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Who Enjoys a Beer-of-the Month Club?

As every beer lover knows, the popular ale comes in many varieties. Full-bodied, crisp-flavored or straight from the tap, there are many options from which to choose.

But as with other libations, the brand or flavor preferred depends solely on the person drinking it. While some beer drinkers may enjoy the run-of-the-mill beer direct from the tap at the bar, others fancy themselves to be beer connoisseurs who prefer to try new and exciting brands.

Whether you're the kind of person who simply enjoys drinking a beer while watching the big game on television, or you're a collector who enjoys finding new and rare beers to try, there is a beer-of-the-month club designed for every kind of beer lover.

The Occasional Beer Drinker. We all know someone like this. A person who drinks a beer every once in awhile - after a hard day at work, or while watching a favorite sporting event on TV - is an occasional beer drinker. For this kind of beer drinker, a basic beer-of-the-month club should suffice. Basic memberships range in price from $25-35 a month, plus shipping and handling. A basic membership can include domestic and microbrewery beers from producers in the United States. These tend to be average, run-of-the-mill flavors and brands, so if you prefer a little more excitement with your beer, you are not the occasional beer drinker and this kind of plan likely will be boring for you.

The Beer Collector. This is a person who takes his beer seriously, and enjoys finding rare brands to try and to share with others. For this kind of beer drinker, a club which provides a selection of domestic, micro-brewed and international flavors is the way to go. The price range for a club offering this kind of selection is generally around $35-45 a month plus shipping and handling.

The Beer Connoisseur. To a beer connoisseur, there is more to beer drinking than sloshing down the standard brand on tap at the local bar. Beer drinking is an art - one that should be appreciated and savored with every sip. These are the folks who enjoy finding rare flavors that may not necessarily be readily available for purchase in the United States. Creatively prepared and bottled, limited-release brands contain surprising and refreshing flavor blends which an average beer drinking may not find palatable. Clubs that provide this kind of beer range in price from $45 to $70 a month, plus shipping and handling. If you are not truly experimental and daring, then you are definitely not a beer connoisseur and should stay away from clubs which provide this kind of selection.

The Beer Giver. This is someone who doesn't necessarily enjoy drinking beer themselves, but has a friend or loved one who is wild about beer. Beer-of-the-month clubs can be ideal gifts for someone who loves beer. But a word of advice when giving a club membership as a gift - make sure you know the person's taste in beer before selecting an option for them. There is nothing worse for a beer drinker than to be forced to drink a product he doesn't like. For a beer giver, a short-term membership to start off with might be the best bet. That way, if you select an option the recipient of the gift isn't wild about, you have the option to change it after just a few months.

No matter which kind of beer drinker you are, beer clubs can be a fun and exciting way to try something new, so consider giving one a try today.

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