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SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interruptor Review

Thursday, October 6th

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SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interruptor Review 3 Star Rating

SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interruptor

3 Star Rating
  • $168 for a 1.7 oz jar
  • Scientifically-researched skincare
  • Lots of five-star customer ratings
  • Part of the L'Oreal Groupe

As part of the L'Oreal Groupe, SkinCeuticals is "the #1 Medical Aesthetic Skincare brand worldwide" . More than 30 years of research and 40+ clinical studies have gone into the anti-aging products they offer, which are often used in conjunction with in-office procedures and professional skin treatments.

Powerful ingredients

The active ingredients of A.G.E. Interruptor include 4% Blueberry Extract, 30% Proxylane, and 0.2% Phytosphingosine. Those last two are a mouthful, but all three components work together to correct and prevent damage caused by glycation: when glucose molecules stick to collagen and elastin, which then results in skin becoming thin, wrinkled and crepe-y.

Use once or twice daily

Use this anti-aging product once or twice per day, massaging an even, thin layer on your face, neck and chest. It is recommended that you apply it after a vitamin C antioxidant serum if using in the AM, and after a retinol application when using in the PM.

Very expensive

The big pain point for A.G.E. Interruptor is the price. You'll pay a staggering $168 for a 1.7 oz jar: that's two to five times more expensive than most of the rival anti-aging creams in our review. Is it worth it? That's what we wanted to find out.

Best Anti Aging Creams

Generally good reviews

We found quite a few five-star reviews from very happy customers. And, in one clinical trial, only 20% saw an improvement in lines and wrinkles over 12 weeks of use, but 89% said that their skin's appearance and texture had changed significantly for the better. Some reviewers said it can take some trial and error to find the sweet spot between rubbing it in too much (which can make the cream flake or pill) and not enough (which can leave a dry, white film). The good news is that most people say that a little goes a long way, so your $168 jar might last a month or more, depending on how often you're applying it and how much you use each time.

No clear satisfaction guarantee

What if you try this anti-aging cream and it doesn't work for you? Can you get your money back? That depends on where you buy it, but unfortunately most retailers of A.G.E. Interruptor will only accept returns if the package is in unopened, unused condition. That could make for a pretty expensive experiment.

Other anti-aging products are effective and less costly

A.G.E. Interruptor earns our lowest ranking among anti-aging creams. We're not concerned about the product's quality or its effectiveness, but most people can get "good enough" results with a far less expensive treatment. If you've got money to burn, there's no reason to avoid using SkinCeuticals' regimen, but budget-conscious shoppers should look at the higher-ranked anti-aging products instead.

Which Anti-Aging Cream Delivers the Best Results?

Despite our best efforts to use sunscreen, stay hydrated, and eat healthy, our skin will almost undoubtedly display the effects of age. Wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration are just a few unwelcome "visitors" that people experience as they get older - and the reason why anti-aging creams are so popular.

What, exactly, do anti-aging products do for your skin? That depends on the active ingredients, but they tend to take a few approaches to helping you look youthful. Moisturization is key, but you could drink a gallon of water a day and still not replenish your skin at the cellular level. When anti-aging products talk about moisture, they usually mean working from the outside in, firming up the skin and helping it stay hydrated.

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Anti-Aging Cream FAQ

Anti-aging creams are an affordable alternative to Botox or surgical procedures that help eliminate wrinkles and other signs of aging. An anti-aging cream is applied like a face lotion and smooths problem areas of the skin like your forehead, eyes, and mouth. It can help tighten the skin to dull the appearance of fine lines and other blemishes on your skin to make you look younger.
One of the most commonly found active ingredients in anti-aging creams is retinol. Retinol helps build collagen and elastin - two proteins primarily responsible for tightening and smoothing skin. When used alongside other ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C, retinol helps keep skin looking young and firm.
Yes! However, it is always best practice to read the ingredients in any product before assuming it is safe. Be sure that there are no harsh chemicals or allergens in the anti-aging cream you are using. Generally anti-aging creams are full of proteins and vitamins that are safe and effective. Full ingredient lists are almost always included with products for sale online that you can review.
Anti-aging creams have grown in popularity over the years because they work so well for people. It's helpful to view before and after pictures from customers in the reviews if they are available! If an anti-aging cream contains ingredients like retinoids, vitamin C, hydroxy acids, tea extracts, and also has a lot of positive customer reviews, it is likely a great option for you! TopConsumerReviews has a list of fantastic anti-aging cream options to try.
Anti-aging creams range from around $20 - $250. You could easily spend a few hundred dollars on a high-end cream, but this may not be reasonable or necessary for most people. A tube or bottle usually lasts anywhere from 1-3 months, so it is a product you'll probably buy a few times a year. It is reasonable to expect to pay between $40 and $70 for your anti-aging cream if you want to stay on the lower end of the price spectrum.
You could think of an anti-aging cream more as a product to repair your skin, rather than a product that prevents the aging process altogether (don't we wish, though!). They may contain ingredients that nourish your skin and help prevent future damage, but they cannot freeze time for your skin. Using an anti-aging cream along with using sunscreen, drinking lots of water, and eating a healthy diet will help your skin stay clear, firm, and looking young.
Most anti-aging creams take about 6 weeks to fully set in and start producing visible, lasting results. You may see fine lines start to smooth out within just a matter of days, though. Results vary from person-to-person, but you'll have the most success when you're consistent with applying the cream as directed.
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Many anti-aging creams use hyaluronic acid and/or retinol as well-established, effective ingredients in the fight against crepe-y skin, lines and wrinkles. Another reason people turn to anti-aging creams is because they want to avoid invasive procedures that may come with undesirable side effects.

Botox is the most well-known of these: the injections themselves can be painful, and reports of flu-like symptoms, allergic reactions, and long-term facial changes aren't uncommon. In contrast, an over-the-counter lotion or serum can quickly and easily be discontinued if there are any negative effects, and better yet, many companies allow you to get a full refund within a certain timeframe if the product doesn't work well for your skin.

Which anti-aging cream is going to put you on the road to your best-looking skin? It can be overwhelming sifting through the hundreds of products - and all of their big promises - to choose the right one for you. Keep these criteria in mind as you shop:

  • Price. What will you pay for the product? You could spend as little as $19 for a monthly supply or well over $150. And, in this case, more money doesn't necessarily equal better results.
  • Results. Does the anti-aging cream actually work? Are there any before-and-after photos you can consider? How much time should you expect to use the skincare regimen before seeing noticeable improvements?
  • Satisfaction guarantee. The best companies want to reassure you that you can try their products risk-free, so they give you a period of time to use them and see for yourself. Check to see if you can get a refund if you have a reaction or just don't like the cream or serum, and if so, in what timeframe (usually 30-90 days).

To help you achieve your most youthful glow, TopConsumerReviews.com has evaluated and ranked some of the most popular anti-aging creams on the market today. We're confident that this information will make it easy to find just the right product for you!

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