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      September 23, 2020

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Book Lender Review

To help you find the Best Audiobooks, provides you with an in-depth Book Lender Review.

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Audiobook at Audible Today! Where is the best place to find audiobooks? Within the last few years, the audiobook industry has exploded. With the increased use of tablets, smartphones, and iPods, the practice of listening to books rather than reading them has almost become the standard. The convenience of listening to a book in the car, while exercising, or even while cleaning the kitchen means listeners are able to digest the knowledge of so many more books than they would have time to otherwise.

Not only are audiobooks convenient, but they open listeners up to an endless amount of book titles. Seeking out books in a store or at the library limits you to the selection they have in stock and takes time to browse through the inventory. With online audiobook stores, you can search for books by title, genre, ratings, and more. Books you wouldn't have found on a shelf are now at your fingertips in the form of an audiobook.

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Audiobooks Reviews

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Book Lender


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Plans starting at $12.99 with 50% off the first month

Book Lender is one of the leading book rental service companies. The idea is that renting, rather than purchasing books, saves customers money while still allowing them freedom to listen to whatever audiobooks they please. Not only does Book Lender have a selection of CD and MP3 file audiobooks, but paperback books for rent as well. From classics to new releases, Book Lender has over 40,000 audiobook titles.

Audiobook rentals

Book Lender has both unlimited and limited pricing plan options for audiobook rentals. The unlimited plans start at $23.99 with 50% off the first month. This plan allows for as many titles to be rented throughout the month as your heart desires. However, the difference in the pricing is due to the fact that you must choose how many books you want to be able to rent at the same time. This can be anywhere from one book at a time to six books at a time for up to $96.99/month. Limited plans start at $12.99/month for one book total and can go up to $28.99/month for three book rentals. All of the pricing options might make your head spin if you don't understand what they are offering right away.

Take your time

Because all of the audiobooks you listen to through Book Lender are rented, there are no due dates or late fees for the books. You can take as much or as little time as you want to enjoy your novel. Customers can cancel their limited or unlimited rental plans at any time. While the renting option allows for more books to be read in a month, the downside is you don't get to keep the books you are paying for like you can with our highest-rated online audiobook store.

Best Audiobooks

Choose your audiobook

When searching for an audiobook, the Book Lender site sorts them by popular audiobooks, fiction, non-fiction. From there, you choose the genre you are interested in and browse titles. We like that the book description gives a list of Goodreads reviews to help you decide if the audiobook is worth your time or not. Listeners can also rate the audiobook themselves after they have listened to it.

30 day free trial

Without subscribing to a Book Lender membership, you can still browse through their collection of audiobooks and download any titles you would like for the set price listed. This is a more expensive route, but if you're not looking to rent audiobooks very often, it isn't a bad idea. If you're toying with the idea of becoming a Book Lender member, you could always start out with their 30-day free trial to see how you like their service.

Solid choice

Overall, Book Lender has a lot to offer their customers. If you are someone who stays up into the wee hours of the night listening to a gripping book and can't wait to get up in the morning to finish it and start a new one, renting audiobooks is a great option for you. Book Lender lets you listen to as many books as you want with their unlimited plans, so you will always have new content at your fingertips. The pricing plans are initially a bit confusing and you don't own the books you've read, but Book Lender provides a generous amount of reading material for their customers.

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Continued from above

Services that provide audiobooks used to be expensive and much more limited than they are now. Some services come in the form of monthly subscriptions, while others let you purchase audiobooks individually. Other online book stores allow you to rent audiobooks and return or exchange them rather than having to purchase each one individually. However, the online service works, you'll find that the audiobooks are quite affordable and there are more title options than you'd ever be able to get through in a lifetime.

When searching for the best audiobook options, consider the following things to ensure you get the most bang for your buck:

  • Cost. Are you paying for each audiobook individually? Or do you get multiple books for one set price each month? If you're renting, make sure it is significantly cheaper than purchasing the book outright.
  • Selection. Listening to audiobooks allows for multitasking, so you can potentially get through more content this way than taking time to sit and read a physical book. You'll want to have a vast selection of listening material from whatever online store you choose so that you don't run out of audiobooks you enjoy.
  • Available formats. Is the book downloadable on your phone? Tablet? Laptop? Some audiobooks even come in the form of a CD, though most services have instant downloads and streaming services. You'll want to ensure that whatever formats are offered, they will make book listening convenient for you. has reviewed and ranked the best audiobook stores available today. We hope these reviews help you find the audiobook service that provides you with a great experience!

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