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Game Dribble Review

Tuesday, June 28th

2022 Air Hockey Table Store Reviews

Game Dribble Review 2 Star Rating

Game Dribble

2 Star Rating
  • All tables made in the USA
  • About 50 air hockey tables
  • Prices range from $289 to $9,995
  • Free shipping
  • No sales tax
  • Price match guarantee
  • 30-day returns on unused items

Game Dribble focuses on bringing customers game tables exclusively made in America, through relationships with all of the major US manufacturers.

Big selection

There's a huge range of air hockey tables here, with just around 50 to choose from. Your most entry-level option is the Triumph 48" 4-in-1 Swivel Table, priced at $289. It combines air hockey with billiards, launch football and table tennis to give you plenty of choices for entertainment. It had five customer reviews, all of which were four- and five-star ratings. This model has a limited 90-day manufacturer warranty.

Arcade-style tables available

The opposite end of the price spectrum brings you to the Dynamo 8' Fire Storm. It's priced at $9,995 if you want coin operated (hey, why not charge the kiddos for playtime?!) or $9,195 if you'd just as soon not have to keep quarters on hand in your basement. As you'd expect with a high-end air hockey table, this model is fully-featured with a commercial-grade cabinet, jam-proof scoring, adjustable game sounds, and LED lighting you can configure as desired. Keep in mind that the assembly lead time on this table was 16 weeks at the time of our review: not something you're going to buy for use any time soon.

Free shipping and post-purchase price matching

Every air hockey table sold by Game Dribble comes with free shipping. This retailer sweetens the deal a little by not charging any sales tax on your order. They also give you a price match guarantee: if you find one of their air hockey tables at a lower price within 30 days of your purchase, they'll refund you the difference. The only downside is that they won't match the price beforehand: you have to place your order first, then request the match.

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Standard return policy

Game Dribble's return policy is pretty standard. You've got 30 days to return your air hockey table for a refund, as long as it's in unused condition. That means you can't have assembled or modified it in any way. The return shipping fees will be deducted from your refund.

Is anyone home?

It's not easy finding feedback for Game Dribble. Our search for a listing with the Better Business Bureau came up empty, and Game Dribble's Facebook page only had five "likes" , no reviews. We thought that maybe the company was so new that they hadn't yet had time to gain much traction - but then their blog posts were over two years old at the time of this evaluation. Even the small number of product reviews on some of the air hockey tables sold here were mostly from 2020.

Room to grow

If we had a way to give Game Dribble a "No Rating" , we would. There's just not enough information to go on here. Are they doing a brisk business or none at all? Are customers over-the-moon happy with their air hockey tables or bitterly disappointed? This is a retailer we'd like to like, because we love the idea of getting American-made equipment, but we need some evidence of their reliability before recommending Game Dribble to prospective customers. We'd gladly move this retailer up in our rankings if we find some of that feedback in the future, but until then we have no choice but to give Game Dribble a room-for-improvement rating.

Where Can You Buy the Best Air Hockey Tables?

As one of the most popular two-player games in arcades worldwide, it's no surprise that air hockey tables are a sought-after item when people are setting up a game room in their home or at the office. There's just something about driving that puck against the rails and lining up that perfect shot into the goal!

But, you're unlikely to see a big selection of air hockey tables at a store near you. Why? Unless you choose a tabletop toy version of the game, these rec room favorites take up a lot of space. Most retailers aren't able to commit such a big portion of their display area to selling air hockey tables (or pool tables, foosball equipment, and so on). That's no cause for concern, because there are many online retailers of game room gear that can help you get the air hockey table of your dreams delivered right to your location - and you can usually have it professionally installed too, for an extra fee.

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Air Hockey Table Store FAQ

Air hockey is a fun arcade game that can be played in your own home with two players. The table is the structure on which the game sits. It needs to be flat and may need to connect to a power source. Small holes on the table will allow mild gusts of air to penetrate through so the puck can "float" around easily like it would in a real hockey game, though less-expensive versions may rely on a smooth table surface alone. Air hockey tables can be made of wood, metal, or strong plastic.
Air hockey is a simple game that involves using one puck and two pushers (also known as mallets, strikers, or handles). Players stand on opposite ends of the table with their pusher and aggressively maneuver the puck back and forth with the object of getting the puck into their opponent's goal. The first player to score 7 goals wins the game.
As long as you can comfortably reach around the top of an air hockey table and understand the rules, you can play. Kids as young as age 6 could successfully play air hockey. It's important to follow safety measures when using an air hockey table and realize that during a heated game, a puck can be launched off the table and be a danger to people standing close by. It's a good idea to keep small children at a distance when an air hockey game is going on.
A standard air hockey table measures 84 inches across. This can take up a significant amount of space in an entertainment room, so some people might opt for something smaller. If you're short on space or looking for a table for kids, you could get a 60-inch air hockey table instead.
They can be, but they don't have to be. If you want a nice air hockey table made of pine, you can easily spend over $1,000. However, this is not necessary. They are plenty of highly-rated air hockey tables online for under $700, especially if you opt for a smaller, 60-inch table. In the end, all air hockey tables serve the same purpose, so if you want something practical and functional, you don't have to stretch your budget for it.
Hopefully you won't have to return an air hockey table! They are so big and it is usually quite a pain. However, if it comes damaged or you decide you want a different one, you have 30-60 days with most retailers to send it back and get a full refund or make an exchange. Be sure to verify whether or not the return will cost you a restocking fee, since this is often the case with big items.
Most air hockey tables come with a warranty. This means that if the workmanship gets damaged or the air pockets go out, you can have someone come fix it or get a new one. A warranty can be anywhere from 3 months to a few years. If you're buying a nice, expensive air hockey table, make sure to check what the warranty is on it. You could even buy an additional protection plan if you want it covered for a longer period of time. Then you don't have to worry about any structural or functional defects.
Air hockey tables are a unique way to bring the arcade to your home. It's an easy but competitive game that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike! Air hockey tables can be used over and over again, providing entertainment for years. They are appealing and make a great addition to any gaming space.
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Which type of air hockey table are you looking for? Your budget may be the biggest determining factor of the gameplay you ultimately get. Lower-priced tables use a smooth table surface for the puck and striker to slide on, but the more advanced (and costlier) models use air currents to let the puck float freely - and you'll need a nearby electrical outlet to plug those tables in, too.

Maybe you want all the bells and whistles - literally! - just like the arcade. You're in luck: some retailers specialize in high-end game tables, complete with LED lights you can customize, fun music, and electronic scoring to keep track of who's dominating the game. Prices can range anywhere from $20 for a little toy table to more than $11,000 for a fully tricked-out arcade-style air hockey table that's sure to bring the party to your house.

With more than a few retailers offering rec room equipment, how can you tell where to start your shopping? Here are a few guidelines that will help you narrow it down:

  • Selection. It's easier to find the right air hockey table when a store has a broad inventory. How many models does the store carry? Also, look to see how many of the choices listed are actually in stock and available to order.
  • Cost. How much will you pay for the air hockey table? Is shipping included? Will the store match the price if you find it for less money on a rival's website?
  • Returns. What happens if you change your mind? Can you send the table back for a refund? Will there be restocking fees? Sometimes customers have to pay the return shipping fees on returns, and that can get expensive fast.
  • Reputation. What do other shoppers have to say, both in ratings on individual air hockey tables and about the store itself? Can you count on receiving friendly, professional responses if you have a problem with your order? Has the Better Business Bureau given the retailer a favorable grade?

To help you get the right air hockey table for your game room, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked today's most popular retailers. We're sure this information will make it easy, fun, and affordable to find an air hockey table you'll love - for years to come!

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