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Where's the Best Place to Buy Amish Furniture?

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the term "Amish furniture" ? Maybe you think of beautiful handmade items or unique and artisanal designs? When customers start looking at Amish Furniture, they'll discover a new world of home design.

The appeal of Amish furniture goes beyond aesthetics, owing much of its popularity to its unparalleled quality, exceptional craftsmanship, and timeless design. In a world where mass-produced furniture often relies on materials like particle board or laminate, susceptible to wear and tear, Amish furniture stands out from the pack. Each piece is meticulously crafted from hand-selected wood, tailored to the customer's specific design needs.

Thursday, July 18th

2024 Amish Furniture Store Reviews

Online Amish Furniture Review Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award 5 Star Rating

Online Amish Furniture

5 Star Rating Top Consumer Reviews Best-In-Class Blue Ribbon Award

Online Amish Furniture, in business since 1998, offers a wide variety of custom-made, eco-friendly furniture (though the website is a bit outdated). Sitting easily at the top of this review, there's so many good things to say about this business that there almost isn't enough space to do it. Their budget-friendly prices, frequent sales, and generous return policy set them apart, along with an "A+" BBB rating and a 4.9-star review average. With all these benefits available at Online Amish Furniture, it's a no-brainer that they're our top choice for Amish furniture enthusiasts.

Pinecraft Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

Pinecraft is your go-to destination for outdoor Amish furniture, offering a diverse range of sustainably sourced products inspired by Amish craftsmanship. The website's clean design makes browsing easy, and prices are budget-friendly. Plus, orders over $199 enjoy completely free shipping - almost unheard of in this industry. Pinecraft holds a strong reputation, and overall, it's an excellent choice for outdoor furniture needs. For these reasons (especially the free shipping) it earns a very high spot as a unique outdoor Amish furniture option.

Amish Furniture Factory Review 4.5 Star Rating

Amish Furniture Factory

4.5 Star Rating

Amish Furniture Factory stands out as a reliable source for authentic Amish furniture, serving customers across the United States with pride. While their website may not dazzle with the glitz and glamor of some competitors, it compensates with a vast selection so you can easily find your next furniture must-have. Notably, Amish Furniture Factory differentiates itself by offering a distinctive feature: the majority of its product line isn't readily available in stock. Instead, a whopping 95% of their offerings are meticulously hand-crafted to order, promising the highest level of craftsmanship and personalization. It's easy to give this Amish furniture store our enthusiastic recommendation.

Amish Outlet Store Review 4 Star Rating

Amish Outlet Store

4 Star Rating

Amish Outlet Store, based in Ohio's Amish country, offers a wide range of American-made Amish furniture with customization options. They have a user-friendly website, diverse wood choices, and prices to fit various budgets. While they have favorable customer reviews and a top-notch BBB score as well as customizable furniture items, there are a couple of downsides. Amish Outlet Store's return policy is limited to ten days for standard items, and customers often wish for better stain previews to be sure what particular styles look like before they buy. However, if you're looking for a huge variety and some amazing high-end items, Amish Outlet Store is the spot for you.

Countryside Amish Furniture Review 4 Star Rating

Countryside Amish Furniture

4 Star Rating

Countryside Amish Furniture impresses with an eco-friendly approach, emphasizing sustainability in crafting their furniture. But where it really stands out is the sales and shipping. Customers can benefit from discounts ranging from 5% to 10% based on their total purchase, providing cost savings on larger orders, and their flat-rate shipping and setup fee of $150 is convenient and lower-cost than many competitors. While the no-return policy may deter some buyers, the company maintains a solid reputation with an "A+" BBB rating and positive customer feedback. Overall, Countryside Amish Furniture is a strong option for you to consider.

Amish Showroom Review 3.5 Star Rating

Amish Showroom

3.5 Star Rating

Short Amish Showroom, located in Minnesota, offers a wide selection of Amish furniture with a user-friendly website. They provide personalized service, including stain samples, and have a delivery time frame of 4 to 12 weeks. However, the store has limited discounts and enforces a strict no-return policy due to the uniqueness of its handcrafted pieces. Because they have received positive reviews, Amish Showroom stands out as a good choice for those seeking distinct, high-quality furniture, but not the best option for those looking for matching sets.

DutchCrafters Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

DutchCrafters offers a vast range of Amish furniture from the heartlands. Their website is user-friendly, with handy filters and detailed product descriptions. They prioritize sustainability and local sourcing but have a longer production and delivery timeline than some rivals. Pricing is reasonable, and regular promotions provide cost-saving opportunities. However, their return policy comes with a 15% restocking fee, and shipping starts at $250. The biggest drawback, though, is that customer feedback is lower for DutchCrafters than other companies, with some expressing concerns about finish and quality.

Cabinfield Review 3.5 Star Rating


3.5 Star Rating

Cabinfield offers an attractive website design with well-organized categories, making it easy to browse their collections. They focus on eco-friendly practices, crafting furniture from sustainably harvested wood and offering outdoor pieces made from recycled materials. While their bundle-style shopping options are a standout feature, Cabinfield also has a limited cancellation window and no returns unless there are manufacturing errors. So, while Cabinfield shows a strong reputation with an "A+" rating from the BBB and positive customer reviews, it lacks standout features compared to competitors.

Simply Amish Review 2.5 Star Rating

Simply Amish

2.5 Star Rating

Simply Amish is a company that started back in 1979, but given that the company doesn't offer online shopping on its website, it may still be stuck in the past. Instead, you must find a local authorized dealer to complete your purchase, which may inconvenience those without nearby options. While their website offers customized furniture and Simply Amish includes a lifetime warranty on their products, the absence of online pricing and discounts, along with a lack of ratings and limited reviews, leaves a lot of room for improvement. With these drawbacks considered, Simply Amish earns a below-average rating.

Amish Furniture Collection Review 2 Star Rating

Amish Furniture Collection

2 Star Rating

Amish Furniture Collection offers stylish furniture, but its limited sales circle (only offering furniture to Southeast Michigan) is a huge disappointment to those outside the region. Their website is well-designed, showcasing a curated selection of furniture styles, but unfortunately, you can't make purchases online, and discounts are scarce. Despite overwhelmingly positive Google Reviews, the regional limitation makes it less accessible to most customers, earning Amish Furniture Collection its lower-than-average rating in this review.

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This particular genre of furniture came into the limelight during the 1920s, a period when American folk art was gaining popularity. The allure of Amish craftsmanship, deeply rooted in tradition, began to captivate the hearts of furniture enthusiasts across the nation. Amish furniture can be passed down through generations, truly becoming a cherished family heirloom.

Plus, if you're looking for ways to reduce your impact on the environment, Amish furniture is the way to go. The manufacturing process adheres to sustainable practices, with tools frequently powered by hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Since the Amish community is averse to electricity usage due to their principles, they use alternative resources in the pursuit of their craft. In their unwavering dedication to their trade, the Amish take pride in their deliberate, time-honored methods of furniture making.

If you're wondering where you can pick up one of these amazing pieces, don't worry. You can find Amish Furniture all over, but some of the most talented Amish artisans hail from states such as Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, where they diligently craft these highly sought-after pieces. Fortunately, with modern online shopping, you don't have to take a big road trip or sniff out specialized Amish boutiques to add artisanal pieces to your collection.

There are lots of online stores for Amish Furniture which allow you to explore and purchase completely online, with the added convenience of having these exquisite pieces tailor-made and delivered directly to your doorstep. But with so many options online, it can be hard to know where to start.

Here are some factors to consider when you begin your search for Amish furniture:

  • Cost. Bear in mind that Amish furniture's premium quality is often reflected in its pricing. While this doesn't mean you can't buy Amish on a budget, just make sure that you keep an eye on the construction and materials used in each piece, ensuring you receive the right value for your investment.
  • Selection. Furniture shopping often entails a quest for a specific color or style to complement your existing aesthetic. A store with a diverse and extensive selection is more likely to cater to these preferences, so that you find pieces that genuinely resonate with your personal tastes.
  • Return policy. In the event that the furniture does not fit the designated space or arrives damaged during shipping, understanding the retailer's return policy will be important. The ability to send back the product for a refund or exchange can offer peace of mind during the shopping process.
  • Reputation. If you've looked through the other factors and you're still stuck between your favorite retailers, a store's reputation can help you make a final decision. Feedback from reviewers or a score from the Better Business Bureau can give you that extra boost of confidence that you're shopping at a retailer that will take care of customers just like you.

Are you ready for some beautiful Amish furniture in your home? At Top Consumer Reviews, we've reviewed and ranked the top Amish furniture retailers out there today. We hope this helps you pick out the best deals and styles of this artisanal furniture, so that you can enjoy it for generations to come!

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Amish Furniture Store FAQ

The Amish are a Christian group in North America whose roots go back to the late 17th century. Their church is a branch off of the Mennonite faith. Today, the largest groups of Amish people are mainly found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and Kansas. They believe in separating themselves from the world by wearing plain clothing, being slow to accept new technologies, and using bicycles or horse-and-buggies as their main source of transportation. The Amish are known for being excellent farmers, constructing their own tools, and being hard workers.
The level of craftsmanship that goes into Amish furniture is of higher quality than what you would find at a store that sells mass-manufactured items. Rather than lasting a few years, Amish furniture is such high quality that it can be passed down for generations and still look brand new if well cared for. Each item is handmade by an Amish woodworker, often on their own land. Amish furniture businesses are almost always family-owned and operated.
The Amish reject most modern machinery that requires operation by electricity. When making furniture, they often use handmade tools and alternative power sources like hydraulic pumps, propane gas, or compressed air. They make all their furniture by hand with real wood (i.e. no particle board or laminate), which is why it can take months for an order to be completed. It is not uncommon to see furniture made without nails, but rather using advanced joinery techniques that can last for generations.
Yes! When you're browsing Amish furniture online, you'll find that for any given piece you're interested in, you can usually pick the color of wood and sometimes add other details or engravings. Each piece of Amish furniture is made just for the buyer and no one else. Because of this, no two pieces are exactly alike and you get to request all of your specifications before the product is constructed.
You can get just about any type of furniture you want from an online Amish retailer. You'll find all the basics like bedroom sets, rocking chairs, tables, dining chairs, desks, and more. Some retailers also sell porch swings, outdoor playgrounds, patio sets, and office furniture. If you're wanting a timeless, long-lasting piece of furniture for any space in your house, you'll be able to find it Amish-made.
Amish furniture is always more expensive than mass-produced furniture because every piece is made of solid wood and crafted by hand. The quality of your furniture will far exceed anything you'll find elsewhere, making it well worth the cost. The price of any given item depends on the item and from what type of wood it is made. When shopping for Amish furniture, you can expect to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for any given piece.
If you have an Amish community near you in the northern United States, you might be able to visit a showroom to get an idea of the quality and designs available. Some Amish retailers even work with other home furnishing stores throughout the US and supply them with some staple furniture products. However, most of the time when buying Amish furniture, you shop online: select the construction materials you want and any other customizable features and have it built for you. This is the most convenient and personalized way to buy Amish furniture.
Depending on the retailer, Amish furniture is sometimes returnable as long as it is not custom. Some retailers have a 25%+ restocking fee for anything returned, while others don't allow returns at all. Amish furniture is well-made piece-by-piece, so you won't need to worry about quality as much as you would if you were buying furniture from a traditional retailer. Because the pieces are typically made exactly to your specifications, most of the time there would be no need for returns. Read the return policy listed by the Amish furniture store you choose to buy from before placing an order so you know what to expect.

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