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      April 24, 2018

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What Kind of Beers are in a Beer-of-the-Month Club?

Who doesn’t like beer? Throughout the world, the golden brew is revered by many, some of whom consider themselves to be true connoisseurs of the libation.

It is that universal love of beer that has helped to spark one of the most popular kind of clubs today – beer-of-the-month clubs.

These clubs were established to help bring a variety of beer right to the doorsteps of those who most love it. If you are a lover of all things beer, beer-of-the-month clubs are an ideal way to sample new brands and flavors in the comfort of your own home.

But what kinds of beer can one expect to find in a beer-of-the-month club? To answer that question, we must first explain how beer is classified. Beer is categorized by the type of yeast used during the fermentation process. Beers fall into one of two categories: ales or lagers. An ale beer is one that was made using top-fermenting yeast. A lager is made with bottom-fermenting yeast. Using different kinds of yeast will provide different looks, tastes and characteristics of beer.

There are three kinds of ales: brown, porter and stout. Brown ale has a copper-hue and a very mild flavor. Porter ales also are mild-tasting, and often are described as resembling the taste of chocolate. Stout ale is so dark in color that it almost appears black. This ale has an intense barley flavor combined with a hop taste.

There are four kinds of lagers: American Style Pale Lager, Pilsner Lager, Light Lager and Dark Lager. The first two are mass-produced types of beer which are known for their lightness in color. Pilsners tend to be less bitter but stronger in taste as compared with a pale lager. Light lagers have less barley and hops, which make them both lower in calories and alcohol content. Dark lagers are nearly black in color, and possess a full-bodied taste from the use of roasted barley and hops in the brewing process.

The kinds of beer found in beer-of-the-month clubs depends on the level of membership selected. Most clubs offer three categories with three very unique selections included in each. They are:

  • Basic. This option includes beer mass-produced in the United States through large breweries, as well as those made by micro-breweries. These are very basic, plain beers. This option runs between $25 and $35 a month, plus shipping and handling fees. It can be a great option for someone who enjoys the kinds of tap and bottled beers commonly found at the local pub.
  • Domestic/Foreign Beers. This medium-priced option provides beer that is produced by microbreweries and large distributors both in the United States and internationally. If you enjoy trying new things, this option provides both domestic and foreign selections from which to sample. This option is generally more expensive, and can run between $40 and $60 a month, plus shipping and handling.
  • “Rare” Beers. True beer connoisseurs would love this option, as it provides rare brands of beer not found within the United States. This option provides limited-release products with bold and exciting flavors that are sure to please the palate. While it is the most creatively-prepared selection, it also can be the most expensive at $45-70 a month plus shipping costs.

If you’re unsure which option is best for you, the best solution would be to select a short-term membership with the option you think you would most enjoy. Once that term expires, if you find you’d like to try something a little bolder, you can always renew your membership and select a different option.

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