April 21, 2018

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Information You Should Make Sure Your Babysitter Has

When leaving your child with a new babysitter for that first time, there are sure to be an onset of different emotions, ranging from anxiety to worry to relief; and the last thing you’ll want to be concerned about, is whether you’ve given your new babysitter all the information they could need while you’re away. But how do you know what all to tell your caregiver? Especially considering that when first meeting the babysitter, things can be a little awkward; and that by not acknowledging that awkwardness, you could even blank on the crucial information you planned on telling the caregiver. So how can you make sure you tell the babysitter everything they need to know? Well, the answer to that is fairly simple. Plan out from the beginning everything the babysitter will need to know. Make a list of this information, and hold onto it for future reference. The hard part, can be figuring out everything you’ll think is important enough to tell the babysitter. So what exactly should you plan on telling the sitter? In general there are two sets of information that you should determine your caregiver will know. The first set deals with information that will pertain to your child, while the second set deals with the information that pertains to you, as parents.

First of all, your babysitter needs to understand the needs and expectations they’ll have when caring for your child. Lay out your child’s regular routine for the babysitter, leaving nothing out- and tell your caregiver how strictly you expect this routine to be followed while you are gone. Also, make sure to mention any medical needs your child may have. If they have allergies, asthma, or are currently sick with a cold, then your sitter should understand these needs and understand how you would like them to approach these needs. If your child is young enough that using the toilet regularly is still problematic, alert your caregiver to this issue and explain the methods used in your household for bathroom needs. Ultimately, the most important point is that the babysitter simply needs to understand your expectations for how the house should run while you are away, and what you foresee occurring once you arrive back home.

Next, you’ll need to address the logistics of your arrangement with your babysitter. Of course, the caregiver should have all emergency contact info that you deem necessary- especially your cell phone number. They should also have the address of your home readily available, in case an emergency were to arise and your sitter needed to call for help. It could even help for your caregiver to have the names and numbers of a couple close neighbors they could also contact, in case of any accidents. It’s typically courteous to tell your babysitter when they can expect you home, as being mindful and respectful of your sitter’s time will help ensure they respect yours as well. Finally, it’s beneficial to discuss the pay rate with your caregiver, before taking off. This will help ward off any potential awkwardness once it’s time to pay, and helps get everyone on the same page from the very beginning.

When you keep plans practical and expectations clear, your babysitter will know everything necessary while watching your child. As long as you have a list of the important info your caregiver needs to know, you shouldn’t have any problems remembering everything to tell them. The only thing left to do, will be to enjoy your time away!

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