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Auto Warranty in Missouri

Missouri drivers are finding that having a good auto warranty policy can save thousands of dollars in repair costs. Auto warranties protect against paying the full price for breakdowns and repairs. They may cover everything from transmission to electrical parts. There are as many different auto warranties as there are auto warranty companies; buyers need to be aware of what they are paying for before agreeing to any specific policy.

Some auto warranty businesses offer policies that are similar to the bumper to bumper warranty that comes with a new vehicle from the factory. If the vehicle is over 36,000 miles or has exceeded the term for the factory warranty, an additional policy can be purchased to provide coverage similar to that provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

Other types of auto warranty policies are available as well. An extended warranty provides coverage in the event of a breakdown on a trip. The extended warranty will provide towing services to get the vehicle to the nearest licensed mechanic. In addition, under the extended warranty the food and lodging of the driver is paid for until the vehicle is repaired. If the vehicle runs out of gas while traveling, the extended warranty provides for gas delivery. All a driver is required to pay for is the cost of the gas. If the vehicle gets a flat tire or a dead battery, the auto warranty policy provides roadside assistance to get the vehicle on the road again. Auto warranty policies offer many perks and bonuses to policyholders.

Before purchasing any auto warranty, the driver should check the business out with the BBB. Only companies that have been in business for 10 or more years and have an A rating should be considered. Following these precautions will help ensure buying the auto warranty from a reputable business.

In Missouri, there are many choices when it comes to finding a good auto warranty.


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