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Curology Review

Friday, December 9th

2022 Acne Product Reviews

Curology  Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating
  • 30-day free trial
  • Consult with your personal provider anytime via in-site chat
  • Prices start at only $19.95/month
  • Customize your subscription box with products including hydrocolloid acne patches, acne body wash, sunscreen, cleanser and moisturizer
  • Custom formula includes tretinoin, the skincare enthusiast community's anti-aging, anti-acne "holy grail"
  • 90-day total refund return policy (including the 30-day trial period)

After a patient told him that she found the cost of seeking care for her extreme acne prohibitive, dermatologist Dr. David Lortscher founded Curology in 2013. As a company, Curology believes in making skincare accessible and affordable to all. If you're on TikTok or Instagram, you've probably heard of Curology through one of their customer testimonial videos. Their results are impressive - 93% of surveyed Curology customers reported noticeable improvement in their skin's quality after using the product for three months or more.

Extremely affordable - plus a free trial

A bottle of custom Curology formula will run you only $19.95 per month (billed bi-monthly at $39.90), making them one of our lowest-priced brands. However, your first-month's supply won't cost you a thing.

Answer some questions and upload photos

Before you receive your first bottle for free, you will need to provide the Curology team with your skincare goals by taking their quiz and uploading a few makeup-free selfies. Do you want to reduce fine lines? Fade your dark spots? Treat your acne? Your custom formula will be tailored to your priorities, skin type, and medical history.

Custom blend of top-quality ingredients

Each custom bottle contains up to three of the following active ingredients: Clindamycin, Azelaic acid, Tretinoin, Niacinamide, Zinc Pyrithione, Tranexamic acid, Metronidazole, and Ivermectin. No irritating salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide here. Tretinoin, however, is a much sought-after vitamin A derivative that works to prevent fine lines, smooth skin texture, and reduce acne, but it can be expensive to obtain without a prescription and difficult to work into a skincare routine without causing irritation. Curology's custom formula saves you the trouble and the cost.

Low-cost, three-step routine

Curology's recommended evening routine consists of three simple steps that will take you under five minutes to complete: first, wash your face with their gentle, no-clog cleanser; then apply a pea-sized amount of your custom formula; finally, moisturize. All three Night Routine products together (Cleanser & Moisturizer Set + Formula) will run you $59.90 bi-monthly. Curology's Morning Routine drops the formula and finishes off with their newest product, a non-comedogenic mineral sunscreen, priced at a reasonable $14 bi-monthly.

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Plenty of extras you can add to your subscription box

Need a quick fix for a budding pimple? Is "bacne" bothering you? Maybe you're unsatisfied with the lip balm you picked up from the checkout line the last time your lips were chapped. Curology's got a whole line of options for you to mix and match in your monthly subscription box. Here's a comprehensive list of all their products and prices.

  • Custom Formula (required): $19.95/month
  • Cleanser and moisturizer set (must be bought together, options for dry to oily skin): $10/month
  • Sunscreen: $7/month
  • Emergency spot patches: $2.48/month
  • Acne body wash: $6/month
  • Lip balm (no-cap, slider operated applicator to eliminate bacteria and dirt): $2.48/month
  • Micellar makeup remover (described as "defiantly gentle" ): $4/month

Night Routine is particularly effective

After trying Curology for ourselves, we can wholeheartedly recommend the Night Routine set. With the sunscreen, your mileage may vary - some customers have reported a burning sensation after applying it, while others have lauded it as their new favorite SPF.

Excellent customer service

In our experience, Curology's customer support is responsive and competent. Any concerns or questions you have about your skincare progress will be answered promptly by your licensed provider; changes to your prescription can be made just as fast, and your bottle comes with your name on it. Cancel your subscription (excluding items purchased with the Buy Now button) for any reason within 90 days of receiving your first bottle and get all your money back.

An affordable, bespoke acne routine you should try

We'd like to give Curology five stars, but their Better Business Bureau listing currently appears as "not rated" due to ongoing updates. But hey, 4.5 stars is nothing to scoff at. And, given that this is the only acne product in our review that is absolutely, 100% customized to your particular skin, ingredient by ingredient, we can confidently say that Curology is a contender for our highest ranking if they keep up the good work in the future.

Who Makes the Best Acne Products?

Given that acne is the most common skin condition in the country, affecting as many as 50 million Americans at any given time, it's no wonder that there's such a market for effective treatments. Whether your skin troubles began in puberty or have struck for the first time in your 40s, you're probably searching for a solution that will get you looking and feeling better - as soon as possible.

There are many different approaches that acne products may take, and the right one for you often depends on the type of breakouts you're experiencing. Are you seeing occasional white- and blackheads, or large, painful blemishes that cover most of your face? Is your skin oily all the time, or does it fluctuate with hormonal changes and/or stress? Is acne affecting just your face or other areas of your body too, like your back and chest?

The Best Acne Products Compare Acne Products Compare Acne Product Reviews What are the best Acne Products Best Acne Product Reviews

Acne Product FAQ

Typically, acne kits include a facial cleanser, clearing tonic, acne serum, clear pore serum, moisture complex, or more. If you are not wanting a ton of products to solve your acne issues, then we suggest considering a 3-step plan that requires less product application.
When searching for your perfect acne product, most companies allow you to refine your search by acne product type. Product types can include, but are not limited to, cleansers, toners, exfoliants, serums, moisturizers, acne, anti-aging, and best sellers.
If you are unsure if you are allergic or have sensitive skin, you can just follow these two simple steps. One place the product in an area below your ear for a few minutes. Two if the area becomes red or irritated then you should use a different product. If no reaction occurs, you are good to begin using the product.
On every product there is a batch code that will provide you the expiration date. Some companies use codes that you will have to get the key from customer service. Shelf life for a product that is unopened and unused is typically 3 years.
Concerned with shell fish allergies? When choosing a product make sure the ingredient list does not contain Chitosan. This ingredient has been linked with shellfish and could cause a reaction. Some companies offer a list of products to avoid if you have a shellfish allergy in the customer service and FAQs section.
If you follow a skin application plan without interruptions, and avoid acne causing foods, you should see improvement in as little as 2 - 4 weeks. For those that have non-inflamed acne, improvement may take up to 7 months to become clear since this form of acne is deeper and more resistant.
Shipping normally takes 2 - 5 business days depending on the type of shipping selected. Most companies offer free shipping in general or require a minimum purchase cost to be met. Depending on the site, the minimum purchase cost can be $49+ or have a low shipping rate for the type of shipping you choose.
Of course, most companies offer a 100% money back guarantee within a 30 - 60-day trial return period. Some companies even offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee for a kit purchase that includes a full refund (without shipping costs). If you are skeptical, be sure to choose a product with a generous return policy.
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Another factor when choosing an acne product is your experience with treatments in the past. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are two of the most common ingredients in over-the-counter remedies: they're very effective for some, while others experience dry skin or rashes when using products that contain them. Also consider if you have any known sensitivities to natural ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, or other botanicals. Check the ingredients list of any acne product you're considering to make sure it doesn't contain anything that's a known irritant for you.

A word of warning: know how they say that sometimes things get worse before they get better? No matter which acne treatment you follow, you may find that your acne actually increases at first. It's a process known as "skin purge" , and according to Medical News Today, it can happen as people use new products with ingredients that accelerate exfoliation and bring new skin to the surface. You might just have dry, flaky skin - or even more blemishes than before.

Fortunately, many effective acne products give you 60 days (or longer) to let the skin purge run its course and reveal your new, healthy skin underneath. You just need the patience to ride it out. Of course, if you're showing signs of an allergic reaction (rash, hives, stinging or burning sensation, itchy or watery eyes, and so on), discontinue use and check in with your doctor before trying a new treatment.

With so many different acne products on the market, you might be feeling confused about where to start. Not to worry. Here are some criteria you can use to narrow down the options and zero in on the ones that will likely be your best bet:

  • Regimen. Be honest with yourself. Are you going to follow a skincare routine faithfully, morning and night, for up to 90 minutes a day? If the answer is "Yes!" , you should have no hesitations about a multi-step acne product. If it's "probably not" , choose a treatment that has just one or two steps to follow, once or twice a day. Your ideal acne routine is one that you'll actually stick to.
  • Ingredients. Are there any acne-fighting ingredients that you've had experience with, good or bad? Use that knowledge to choose (or avoid) products.
  • Cost. Some acne products are budget-friendly, while others are expensive enough that you might want to hold them in reserve as a last resort. Look not just at how much you'll pay to get started, but how long each product will last. In other words, paying $100 might sound like a lot, but when you realize it's for a two-month supply, it starts to look pretty appealing compared to the $60 treatment that might last you 30 days.
  • Expert Help. Some providers of acne products go the extra mile to help you get a customized routine. You might be able to schedule a 20-minute video consultation with an esthetician or send in photos of your skin, and then get recommendations unique to you.
  • Refund/Return Policy. There's not a single acne product that works for 100% of users. The best brands recognize that, and they offer generous return policies that let you get your money back if you give it your best shot and don't see the improvements you hoped for.
  • Reputation. What do users say about the products - and the company backing them? Can you count on the business to live up to its promises?

To help you get the clearest skin possible, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked today's most popular acne products. We're confident that this information will make it easy to find the right solution - and at the right price!

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