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      May 29, 2020

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EpiMist Review

To help you find the Best Asthma Products, provides you with an in-depth EpiMist Review.

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Where can you find the best Asthma Relief products? If you or someone you love is one of the more than 30 million Americans living with this condition, you know that there's no time to spare when trying to open up constricted airways. Seconds can feel like hours as you run to get your inhaler, administer the dosage, and pray that you'll be able to get a full breath quickly.

What if a traditional, prescription-based inhaler hasn't worked for you? Maybe you've experienced negative side effects like a weaker immune system or headaches, or perhaps the ongoing expense has become harder to afford. What options are available to you? Fortunately, there are a wide range of over-the-counter Asthma products that can help you manage your symptoms.

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$36.99 - 1 bottle

EpiMist can relieve symptoms of asthma, such as wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest. This bronchodilator uses epinephrine, the gold standard for over-the-counter asthma options. EpiMist isn't designed to prevent asthma, and it should only be used for mild breathing difficulties. Do not use EpiMist in place of a rescue inhaler.

This product is administered like an inhaler, but without the use of any harmful propellants that you would find in most prescription albuterol-based products. That's a plus, considering that inhalers with propellant can cause annoying side effects like headaches, stuffy nose, sore throat and more.

EpiMist is priced affordably at $36.99 per bottle, and each bottle can administer up to 250 doses. Even with shipping costs of $6, this is still a bargain compared with many asthma products.

Although this product is advertised as being portable, the manufacturers recommend that you keep it refrigerated when not in use. Will you remember to stick it back in the fridge every time you take it out in your gym bag or purse? That's not too likely.

Another warning if you're considering EpiMist: there may be serious interactions with commonly-prescribed medications used for psychiatric conditions (MAOIs) and over-the-counter cold medications. You should not use this asthma relief product without consulting with your doctor if you take either of those.

The biggest issue with EpiMist? Customer reviews. More than 40% of the people who rated the product gave it a disappointing 1- or 2-star rating. While some users said that it's a good asthma relief product, especially when used in conjunction with other products, there were dozens of negative comments: leaky bottles, weird mold-like growth inside a brand-new bottle, and many more.

In short, EpiMist comes up short when compared with other asthma options in our review: it uses only one ingredient (that may not be effective for those who have already tried epinephrine), can't be taken with several common prescription medications, and hasn't earned a very good reputation with many customers who've tried it. Although this product is affordable, we recommend that you consider the higher-ranked products in our review.

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Many of these options use all-natural ingredients to soothe your lungs and get you breathing normally, without the side effects that are so commonly experienced with prescription options. Plus, some of these products are administered as a tablet or oral liquid, eliminating the need to try and take a puff of an inhaler when you're already struggling to breathe.

It's important to realize, however, that not all Asthma products work in the same way. Some work to help prevent attacks from happening in the first place, while others operate more like a rescue option at the onset of breathing difficulties. As you consider the various alternatives to prescription medications, be sure you understand the intended forms that each one provides.

There are several other factors that can influence your decision when buying Asthma products. Some of these criteria include:

  • Price. What will you spend for a one-month supply? How does it compare with similar products on the market? Are there any discounts or promotions like free shipping that can make your purchase more affordable?
  • Method of Use. How do you administer the Asthma product? Whether it's inhaled, taken as a tablet or given orally as a liquid, is it a format that you can easily tolerate?
  • Reputation. What do users say about the Asthma product and the company that sells it? How well does the product work? If you don't get the relief you need, can you get a refund? has reviewed and ranked the best Asthma products available today. We hope this information helps you find the right product to help you breathe comfortably and get the relief you deserve!

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