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Mighty Patch Review

Friday, December 9th

2022 Acne Product Reviews

Mighty Patch Review 4 Star Rating

Mighty Patch

4 Star Rating
  • Spot treatment for blemishes
  • Free shipping on orders of $35+
  • Subscribe and save
  • 30-day refund/return policy (minus the original shipping costs)
  • Skin Squad rewards program

Mighty Patch is different from most of the acne products in our review. This is no large-scale, use-it-for-weeks regimen you have to follow to the letter. Instead, this treatment is intended to tackle those once-in-a-while eruptions that threaten to ruin your class pictures or a long-anticipated first date. Apply the hydrocolloid patch (overnight or whenever; they're fairly discreet) and let it work for 6-8 hours. Peel it off when it turns white, all to reveal a much smaller, flatter pimple.

Hydrocolloid is Hero's hero

So what, exactly, is hydrocolloid? According to Hero, the makers of Mighty Patch, it's "a medical-grade gel that gently absorbs and traps gunk." Yummy! The benefits of using a Mighty Patch are many: hydrocolloid is chemical-free and allergy-tested, and it won't be as harsh on your skin as a benzoyl peroxide-based treatment. Plus, when you've got that pimple covered up, you're much less likely to pick at or pop it - which can often lead to scarring down the line.

Take the quiz to see other recommended acne products

However, Hero's acne solutions aren't limited to the Mighty Patch. You can take a skincare quiz on the Hero site to see which of their products might help you get the clear skin you want. Answer six questions about your skin concerns, skin tone and type, your age, and the kind of recommendations you want (targeted products or a whole routine). You'll have to provide your email address to get your results (which we don't love), but at least it comes with a 10% discount on your first order. That's the same savings and offer we got as a pop-up, prior to taking the quiz.

Check out all of the acne-fighting options here

You can always browse the Hero shop without getting your quiz results. Categories here include:

  • Pimple Patches: Mighty Patch comes in many varieties from Original (use at night) to Invisible+ (for daytime), Nose, Surface, and even a Variety Pack itself "for all your pimple emergencies" . Expect to pay about $12.99 for a box of 36 patches or Original, up to $32 for a combo kit of two 10-count boxes for covering larger areas.
  • Pimple Aftercare: sometimes there's a little something left behind after the pimple disappears. Check in this category for products to help your skin recover: Rescue Balm, Dark Spot Retouch, Lightning serum and pads for brightening up your skin, and so on. Pricing ranges from $12.99 to $35.
  • Daily Care: don't forget the sunscreen. And cleanser. And toner. You'll find the traditional components of skincare routines in this section of the Hero store. Depending on what you select, you'll pay anywhere from $12.99 to $41.
  • Body Care: from weekly smoothing body scrub to a bacteria-balancing body moisturizer, you'll find options for your whole body here. Choose one element for $14.99 or get the whole routine (four products) for $51.

Save with bundles, rewards program, and subscriptions

How about some savings? You can save anywhere from 10-40% by shopping Hero's bundles. Plus, Hero will give you free shipping if your order is $35+. You can also join Hero's free rewards program, Skin Squad. You'll get points when you join, shop, and follow Hero on social media. You can redeem your rewards at checkout, which may include some free products to try. Finally, once you know you love your Hero acne treatments, you can subscribe and save 20% - you'll see that on the item page, where you'll select between making a one-time purchase or subscribing for redeliveries every 30, 45, or 60 days. Be aware that you'll have a two-delivery minimum before you can cancel your subscription.

Best Acne Products

Over 100,000 five-star reviews

The real question is "Does it work?" When it comes to Mighty Patch, the resounding answer is "yes" . Out of more than 2,100 reviews on the Hero site and a whopping 100,000+ elsewhere, the average rating for the Mighty Patch Original is an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars. See for yourself among the numerous before-and-after photos and comments left by actual users of this Hero product: you can even look for reviews by people who fit your profile (same age, same skin type, you get the idea).

30-day satisfaction guarantee

If you don't love your Mighty Patches or any other Hero product, reach out to their customer support email to start the return process within 30 days of purchase. You'll get a full refund (minus your original shipping costs), and they'll even give you a prepaid shipping label for sending it back.

Risk-free, effective acne treatments

Mighty Patch and Hero's other acne-fighting products are a safe bet if you're looking for something affordable to tackle your pimple problems. Hundreds of thousands of people have tried these treatments with plenty of positive results, and that 30-day refund policy should reassure you that you're not making a risky purchase here. Why not see if it works for you?

Who Makes the Best Acne Products?

Given that acne is the most common skin condition in the country, affecting as many as 50 million Americans at any given time, it's no wonder that there's such a market for effective treatments. Whether your skin troubles began in puberty or have struck for the first time in your 40s, you're probably searching for a solution that will get you looking and feeling better - as soon as possible.

There are many different approaches that acne products may take, and the right one for you often depends on the type of breakouts you're experiencing. Are you seeing occasional white- and blackheads, or large, painful blemishes that cover most of your face? Is your skin oily all the time, or does it fluctuate with hormonal changes and/or stress? Is acne affecting just your face or other areas of your body too, like your back and chest?

The Best Acne Products Compare Acne Products Compare Acne Product Reviews What are the best Acne Products Best Acne Product Reviews

Acne Product FAQ

Typically, acne kits include a facial cleanser, clearing tonic, acne serum, clear pore serum, moisture complex, or more. If you are not wanting a ton of products to solve your acne issues, then we suggest considering a 3-step plan that requires less product application.
When searching for your perfect acne product, most companies allow you to refine your search by acne product type. Product types can include, but are not limited to, cleansers, toners, exfoliants, serums, moisturizers, acne, anti-aging, and best sellers.
If you are unsure if you are allergic or have sensitive skin, you can just follow these two simple steps. One place the product in an area below your ear for a few minutes. Two if the area becomes red or irritated then you should use a different product. If no reaction occurs, you are good to begin using the product.
On every product there is a batch code that will provide you the expiration date. Some companies use codes that you will have to get the key from customer service. Shelf life for a product that is unopened and unused is typically 3 years.
Concerned with shell fish allergies? When choosing a product make sure the ingredient list does not contain Chitosan. This ingredient has been linked with shellfish and could cause a reaction. Some companies offer a list of products to avoid if you have a shellfish allergy in the customer service and FAQs section.
If you follow a skin application plan without interruptions, and avoid acne causing foods, you should see improvement in as little as 2 - 4 weeks. For those that have non-inflamed acne, improvement may take up to 7 months to become clear since this form of acne is deeper and more resistant.
Shipping normally takes 2 - 5 business days depending on the type of shipping selected. Most companies offer free shipping in general or require a minimum purchase cost to be met. Depending on the site, the minimum purchase cost can be $49+ or have a low shipping rate for the type of shipping you choose.
Of course, most companies offer a 100% money back guarantee within a 30 - 60-day trial return period. Some companies even offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee for a kit purchase that includes a full refund (without shipping costs). If you are skeptical, be sure to choose a product with a generous return policy.
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Continued from above...

Another factor when choosing an acne product is your experience with treatments in the past. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are two of the most common ingredients in over-the-counter remedies: they're very effective for some, while others experience dry skin or rashes when using products that contain them. Also consider if you have any known sensitivities to natural ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, or other botanicals. Check the ingredients list of any acne product you're considering to make sure it doesn't contain anything that's a known irritant for you.

A word of warning: know how they say that sometimes things get worse before they get better? No matter which acne treatment you follow, you may find that your acne actually increases at first. It's a process known as "skin purge" , and according to Medical News Today, it can happen as people use new products with ingredients that accelerate exfoliation and bring new skin to the surface. You might just have dry, flaky skin - or even more blemishes than before.

Fortunately, many effective acne products give you 60 days (or longer) to let the skin purge run its course and reveal your new, healthy skin underneath. You just need the patience to ride it out. Of course, if you're showing signs of an allergic reaction (rash, hives, stinging or burning sensation, itchy or watery eyes, and so on), discontinue use and check in with your doctor before trying a new treatment.

With so many different acne products on the market, you might be feeling confused about where to start. Not to worry. Here are some criteria you can use to narrow down the options and zero in on the ones that will likely be your best bet:

  • Regimen. Be honest with yourself. Are you going to follow a skincare routine faithfully, morning and night, for up to 90 minutes a day? If the answer is "Yes!" , you should have no hesitations about a multi-step acne product. If it's "probably not" , choose a treatment that has just one or two steps to follow, once or twice a day. Your ideal acne routine is one that you'll actually stick to.
  • Ingredients. Are there any acne-fighting ingredients that you've had experience with, good or bad? Use that knowledge to choose (or avoid) products.
  • Cost. Some acne products are budget-friendly, while others are expensive enough that you might want to hold them in reserve as a last resort. Look not just at how much you'll pay to get started, but how long each product will last. In other words, paying $100 might sound like a lot, but when you realize it's for a two-month supply, it starts to look pretty appealing compared to the $60 treatment that might last you 30 days.
  • Expert Help. Some providers of acne products go the extra mile to help you get a customized routine. You might be able to schedule a 20-minute video consultation with an esthetician or send in photos of your skin, and then get recommendations unique to you.
  • Refund/Return Policy. There's not a single acne product that works for 100% of users. The best brands recognize that, and they offer generous return policies that let you get your money back if you give it your best shot and don't see the improvements you hoped for.
  • Reputation. What do users say about the products - and the company backing them? Can you count on the business to live up to its promises?

To help you get the clearest skin possible, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked today's most popular acne products. We're confident that this information will make it easy to find the right solution - and at the right price!

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