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CARCHEX is a full service automobile insurance and service website, offering car insurance and extended vehicle warranty protection, as well as options to finance an automobile purchase, request a vehicle history report, or schedule a vehicle inspection. CARCHEX is endorsed by Pat Goss of the MotorWeek television program and currently holds an impressive A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The CARCHEX website is attractive and easy to navigate. The CARCHEX Insurance Group has a relationship with several major insurance companies including Allied, Safeco, Progressive, Travelers and many more. However, insurance seekers should anticipate that the process of obtaining insurance quotes from CARCHEX is more traditional than an instant online quote.

With CARCHEX, you're invited to get a free instant auto insurance quote, which entails completing a short survey with your contact information (name, e-mail, and phone number), and the mileage, make, model and year of the car you're interested in insuring. When this information is submitted, CARCHEX automatically matches your insurance needs with their database of auto insurance providers. A CARCHEX Insurance Group agent then calls you to discuss all of the auto insurance options they found available for you. The quote information is also emailed to you as a reminder of the offers you have available to you.

One big benefit of dealing with CARCHEX is that several well-regarded auto insurance companies are compared at once in order to help you find the best insurance rate for your car. This gives you a quick and efficient method of shopping around for the best auto insurance quotes without the hassle of making several phone calls and answering the same questions over and over again. Another benefit is the personalized phone call from the CARCHEX agent. You get to speak with an impartial advisor that can answer your questions and help you arrive at the best auto policy for your needs.

If you're looking for affordable auto insurance from a dependable company, CARCHEX is a great place to start. They earn our highest rating.

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Esurance is a quick and easy way to get your insurance needs covered. The site offers auto, home, renters, life, and health insurance quotes. For our review we looked at their auto insurance quote capabilities.

The Esurance website is easy to navigate and understand. You start the process by entering your zip code. You are then directed to another page where you enter all of your personal and auto insurance information. At anytime during this process, you have the option of clicking on a link to talk directly to an agent if you have any questions.

Once you complete the form, Esurance gives you an immediate 6-month rate quote. You have the option within this quote to change your limits and other coverage so you can see different prices. You then have the option to either "click to talk" or "continue online". By clicking on "continue online" you are taken to another page where you get a temporary password so you can access your online quote at anytime. You can then proceed with purchasing your auto insurance at this point.

Esurance is a full-service insurance provider so they are not offering you comparisons, but an actual policy with them. They hold a rating of "A" by leading rating organizations, and because they are an online service (you print your own policy cards), their pricing is extremely competitive.

Esurance is a quality company that delivers competitive pricing in an easy-to-use format. They are definitely worth a look when examining your auto insurance alternatives.

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Geico is a true auto insurance website. This is all they offer and they do it well. You start by simply entering your zip code. Geico then walks you through a questionnaire to compare their quote with your current coverage.

The quote is offered immediately based on the information provided. You always have the option to connect with a customer service representative during this process. The quote is very detailed, listing all of the coverage you selected and the pricing breakdown for each. You also have the option of changing the coverage so you can adjust your price according to your budget.

You also have the option to choose from a list of packages that Geico offers. The packages include the minimum (includes all liability required by your state), the regular (cost effective coverage for you and your car), the premium (increased coverage to better protect your assets), the ultra (higher level of coverage to reduce your car troubles). By clicking on one of these options you can see an immediate rate quote.

Geico gives you all of the payment options available for your quote with a click of the mouse. If you like what you see, you can simply click on "continue to buy" to begin the purchase process. The site is very easy to use and the quotes are comprehensive. These factors combine to earn high marks for Geico.

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Kanetix offers auto, home, life, motorcycle, and health insurance quotes. The site is simple to use; the homepage is easy to navigate and offers some helpful resources such as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) and an Information Center. There is also a "More Info" section where you can click on resources like an insurance blog (something like an online newsletter of information), or saving tips. There are also quick guides for different types of insurance. The auto insurance quick guide explains how to get discounts and how insurance rates are calculated.

Navigating through the quote process is painless. Once you enter your information, you are given one immediate quote and the names of three other insurance companies that will be contacting you shortly.

They offer a customized buyer's guide which you can print out and use when the other agents call you. The guide includes the one immediate quote you received, and lists the other referred companies. You fill out the information after the agents contact you.

While Kanetix does offer comparative quotes, you only receive one immediately. We found the process of dealing with multiple agents in order to get the rest of the quotes more cumbersome than it needed to be. If you want to find comparison quotes without dealing with an agent right away, there are better sites available.

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US Insurance Online is owned by All Web Leads in Austin, Texas. This is not an actual insurance company but rather a lead generator that sends your details to eight participating auto insurance companies. The US Insurance Online website is easy to use and straightforward however, it is also missing some important details.

For those that are auto insurance shopping, US Insurance Online could potentially save you time and money of having to call several different companies to compare and contrast coverage and rate details. However, they don't streamline the effort and results like some of the companies ranked higher. We preferred those companies that first found the best rates and then called or emailed with details.

To get started, shoppers can expect to complete a free survey with the usual questions including vehicle year, make, model, ownership type, mileage, driving history, contact details and more. This information is gathered and shared with up to eight participating independent insurance companies whom will call or email you individually. Insurance shoppers should anticipate a fair amount of phone calls and emails. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that US Insurance notify you which auto insurance companies you can anticipate hearing from.

US Insurance Online provides insurance shoppers up to eight quotes from local insurance agents. However, the process is a bit cumbersome and timely. We also couldn't confirm that US Insurance Online will or will not sell your contact information. If you are in the market for great auto insurance, we recommend you choose a higher ranked company.

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Insurance Quotes (fomrmerly Insure Me) is an easy site to navigate and offers the chance to get auto insurance quotes, as well as home, health, life, and long-term care. For this review we examined the auto insurance portion of Insurance Quotes.

You start quickly by entering your zip code and being directed to an insurance information page. Although the information is thorough, it does not deliver any auto insurance quotes. Instead, you are "matched" with insurance agents who then contact you in order to provide you with insurance quotes specific to your situation.

This is a frustrating process when you are trying to get an idea of pricing quickly. Forcing you to deal with auto insurance agents over the phone slows down the process of getting the rate comparison information you want, and requires you to talk through the sales pitches of various insurance agents. While the companies presented are reputable, we found this process far less convenient than our top-rated providers.

Insurance Quotes is a free service and it does help you to find competitive insurance rates through various companies. However, you will need to be prepared to do a lot of the comparison work on your own as you talk with several different agents and companies. All that Insurance Quotes does is put these agents and companies in contact with you.

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Hometown Quotes offers everything from annuity, auto, dental, disability, health, group health, homeowners, life, long-term care, and renters insurance. For this review we focused on auto insurance quotes.

The quote application process on Hometown Quotes takes a bit longer than some of the others. They gather more information in the hopes that you will do more with them than just auto insurance. You do not actually get to compare insurance quotes after you enter all of your information. Even though the site says "auto insurance quotes" you only get matches with agents who will then call you to discuss your insurance options.

Our testing consistently produced five or more different matches to choose from. Some of the matches were actual agents, and others were auto insurance company websites. Clicking the website links did not reveal auto insurance quotes either; they simply started the process over with an individual company. So, not only do you not get a quote, you also have to enter all of your personal information again.

Where the matches returned an insurance agent, your contact information is turned over to them and they subsequently call you in order to get your business. This is far less convenient than simply getting your insurance quote online.

Hometown Quotes receives a low rating compared with the other sites in our review. By delivering website matches and agent contacts instead of actual auto insurance quotes, you could do just as well by looking through your yellow pages.

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Auto Insurance

Everyone who drives a car has (or should have) auto insurance. And if you believe all the commercials on tv, we're all paying too much for the coverage we have.

Surprisingly, they might be right. We found significant variations in price between reputable auto insurance carriers for the same amount of coverage. This is because every auto insurance company evaluates risk differently; for example, some will give you a lower price for auto insurance in order to get you to purchase a home insurance policy; others will consider a different set of factors when pricing their auto insurance policies.

It's a good idea to make sure your auto insurance policy is at least competitive. In the past, that meant contacting auto insurance agents to review your personal details. It also meant putting up with a sales pitch. But with the internet, obtaining competitive auto insurance quotes can be fast and easy, and you don't have to talk with anyone - even if you decide to purchase the auto insurance policy online.

There are many factors to consider when comparing auto insurance quotes. Some of these include:

  • Number of Quotes. Does the site deliver competitive quotes from a variety of carriers, or just one quote?
  • Convenience. Does the site give you authentic price quotes that you can use to purchase your insurance online? Or do they merely put you in touch with insurance agents over the phone?
  • Cost. How does the quoted rate compare with what you're paying now? has reviewed and ranked the best auto insurance quote providers available today. We hope this information helps you find the best auto insurance to meet your needs!

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