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Auto Warranty in Rhode Island

Rhode Island car buyers should find out the details of an auto warranty before committing to purchase one. Auto warranties cover many different aspects of the car; from protecting the engine against breakdowns to providing roadside assistance in the case of a dead battery. All auto warranties are different, so it is important to understand the terms associated with the agreement before signing on the dotted line and paying the annual premium.

A prospective buyer should also ask how the warranty works. If the policyholder will be required to return the vehicle to the dealership from which it was purchased to have it maintained or repaired, this could be hard to do if the buyer is from out of town or moves across the country. Top quality auto warranty providers allow the policyholder to choose from any number of repair centers in multiple locations, and provide a variety of local repair centers, dealerships, and national chains as acceptable. This requirement is important to understand before considering the auto warranty further.

A prospective buyer also needs to find out about up-front costs. Some warranty providers will pay the mechanic directly and electronically, ensuring fast payment to the repair shop so the vehicle owner can leave with the car as soon as the repairs are completed. Others require the policyholder to pay the entire bill up-front, and then submit a receipt for reimbursement. It is important to carefully consider which process will work best before choosing an auto warranty.

Any auto warranty business available to Rhode Island car owners should have at least an A- rating with the BBB. Companies with a lower rating have more dissatisfied customers. In addition, the company should have been in business for at least 10 years. Verifying these details before purchasing an auto warranty will ensure buying from a legitimate provider.

Auto warranties provide peace of mind to many drivers in Rhode Island; a little research before selecting a policy will help ensure finding the right one.


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