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Where can you buy Amish furniture?

Monday, April 15th

Where Can You Buy Amish Furniture?

Amish furniture is rightfully known for its durability, quality and craftsmanship. Amish furniture makers today continue to employ the same techniques that their ancestors have used for generations. They exclusively use quality hardwood with exceptional joinery techniques. At the same time, they produce timeless pieces that have the durability and style to remain desirable for decades or longer. While Amish furniture continues to be in high demand, finding the right pieces for your home can be a challenge.

The Amish are known for producing styles like Shaker, Missionary and others. However, these styles are also mass-produced using lower-quality materials and practices from other furniture makers. How can you find a great selection of authentic Amish furniture? There are a few options to continue as you shop for furniture for your home.

Direct from the Furniture Makers

In many Amish communities, craftsmen sell their goods in small stores. If you live close to an Amish community, your search for beautiful home furnishings could begin there. The largest and most well-known Amish community in the United States is in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Holmes, Ohio and Elkhart, Indiana also have fairly large communities that you could visit while searching for furniture. While there are smaller communities in other states, be aware that not all Amish towns welcome visitors or have stores that are open to the public. If you are in the market for custom pieces that are made to your specifications, this is a great way to get in direct communication with a skilled furniture maker.

While buying Amish furnishings directly from furniture makers may be an appealing option, be aware that stores in these communities are relatively small. As a result, your options will be severely limited unless you can negotiate the creation of a custom piece. It may be necessary to visit a furniture maker's store numerous times before you find furniture that is well-suited for your home's decor. If you need to make an immediate purchase, this may not be your best option.

In Local Stores

If you are not fortunate enough to live next to a large Amish community or if you have trouble finding the right pieces for your home in these small stores, another idea is to expand your search outside of the Amish communities. In most major metropolitan areas, you will find at least a few furniture stores that exclusively sell Amish furniture or that offer Amish furniture in combination with other mass-produced pieces. Because the local store acts as a middleman between you and the furniture maker, you can expect to pay a premium for these pieces. Local stores may have a considerable amount of overhead to cover, and they will also add in their profit margin to the sticker price.

If you are agreeable to paying more for your Amish furnishings by shopping at your city's retail stores, you may have access to a much larger variety of options than you will find in Amish furniture maker's direct stores. This is because the retail stores may purchase pieces from a variety of furniture makers in different communities. Retail stores also usually have a larger showroom than furniture makers have.

However, you should shop with caution at these stores. Authentic Amish pieces may be displayed next to cheaper, mass-produced pieces in some stores. Pieces that may be described as Amish may not have authentic Amish craftsmanship. This is because Amish styles are often mimicked by furniture manufacturers. Carefully inspect the materials and the joinery techniques to look for signs of quality craftsmanship. Keep in mind that true Amish furnishings do not use particleboard, fiberboard, veneer, nails, or screws.

Best Amish Furniture Companies

Through Online Retailers

Many shoppers today prefer to shop online, so you may be pleased to learn that you can find Amish furniture at a variety of online retailers. Generally, you will be hard-pressed to find an Amish craftsman with his own website. With this in mind, online retailers act as a liaison between craftsmen and consumers. Many of these retailers will accept custom orders, or you can purchase furniture from their selection of in-stock pieces. Online retailers have a virtual showroom, so they can often display many more pieces than what local retailers may display. With this in mind, you may have the largest selection of options when you shop online.

Online retailers may not have the fixed overhead associated with running a brick-and-mortar store and maintaining a huge staff, so they may offer more affordable prices than what you will find in local retail stores. However, as you compare options at different online stores, you will notice substantial price differences. Before comparing prices online, ensure that the furnishings you are interested in are authentic Amish furnishings. Mass-produced pieces will understandably be cheaper in terms of quality and price. In addition, remember that each Amish furnishing is handmade and unique. This makes it challenging to make an accurate price comparison.

True Amish furnishings are handcrafted using generations-old techniques and some of the most durable materials available. With other types of furniture, there may be a question about quality when you shop online. However, this is never a concern when you buy Amish furniture online. Nonetheless, you may decide that a piece does not look quite right in your home after it arrives. As is the case with all types of online purchases, take a moment to read the online retailer's return policy and consumer reviews.

Through Resellers

In many homes, Amish furniture may be treasured for decades. In fact, because of their incredible quality and their timeless appeal, Amish furniture is often handed down across several generations. From time to time, however, someone may decide that a specific piece of furniture no longer appeals to them. Perhaps they are redecorating their home with a different style, or they may be relocating to a smaller house and no longer have space from some of their furniture. For these and other reasons, you may be able to find second-hand Amish furniture for sale. The best place to look for second-hand Amish furniture is through online platforms.

There are both advantages and drawbacks associated with buying second-hand Amish furniture. While you are assured of the pieces' craftsmanship, some sellers may not have taken great care of their belongings. As a result, you may find nicks or scratches in them. In addition, you will have a small selection of items to choose from. Often, sellers may only have one or two pieces that they are interested in getting rid of.

On the other hand, if you are looking at online classified listings for furniture in your local area, you generally will be able to see the furniture in person before you decide to purchase it. On the other hand, these furnishings usually will not be delivered to your door. You will need to make arrangements for picking them up and moving them into your home. Pricing is at the discretion of the seller, but you may be able to negotiate pricing with a seller more easily and successfully than you could through online and local stores.

Find Your Amish Home Furnishings Today

Do you have a solid idea of the style of Amish furniture that you are looking for? Do you want to shop around until you find items that speak to your sense of style? Regardless of your shopping strategy, a great starting point is an online search. In fact, you can conveniently begin exploring the beautiful possibilities right now without getting up from your chair. Given the fact that online shopping is hassle-free and gives you access to a wide range of options, you could easily find a few items that you would love to have in your home when you start your search today.

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Amish Furniture Store FAQ

The Amish are a Christian group in North America whose roots go back to the late 17th century. Their church is a branch off of the Mennonite faith. Today, the largest groups of Amish people are mainly found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and Kansas. They believe in separating themselves from the world by wearing plain clothing, being slow to accept new technologies, and using bicycles or horse-and-buggies as their main source of transportation. The Amish are known for being excellent farmers, constructing their own tools, and being hard workers.
The level of craftsmanship that goes into Amish furniture is of higher quality than what you would find at a store that sells mass-manufactured items. Rather than lasting a few years, Amish furniture is such high quality that it can be passed down for generations and still look brand new if well cared for. Each item is handmade by an Amish woodworker, often on their own land. Amish furniture businesses are almost always family-owned and operated.
The Amish reject most modern machinery that requires operation by electricity. When making furniture, they often use handmade tools and alternative power sources like hydraulic pumps, propane gas, or compressed air. They make all their furniture by hand with real wood (i.e. no particle board or laminate), which is why it can take months for an order to be completed. It is not uncommon to see furniture made without nails, but rather using advanced joinery techniques that can last for generations.
Yes! When you're browsing Amish furniture online, you'll find that for any given piece you're interested in, you can usually pick the color of wood and sometimes add other details or engravings. Each piece of Amish furniture is made just for the buyer and no one else. Because of this, no two pieces are exactly alike and you get to request all of your specifications before the product is constructed.
You can get just about any type of furniture you want from an online Amish retailer. You'll find all the basics like bedroom sets, rocking chairs, tables, dining chairs, desks, and more. Some retailers also sell porch swings, outdoor playgrounds, patio sets, and office furniture. If you're wanting a timeless, long-lasting piece of furniture for any space in your house, you'll be able to find it Amish-made.
Amish furniture is always more expensive than mass-produced furniture because every piece is made of solid wood and crafted by hand. The quality of your furniture will far exceed anything you'll find elsewhere, making it well worth the cost. The price of any given item depends on the item and from what type of wood it is made. When shopping for Amish furniture, you can expect to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for any given piece.
If you have an Amish community near you in the northern United States, you might be able to visit a showroom to get an idea of the quality and designs available. Some Amish retailers even work with other home furnishing stores throughout the US and supply them with some staple furniture products. However, most of the time when buying Amish furniture, you shop online: select the construction materials you want and any other customizable features and have it built for you. This is the most convenient and personalized way to buy Amish furniture.
Depending on the retailer, Amish furniture is sometimes returnable as long as it is not custom. Some retailers have a 25%+ restocking fee for anything returned, while others don't allow returns at all. Amish furniture is well-made piece-by-piece, so you won't need to worry about quality as much as you would if you were buying furniture from a traditional retailer. Because the pieces are typically made exactly to your specifications, most of the time there would be no need for returns. Read the return policy listed by the Amish furniture store you choose to buy from before placing an order so you know what to expect.

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