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Auto Warranty in Kentucky

Kentucky drivers can choose from many auto warranty companies when making the decision to purchase an auto warranty. Auto warranties are much like insurance; a buyer pays an up-front cost or makes monthly installments, and in the event of a breakdown the costs are taken care of by the auto warranty company, provided the breakdown is something that is specifically covered in the policy. A policyholder is usually required to pay a deductible first, which may be anywhere from $100 - $300, then the auto warranty company covers the rest. Auto warranties have the potential to save a Kentucky vehicle owner thousands of dollars when it comes to car repairs.

Before choosing an auto warranty company, a buyer should first check the business' reputation with the BBB. The BBB is designed to protect consumers against fraudulent businesses, and they do this by evaluating complaints received from other consumers about the business. In order to become accredited with the BBB, a business is required to safeguard the privacy of individuals, be responsive to customers, and demonstrate integrity in all business dealings. Many companies can be eliminated as an option by only considering those who have received an A rating from the BBB, showing that they uphold high standards in their business dealings.

A buyer also needs to be informed about the manner in which the business reimburses claims. If the company policy is to reimburse the policyholder after a receipt has been obtained from the repair shop, this could be an inconvenience to the policyholder if they are handed a bill for thousands of dollars and expected to pay before taking the vehicle home. A far more convenient method for the policyholder and the mechanic is to receive payment instantly on a credit card from the auto warranty company.

Choosing an auto warranty in Kentucky can be done with relative ease, provided a buyer researches the company they are buying the policy from first.


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