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      September 19, 2018

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Auto Warranty in Michigan

Michigan MapDrivers in Michigan need to ask where they are allowed to take their vehicle if it needs repairs when under warranty. Before signing on the dotted line and handing over the annual payment for an auto warranty, ascertaining whether the vehicle owner is allowed to choose their own mechanic for maintenance and repairs is important. Some auto warranty businesses require policyholders to take the vehicle to pre-assigned repair shops, but the best providers allow freedom of choice when it comes to repair centers. Licensed repair centers should include national chains, dealerships, and local repair shops.

In addition to asking about the terms of the repair agreement, a potential buyer needs to find out how long the auto warranty company has been in business. Businesses that are relatively new may not know how to handle claims quickly, which could result in delayed payment. In addition, a company that is not established could fold more easily, leaving the policyholder with the repair bill. A buyer should choose an auto warranty business that has been around for at least 10 years.

The reputation of any company should be checked with the BBB before buying the service. The BBB requires all accredited businesses to uphold certain standards of conduct when it comes to delivering what the business promised. In addition to honoring promises, the business must safeguard the privacy of the customer, protecting all information against mishandling and fraud. The business must also respond quickly and professionally to all claims submitted, upholding the warranty agreement. Any company that does not have an A rating with the BBB should not be considered.

A vehicle owner needs to determine what parts of the vehicle they want covered in the policy. Policies vary in coverage; some protect the engine and transmission, while others only cover the electronic parts. Being sure of items that are most important to be covered and then reading the policy in its entirety is important to ensure the proper coverage is obtained.

Michigan drivers have many options when it comes to finding an auto warranty policy to cover their needs.


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