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      November 18, 2018

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Auto Warranty in Kansas

Kansas MapKansas is a great state in which to purchase an auto warranty, if a buyer does the research first. There are many options available to Kansas residents. Auto warranties can be purchased through dealerships or private companies. Before deciding on any specific company, the car buyer needs to do their homework on the subject.

The most important step to take is to first research the reputation of the business with the BBB. A company is required to meet certain guidelines before becoming accredited. These guidelines include such things as advertising honestly, telling the truth, and being responsive to customer claims. Any complaints from consumers will lower the rating of the company. Accredited BBB companies should have an A rating in order to be considered as a legitimate company to do business with.

After deciding on an auto warranty company, the buyer should research the options and provisions of each plan. There are usually several types of plans available with each business. Some plans cover the major operating parts of the vehicle such as the engine and the transmission, while others may cover only the electrical components. Some plans offer bumper to bumper warranties, while others cover a few specified systems. Whatever the coverage touted, the buyer needs to read the plan in its entirety, as well as the fine print. Ensuring that the buyer is aware of what the plan contains and is satisfied with the provisions is important before paying money for the coverage.

A buyer needs to understand the terms of agreement within the plan. If the auto warranty company requires a receipt for parts and labor to be submitted before they will reimburse the policyholder, this could be a financial inconvenience if the bill to the repair shop is thousands of dollars. A better policy is for the warranty company to pay the mechanic directly via credit card. That way, the driver can take their vehicle from the repair shop as soon as the work on it is completed, and won't have to wait or wonder when reimbursement will come.

There are many auto warranty companies available; it is up to the buyer to choose the right one.


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