothing when giving AllergiClear-S a try.

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4 stars
SOS Histadrops


If you or your little one hate taking capsules and tablets and would rather get your Allergy Relief as a liquid easily mixed with water or juice, consider trying SOS HistaDrops. This all-natural product uses Nettle, Plantain and Eyebright to calm inflammation and control the histamines that lead to your worst symptoms. Best used in conjunction with AllergiClear-S, another Native Remedies product, SOS HistaDrops offers a full-year return policy if you don't get the relief you need.

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3 stars


Would you like to stop your seasonal allergies before they even begin? That's what Aller-Aid is designed to do. This product uses Nettle, Quercetin and several other ingredients to boost your body's ability to handle the runny nose, itchy eyes, and other symptoms you associate with a change in the seasons. Aller-Aid is affordable and comes with a 60-day refund policy. But, if your symptoms stem from other allergens like pets or dust, this probably isn't the most effective Allergy Relief product for you.

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2 stars


Sold by Progressive Health, a company with a long-standing reputation in the natural supplements industry, Historal uses a combination of vitamins, Grape Seed Extract, Stinging Nettle and other ingredients to help combat allergy symptoms. Expect to take the product for at least 45-60 consecutive days to see results. While you'll love the 180-day refund policy that comes with this product, there's not enough customer feedback on Historal to determine if it's an effective Allergy Relief supplement. If you're looking specifically for an all-natural treatment, we recommend the higher-ranked products in our review.

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While most allergies don't come with life-threatening symptoms like restricted airways, they can still be extremely disruptive. It's hard to focus on work or school when you're constantly sneezing or running for a tissue, and who can sleep well when they're feeling itchy and irritated? Is it any wonder that so many people are desperate for an Allergy Relief product that works?

In the past, the most effective products for treating allergies were available only with a prescription. However, the majority of those medications are currently available at prescription strength as an over-the-counter product, making them much more affordable for the average consumer. These medications are generally safe and effective. But what if you've already tried them but still haven't gotten your allergies under control? Or worse, what if you've had a negative reaction? In that case, you may be interested to know that there are several homeopathic, natural products that have been used safely and effectively to deliver Allergy Relief - and at prices that are comparable to what you might have spent on more traditional medications.

Considering the wide range of Allergy Relief products on the market today, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by your options. As you decide which one might be a good fit for your needs and symptoms, here are several criteria to help you narrow down your choices:

  • Traditional or All-Natural. Is the capsule, tablet, nasal spray or tincture a product you might find at your local pharmacy, or does it take a more alternative approach to Allergy Relief? If you have a strong preference for one type of medication over the other, this is an important question to ask.
  • Method of Administration. Most Allergy Relief products come in pill or capsule form. Others are administered as a nasal spray or as a liquid you mix into a drink. How well can you tolerate the delivery mechanism of the product? This is especially relevant if you're trying to find the right treatment for a younger child.
  • Price. How much will you spend for your Allergy Relief? Bear in mind the recommended course of treatment for the product you're considering - if it's something you have to take over several months (e.g. for prevention of symptoms), you'll wind up spending more money than you would for a remedy used strictly as needed. Does the product give you a good value?
  • Effectiveness. What do other users say about the Allergy Relief medication? Did they experience any unwanted side effects? Did it work consistently to control their symptoms?
  • Return Policy. If you give the product a try and it doesn't deliver the relief you need, can you get a refund? has reviewed and ranked the best Allergy Relief products on the market today. We hope this information helps you get your sneezing, sniffling and itchiness under control soon, so that you can go back to living life to the fullest!

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