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Auto Warranty in Connecticut

One of the stipulations on the BBB website is that accredited businesses agree to honor promises. Before purchasing an auto warranty policy in Connecticut, it is wise for a buyer to check the rating of any company with the BBB. While many auto warranty businesses make good on their promises to cover the cost of repairs and labor in the event of a breakdown, there are others that do not. All companies considered by the buyer before purchasing an auto warranty should have a BBB rating of A- or better.

Auto warranties are purchased with the intent that by paying an up-front amount or a monthly payment, the costs of repair and labor on the vehicle will be covered in the event of breakdown. Some people end up never using their auto warranty because the vehicle is reliable with few repairs required. Others may be glad they have the auto warranty when it comes time to replace the transmission. Auto warranties are meant to prevent the car owner from having to pay large amounts out of pocket for repairs.

Before purchasing an auto warranty in Connecticut, the buyer should read the fine print. All auto warranties are different, so each will have different stipulations and provisions. Some may cover major components such as the transmission, engine, and drive-line, while others only provide coverage for the electrical parts. Rather than allowing a salesman to detail what is outlined in the auto warranty, a buyer needs to read it himself or herself and completely understand the terms and provisions.

Some auto warranties require the owner to return the vehicle to the dealership for service, while others give the owner freedom to choose where the car will be serviced and repaired. For buyers who are purchasing their vehicle in a town different than that which they live, this factor is important to consider.

Auto warranties can provide peace of mind to the Connecticut vehicle owner if purchased wisely.


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